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Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
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Chris Pratt
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp
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This episode's brought to you by . jurassic world fallen kingdom in . theaters june 22nd get your tickets now . hey guys so this is gonna be a very . special streamlined version of you . posted that because we have a very . special guest here today chris pratt . we've also invited courtney as our guest . and if you know anything about courtney . you would know that she is a gigantic . chris pratt fan it's kind of crazy how . much she loves him and we've also not . told her that he is going to be here so . this should be real interesting let's . embarrass courtney hello everyone and . welcome to a very special lightning . round of you posted that let's just get . right into it i mean you know my name i . don't know why i'm saying it as lewis . meet our three lovely contestants in the . world first off we have a professional . weirdo who can't eat more than two trips . in one sitting not true . olivia swain next its professional ger . per nose-picker . and chris pratt fangirl courtney miller . and finally it's the guy who told my mom . i had an std and star of jurassic world . falling kingdom chris pratt . [applause]. you okay courtney i'm all right . keep it together he made that up i know . speaking things yeah i mean this i'm . fine we're fine all right . well then let's just jump right into the . game sheldon you get ya . well this game consists of three rounds . during which we'll dive deep into each . of your social media accounts especially . you courtney okay and the winner of the . game will get to have a middle-school . slow dance with our boy chris pratt oh . wow . [applause]. and if chris wins i guess i'll just be . the chris pratt oh all right now i know . what i'm shooting for. all right let's jump right into round. one shall we. what's it called it's called you posted . that so in this round we're gonna . present each contestant with a tweet . from your past that has one or more . keywords missing if you could fill in . the blank with the correct words you get . five points are you ready nope too bad . all right we'll start it off with olivia . now please . olivia on november 18th 2016 you tweeted . all i got in this world are two things . my word and my blank ah all i got is two . things my word and my bed is it my bed . no points for you chris are you ready no . i don't know here we go on january 21st . 2017 you tweeted i got blink for a . second because i thought i got hacked . oh yeah diarrhea diarrhea hey you ready . for that slow dance i'm ready trust me i . got stretchy pants i'm ready all right . all right i get physical courtney yeah . are you ready yeah i don't think you are . january 10th 2015 tweeted blank makes me . so happy and that's two words cheese i . wonder what that is yeah what is it . i'm sorry is it chris pratt is it chris . pratt. [applause]. okay olivia that just made me really . nervous again on may 15 2017 you tweeted . i wish i made money like how my blank . makes blank it's definitely not chris . pratt my chris makes pratt yeah probably . not. i wish i made money like how am i like . my but makes cheese but makes cheese hey . chris on to you. alright here we go on november 11th 2015 . you tweeted blank pandora is rocking my . world right now so there's that good . night and it's two words it's really . good tweet taylor swift is it taylor . swift are you still rocking with whitney . houston pinto it's been since probably . november 11th . i'm gonna get back into that yeah . allison yeah we got to put that on the . playlist back to you courtney yeah . please no no no we would never we've . embarrassed you enough okay now i don't . really alright so on september 5th 2017 . you tweeted can someone write a . fanfiction where i meet blank and we get . super spicy and groot watches . it's one word it's one word . aha you're so embarrassed for you right . now i think i'm gonna kill you like for . a good video again i'm sorry . don't flatter myself it's it's star-lord . is it star-lord no points that's good . you're in the lead am i winning yes you . are i have to also add you also added to . this tweet no i didn't let's just show . that you said not baby groot though . that's just weird yeah that's true okay . well that's the end of round one . [applause]. currently courtney is in the lead with . ten points chris respectable five olivia . try harder only miss flo dan's i'm gonna . happen for me alright on to round two is . this funny. this time we're gonna take a look at . some tweets that you guys have posted . and the three of you are gonna vote on . whether you think it was funny with a . thumbs up or not funny with a thumbs. down if the majority deems that tweet . funny that author will be revealed and . that person will get 5 points if the . majority deems that to be not funny then . you get no points because should have . done better with your tweet yep . alright got it alright let's see the . first tweet this person said just spent . 