Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

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This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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So a lot of people want to get into . investing or day trading them they don't . know where to begin and in my opinion . the best way to get started is by . learning to read market trends so you . can reliably make simple trades and . start making money right away so the . first thing you need to know about the . stock market is of course the two . directions the stock price can go which . is up or down and if you think a stock . is going up we'd say that you're bullish . and if you think a stock is going down . we'd say that you're bearish so with . that terminology to start with the easy . trading pattern so you probably. recognize from your stereotypical stock . chart we have what's called a rising . wedge a bullish pattern where the value . steadily climbs as the trading range . narrows which of course means you should. invest and the reverse of that is called . a falling wedge which is a bearish . pattern and of course means you should . be selling our shorting the stock and . shorting simply means borrowing the . stock from a broker to sell the current . price and covering it later at hopefully . a lower price now these are the two most . fundamental patterns and by combining. them together you can get pretty much . every other pattern for example you'll . often see a rising and then falling . wedge in sequence which creates a. triangular shape where traders called . the isosceles buffett and well this . doesn't mean too much all alone if you . see two adjacent isosceles buffets with . the big buffett in the middle we have . what's called a warren range and what . you want to be doing here is trading on . the neckline right where the berkshire . breaks so you're going to want to . measure the distance between the . hairline and the neckline and enter . short where the neckline meets the . descending slope with an equal point. target while placing the stop-loss just . above the point of highest resistance to . the right of the warren range should . just be easy money really okay so moving . on if we step back and you see a pattern . of two or more warren ranges in sequence . all trending towards a higher peak we . call this a bullish bill which is really. where the big money comes from so if you . see this pattern it means that right . away you should all tap close your 24 . tables of limit hold'em and start . dumping money into tech call options . like your child's future doesn't depend . on it on the flip side if you see a . pattern of two or more warm ranges . continually trending towards a lower and . lower trough this is what we call . cryptocurrency so now that you know the . basic trading patterns you're ready to . get investing and you don't need any. special equipment besides the computer . however if you do decide you want to . take this seriously i would recommend . getting some additional monitors most . traders like to have at least four . screens running simultaneously which . allows you to lose money on up to four . trades at once this is called getting . four stocked so with that said you have . to remember that your portfolio can only . drop in value by 100% well it can go up . by way more than that which is why it's . important to consider how to manage your . money in the event you accidentally make . a return on your investment of 10 100 or . a thousand times your initial buying so . you have to ask yourself in the event . you massively increase the value of your . portfolio in a short amount of time . what's your strategy going to be to . reinvest that money and there's actually . a few different options you have that . i'll go through with their different . pros and cons so the biggest advantage . of the amaryllis is definitely the. dining space and fumed oak trim although . you could definitely argue the sauna is . a bit lacking well on the other hand the . apt asia is also a good choice because . it comes with several jet skis and an . array of tenders which are highly. coveted in the trading world but . unfortunately they have omitted the . stripper poles for this year's charter . model once again but either way you . can't really go wrong and if you're . really not sure . doesn't hurt to go for both . [music]. .
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