Chris Evans and Scott Evans Test How Well They Know Each Other

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Chris Evans and his brother, Scott Evans, play a game to test how well they know each other.
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Chris Evans and Scott Evans Test How Well They Know Each Other- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-welcome back, everybody!. we're here with chris evans and. his brother, actor scott evans. give it up for the evans. brothers, everybody!. [ cheers and applause ]. so, last time you were. on the show, chris,. we had planned on scott was. going to be here,. my brother josh. was going to be here. then you had to cancel. -yes. -my brother called you out. on the show on social media. -right, and where is he now . -yeah, exactly. -he's not here. -but next time we'll try to do. both sets of brothers,. but we are gonna play the game. we were gonna play last time,. which is how well do you know. your brother. -we'll see. -all right, so, we reached out. to you guys. and we got answers to trivia. questions that you don't know. if the other brother will know. or not,. but we're gonna find out. if you guys are as close. as you claim to be. -we'll see. -i have confidence. -two years age difference . -two, yeah. -gotcha. -two and some change. -with the mustache,. it looks like 50. [ laughter ]. -honestly, it's, like,. my father. -i can't wait to shave. -all right. all right, first. question is for you, chris. my question for you, chris --. what is scott's favorite book . -uh, "where the red fern grows. ". -it has to be. -show me the answer. -oh, is it on here . -"where the red fern grows. ". [ cheers and applause ]. -it's the best. -i knew that. -i did book reports on. "where the red fern grows". in fourth, fifth, sixth,. seventh, and eighth grade. -you kept writing. book reports about it. -fourth grade reading level,. eighth grade i was like,. "but have you heard of. old dan and little ann ". -and you haven't outgrown it. as a favorite book . -still good. haven't read it in a while. -okay, gotcha. well, we should. all go back to it. all right, for scott now,. it's one for you. what is chris' favorite. disney movie . -this could be any number of --. it was a tough --. it was a tough call. -well, his favorite. disney movie, i mean,. old-school disney movie. has to be "robin hood. ". -show it to us. we don't have to go on. it's amazing. [ cheers and applause ]. -there's a lot. there's a lot. -there's a lot, and he hasn't. seen some of the recent ones. -"robin hood" would stand up. i think it's. a great action movie. -"robin hood" is incredible. -yeah. -it's not a musical,. which is a strange --. -there's a song. -yeah, there is a couple. -there's a bunch of songs. -there is a couple. ?? -not in nottingham ??. -yeah!. -yeah, there you go. [ laughter ]. ?? -robin hood and little john ??. [ laughter ]. -for chris, who was scott's. first kiss and where was it . [ laughter ]. -made fun of me. -yeah, it's emily benton, right . -emily benton. -emily benton. -and where . -and where . is it at papa gino's . -it has to be. it has to be. and i think --. -flip it up. -at papa gino's!. -in the bushes. wow, i really gave the details. -you gave the details. -it was like our --. the children's theater that we. did shows at, we would go to,. like, papa gino's or friendly's. when it was open. back in concord after the shows,. and it was my first. and i'm pretty sure. he and his current girlfriend,. like, made fun of me. i tried to talk to chris. i was like, "i think i --. i think i french-kissed. ". -"i think i put. a tongue in a --". -papa gino's,. a new england staple. it must've been a fancy one. if you had bushes. outside your papa gino's. -it was right near. a train station in concord. it was like. suburban massachusetts. -all right, for scott, here's. your question. who was chris' first kiss . -this i actually know for sure. because i remember. he was, like, my hero. he told me about it. i even know where it was. i don't know. if that's the question. -it's not in there, but we'll. take it as bonus points. -it was maggie sullivan. and it was --. [ laughter ]. -poor maggie sullivan. if she's watching. -if they're watching,. they're like --. emily's like,. "i turned him gay. ". -i feel like emily's. the one who's like,. "if it wasn't in the bushes,. maggie wins. ". -well, and now i'm gay,. so emily's like, "oh, [bleep]". [ laughter ]. -all right, question for chris,. question for chris. when you guys played monopoly,. where would scott hide his money. to make you think he had less . -wait, say that again. -when