Bonding with my New Shiba Puppy

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Hey guys homeless overweight max mofo - . here long time no see nine months . actually i think my buddy max mofo . pokemon does however upload more . frequently massive shout-out to that guy . anyway i'm back and i'm on the road to . pick up the shiba puppies you heard . correctly today i'm getting one of those . japanese mongrels i will let you know . when we get there we're hoping this . shiba doesn't live in this junkyard nice . and clean there's another one with this . morning so i hate stinking me out of the . way because this was the better of the . two three generations of. this is kevin this is big kev the dingo . puppy the fox puppy . [music]. buckle up kevin if we have a car . accident you're gonna die doesn't have . airbags for dogs yet . [music]. [applause]. [music]. it's time you do . [music]. okay hello ladies and gentlemen i've . just arrived back home we've got to now . slowly introduce the cats to kevin i. think soma already knows he's hiding . under the bed apparently one of the . better ways to introduce dogs two cats . is to put something that smells like the . dog in a room so we've been snuggling . them up in this jacket i'm gonna leave . this in here with the cat so they know . his smell and vice versa and then get . him on either side of the door although . it is gonna take a long long time for . the cats to realize he's going to be . living here okay yeah oh she knows that . smells like something that smells like a . dirty dog yes i know you're not happy i . know you won't even let me near him . right now he's like well they've been . sleeping on this i'll take this to kevin . all right kevin here you go you smell . that. you get used to that that's your brother . and sister all right kevin you want to . go outside huh i'm gonna go sarge the . training begins bring it back oh you're . gonna be famous kevin the shiba . [music]. [laughter]. you're itchy entire you roll in the . grass re kevin you suck in your nuts . he's sucking your nuts kevin . no you don't eat the plants kevi because . because . all right kevin it's time to get . introduced to the cats go she's gonna . pop him few squibs good . she will pop him if he chases are they . oh it's a mexican standoff don't take . his eye out like pewdiepie's pug yeah oh . he's a big boy that's nasty . battle ease yeah what's he got kevin . carney on grapes that's naughty no are . you so cute . go to sleep buddy you sleepy huh huh huh . you wanna go to sleep. i reckon do you want to go to sleep you . settling down a bit now yeah you can . hardly stand up good boy sleep time . kevin gonna sleep like that oh yeah you . gonna sleep on your back . yes hey fuck you back what are you doing . you gonna sleep like that here's your . teddy bear he got he gets so tired but . he doesn't want to give up he uses all . these energy can to stay awake and play . my body's on leg off now yeah i'm . laughing at you . yeah go to bed i'm not leaving you i'm . just getting up you go to bed okay come . on don't give me that look you go to . sleep okay all right okay . he's gonna sleep now i can finally get . some videos done bed good sheba's would . go to bed don't shake your head go to . sleep get in your bed sleep now . fucker it's so fat you've had a big day . kevin dot v dot shiba on instagram calm . you've had a you've had a long big day. follow kevin dot the dot shiba on . instagram rest your little legs you can . be famous on instagram kevin dot the dot . sheba tomorrow tomorrow's a new day . shut that eye good boy you may be able . to find more videos of him winking /and . or sleeping at kevin dot the dot shiba . on instagram calm looks like he's . breathing really quickly what's he . dreaming of. being famous on instagram calm kevin dr. chiba link in bio link in bio the . description has the link its massive . legend and thani legend please help me . monetize this dog so i can get my money . back . good night kevin sweet dreams puppy like . you might be having a nightmare let's . see if he's faking or not he might be . dead kevin kevin are you dead kevin okay . okay good night i don't want you to get . arthritis kevin mchale little sleep now . .
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