3 minutes reading about quantum physics . on wikipedia and i still don't get it is . this funny 3 minute . thumbs up or thumbs down was it funny or . not funny you got it you gotta give it . definitively no i'm gonna quit with the . suspense oh ok that's two thumbs down so . i'm sorry. who made this tweet. i'm sorry i don't recall all the funny . tweets you made were about diarrhea so . we nearly had to lay yeah there's a lot . of diarrhea pooping yeah . only us where they want to their poop i . mean tweeting about it oh i didn't even . know girls poop all right let's go next . one this person said a farmer named 21 . cannabis think about it i didn't it's . really good. i know isn't it you know like 21 savage . [applause]. only to me because i don't get it the . evidence is that it seems very funny but . i'm you know oh the majority has deemed . that funny though let's see who posted . that well done all right this next tweet . mmm acne did you mean face ornaments . good job let's see you said it five more. points for you courtney moving on this . person said what if you met the most. perfect girl slash guy but they ate the . hard shell tails off of shrimps all. right let's see who said it i don't know. who said this good job . woo chris she's what's the score what's . the score we got 15 10 five but all . right let's see the next one . vagina did you mean baby pocket . i wonder who boasts of that let's find . out you're killing it yeah what's 20 . points for you when you find a template . you can just yeah like chris pratt you . mean is there chris pratt a respectable . guy okay i believe this is the last the . last one of this round are you ready . yeah this person said well if you mix up . the letters of patronus you get anus . port which i incidentally am oh joe . that's so funny . oh that's so good this is way too . sophisticated for me hey let's see who . posted that chris well done thank you . all thank you that is the end of round . two we have olivia and chris pratt tied . for ten points and courtney is just . crushing it with 20 points class focused . you are gonna win it's not like we . rigged this thing or anything right . again i hate you. all right round three match this caption. now normally we do this with my . instagram photos but considering this is . a special you posted that we're gonna be . using courtney's instagram so. each of you will be presented with a . caption from courtney's instagram along . with three photos from her actual . instagram and it's your job to match the . caption to the correct photo if you get . it right you get ten points if you don't . you lose ten points got it yeah . all right chris you're up first all . right your caption is throwback to . puberty oh let's see the first photo . yeah courtney here with a lovely goatee . cody here with a mustache for some . reason and courtney from like like i . don't know like a week ago . yeah your caption is throwback to . puberty which one do you think it was um . i mean i wanna i'm gonna go with the far . right throwback to puberty because it's . like maybe that was a bad choice one . because that would well it's still funny . though i was like 11 when did you start . really need to win i'll go far right. yeah far right is it the far right one . sorry she grows that out every weekend . yeah yeah damn it . oh this is the best day of my life . olivia yes you're next okay your caption . is new work uniform so first photo is uh . courtney jumping with a half horse half . human hybrid courtney with a bag on her . face mm-hmm and cornea is a hipster with . flower beard she does this all the time . i feel like i took all three of those i . just don't remember i'm gonna go with . the far right is it the far right i'm. sorry that brings you down to zero point . this is a close game courtney well i . don't know who's gonna win here . let's see how it goes your caption is . always was always will be an ass magnet. hashtag 2007 let's see the first photo . alright you and a plant you and your . future boyfriend and definitely not 2007 . definitely not trying to force you to . win or anything okay so what happens if . i make it so we all time oh you actually . can't because you have more points no no . no you're up by 25 i've been blacking . out constantly which one you think it . could be i don't know yeah so that's . i've probably got to go with a fart . right i guess hmm well let's see is it . the far-right one you good i can't see . great well corny that leaves you with 30 . points chris zero points yes olivia . zero points right which means courtney . is the winner courtney now gets to have . a middle school slow dance with chris . while olivia is their chaperone making . sure they stay at least 12 inches apart . are we good yeah let's roll this music . hum right out here there we go . i'm sorry. i'm not you got to go closer okay i'm . just gonna let this name for a while . alright well thank you so much - olivia . courtney chris hey guys so much be sure . to check out drastic world fallen . kingdom - and 20 seconds and we'll see . you guys . [applause]. thanks again to jurassic world fallen . kingdom for sponsoring this episode . in theaters june 22nd get your tickets . now if you want to watch an episode with . sofia nygaard joe bereta and olan rogers . hit that box on the left or if you want . to watch an episode with katie don ned . fullmer and shane top hit that box on . the right. [music]. .
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