you guys played monopoly,. where would scott hide his money. to make you think he had less . -down his pants. [ laughter and applause ]. down his pants. turn it up. pick it up. [ laughter and applause ]. -wait. our sister's. gonna love this one. -there is nothing more. satisfying,. truly nothing more satisfying. than playing monopoly. at our house than playing possum. and hiding money. to act like you're more --. -being the younger brother, they. take advantage of everything. so i'd be like,. "oh, i'm almost broke. ". and they're like, "but what. about this $500 bill ". -just pullin' out a five hundo. it was a big deal. in the evans house. -free parking. -if i ever play,. remind me to wear gloves. [ laughter ]. -i got new spots now. -for scott, what did chris. tell his first grade class. that your dad did for a living . -that your dad did --. oh, this is -- oh, yes. this is, like, an old story. that, like, i heard. -you know this. -he told them. that my dad was an astronaut. -flip it. -wait, wait, wait. the best part is. i think you got in trouble. you got in, like,. a lot of trouble. because he charged money. he made people buy tickets. and said,. "my dad can take you. to the moon. ". [ laughter ]. and kids were like, "do i buy. milk or do i go to the moon ". it's like, "chris, tell your dad. i'm on the next rocket. ". -i told kids if they gave me,. like, a buck,. my dad would put them on a list. to go to the moon. -and you sold it. chris came home. and got a call --. -but proud, i, like,. told my mom. i was like, "look what i did. ". and she was like, "no. ". and i was like, "dad, why aren't. you an astronaut ". -yeah. that's disappointing. -all right, for chris, what was. the title of the book. you used to hit scott with. that split open. the stitches on his forehead . -i have a scar. i have the scar to prove it. -it was "peter pan. ". and it was the thick, like,. paperback version. scott had stitches and he had --. -i had cracked my head open. because of him and my sister. ran into a wall. -you know. that's --. -and then, so he already had. stitches and you decide --. why wail on him. with "peter pan" . -i couldn't even tell you. what caused it. we were in the car. -what caused it --. -back of the minivan. he did something and i just had. the book and just whack!. and i hit him,. and as soon as i hit him --. -and it was like a murder scene. blood spurting. -you just --. -my mother screaming, "no!". -you just know right away. you're so done. -i just love thinking of, like,. a "peter pan" book. that has like. a blood splatter on it. -yeah. it was paperback. -i got solid contact. -for scott, where did chris. wake up the morning. after being dumped. at his senior prom . -see, this is another one that,. like, i've heard this story,. and it's hysterical. i don't believe you got dumped. at your senior prom. where is she now . i won't talk about it. -but on the front lawn across. the street neighbor's house. -it says the front lawn!. -the front lawn. across the street,. our across-the-street neighbors. -so you made it to your house. and then thought --. -no, no, no. the girl across the street had. an after prom. -okay, gotcha. -luckily it was very close,. but, you know, she dumped me. at the prom. -and no one cared. that chris got dumped. -i took it real hard. and you know, i remember. waking up in my tuxedo just --. it was like one of. the first mornings. where you wake up and. you're like, "where am i ". -"did i get dumped at prom. and am i sleeping on grass ". -all right, last one for chris. what was the name of the song. you used to sing. to help scott go to sleep . this is a -- first of all,. even asking this is the most. heartbreakingly cute question. -honestly it's like. it's serious, too. it's legit. -we're on tv, dude. -he's actually --. this has like come up before. -ugh. -where he's been like,. "we're not bringing that up. ". and i couldn't not bring it up. -so what song what was it . this is to win the game. -and you have to sing it. -i got it. that's not happening. -it's called "heartlight". by neil diamond. -flip it. ?? -turn on your heart light ??. ?? let it shine ??. -give us a little. give us a little. come on, evans brothers,. take us home. -i can't sleep right now. -how dare you . ?? -turn on ??. -careful, if you want,. i'll put you right to sleep. i'm good at it. -please, it's 1: in the morning. people at home. are dying for this. -it's never going to happen. -he starts singing everyone. just goes to sleep. [ cheers and applause ]. -give it up for the evans. brothers, chris, scott. .
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