Barstool Pizza Review- Don Antonio w/ Jon Hamm,Ed Helms,Jeremy Renner,Jake Johnson & Hannibal Buress

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In the most A-list pizza review to date, an unlikely person emerges from the clouds as the star of the video. El Pres revies Don Antonio with Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson, all promoting the upcoming film "Tag".
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[music]. all right frankie i don't even know how . to line these people up we all come off . there's probably the biggest piece of . you we've ever done you've been in my . head like we got too many guys too many . guys too many guys i'll handle it you . failed last time we had five people on . there you were an f - i will handle this . like a pro we're at dawn is tony oh we . had the corner of west west 13th and . 50th eighth eighth avenue close enough . eighth avenue a 50th obviously we got . the kick-ass a tag here tried to . introduce them should i i'm out as well . ed helmes huge man all the way across . jeremy renner hannibal buress . jake johns by the way front for close . personal friend here peter chernin yes . yes and then jon hamm jon hamm the . first-ever pizza review guy who got his . hair sprayed before we went in that has . never happened in a peach review where . somebody got called upward so i like . that look you got a little project oh i . always get proud of i just don't refresh . right compared to go so the movies tag . coming out friday right the most . impressive thing for this for me is that . there's a true story right yeah so how . did they this get pitched how do you . call up guys who play tag and how does . it a movie made . i wrote an article in the in the wall . street journal. somebody saw it thought it was a weird . story which it totally is and and . pitched it as a film and then we all. said yes so you guys are all kind of a . list i mean we get we've never had five . my guess is mostly don't know what we're . doing here's what we do we try new piece. of place every single day in manhattan . you take one bite you score it zero . through ten we're trying to find the . best place in manhattan that wasn't lead . now. jon's blinker is my favorite manhattan . it's excellent at it very very very good . so they take one slice now jake you . don't like cheese or you can't eat . cheese don't mess with cheese but i'm a . smell go figure you know i think we . actually awarded you your own which was . i actually was against because we only . do change but the pr people like don't . don't pray for all that one slice that's . one slice know why but it's one bite . right it's one bite and then you score . zero through ten all right and you . really want we got to get you good no no . i mean i'm happy to do smell meat on my . own i like that smells really good . so you guys can start you don't have to . wait animal one right in our first . batter pot do you want to try i feel bad . you want to try ain't really cowork seat . jim fifty there you go hey that's it . that's it the official score on that . yeah it's a rookie score you can use . decimal points it's like figure skating . and are you worried about who you waving . at you're waving at me get this girl see . this caster asked in seats over here oh . yeah yeah interning that's what i'm . [music]. commenting a review come in the review . but you're going to you're gonna take a . bite mr. lord sam sam sam take a bite . and tell us what . one through ten of that score . i'd say like six ish just because i . don't like how it's floppy like i like a . alright but if you watch our abuse you . know at rookies going up on the decimal . point so six point one successful so we . got an eight point one there we go some . point to you oh you ate it. i ain't around some of the cheese the . bread look good i'm totally was sam sam . i'm gonna live with your answer i don't . mean come on just hand it to me i'm . gonna go five eight what i got sam in my . stead he passes pizza gets a sam i'm . gonna do you a solid thank you . well i'm i was just gonna say i don't . know why you guys are are judging on the. tactile experience okay because it's . really about the taste . i think it's about their company and i . think this is yeah and the company wins . a great room sam just jumped on board . and i'm to give it like i'm gonna give . this an eight point eight wildly eyes . for frankie it's decent pizza looks like . a six point four now i've been doing for . a while these guys all went high but six . point four this was the best would be . the whole group this friday the movies . tag you see it in theaters we've got a . huge group obviously congress will let . them know this is the most scarce . attribute but thank ou never had that . never had something refused to store . that's i think you check this an email . in the middle of it to on his phone . that's a first so you know oliver thank . you guys all for doing it . .
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