Chris Pratt’s Life Intersected with His Avengers Destiny While Watching MMA with 50 Cent

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Chris Pratt explains to Jimmy about how his 13-year-old-comic-book-nerd self, Hollywood self and Avengers self intersected during an MMA fight in an unexpected series of coincidences.
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Chris Pratt's Life Intersected with His Avengers Destiny While Watching MMA with 50 Cent
-i want to get. to talking about the movie. and everything like that,. but i really want to talk --. before that, i want to say. congratulations,. and i'm very, like, proud of you. because you're getting,. you're going to. the mtv movie and tv awards. -yeah. -you are getting. the mtv generation award. -generation award. -isn't that great . [ cheers and applause ]. -thank you. -pat on the back for you there. -thank you. thank you so much. -what does that mean to you . -i mean, a lot. it really does. i want -- i was honored with. an award a couple years ago,. like an action-star award, and. i was like, "oh, that's fun. ". and i went and made a speech,. and it was fun and funny. but this --. the generation award --. i have been thinking about it. nonstop since i heard. [ laughter ]. i -- i mean it,. because, like,. it's basically saying,. "all right, chris,. you have permission. to say a minute worth of wisdom. to the new generation. and, honestly, like, right now,. we were just. talking about this backstage,. there's not -- you know, there's. this mr. rogers documentary. that just came out. -oh, it's fantastic. -and there's, like, so --. i don't know. i think we need people. to step up and share some. positive light on this young,. new, amazing generation,. and it's me. so i'm your last hope. [ cheers and applause ]. -you're the --. you're the new mr. rogers . -i hope so. good luck. -you had such a great year. i know you've been. all around the world,. but you were in. "avengers: infinity war,". which has crushed. at the box office. continues to crush. [ cheers and applause ]. -yeah. -and then all these --. a whole lot of coincidences. started happening. -whoa. -here's you with the comic book. -yeah, look at this. -can you explain this story now . -yeah, you got. to hear this story. -all right. -so this is me, just recently,. around christmastime,. and i have here the comic book,. "the infinity gauntlet. ". -okay. -okay, when i was a kid,. i was collecting comic books. i was about 13 years old, but i. actually loved comic books. i didn't have any, 'cause they. were expensive, you know . it was like. 5 bucks apiece or something. my friends travis and forrest,. they collected. "wolverine" and "punisher,". and they each had a number 1. and i was like,. "you got to get a number 1,". 'cause i thought. a number 1 comic book,. that's going to put you. through college one day. if you have the number 1,. then you'll sell it. for $10,000 one day,. and you'll be set for life. -yeah. -so, i went to --. i went to bingo with my mom. [ laughter ]. and this story --. -as kids do. -as one does. -yes. -accompanied mom. to the gambling hall. -a little bingo time. -and she let me play,. and i picked my own numbers,. and for one game,. the pick eight, i could play,. and i won $300, and i went and. i spent it all on comic books,. just blew the entire check,. and i got all these number 1s,. including this one, right here,. "the infinity gauntlet. ". -which is --. -which is, like, a really. crucial story element. in the "infinity war" film. so my brother dug that up,. and he was like,. "dude, did you know we have --. you bought that comic book. when you were a kid. ". and so, this is where. it starts to get weird. i was in london, and i was. at this bellator mma fight. it's kind of like an mma,. kind of like the ufc,. a big fight. -yep. -and this guy --. -you're into that, you love it. -i love that stuff, yeah. and these guys just beat. the crap out of each other. i was having. the time of my life. i was sitting next to 50 cent. it was like,. "my life is so awesome. ". they were playing 50 cent,. and i was sitting next to him. -was he going to the music,. or was he just cool . -yeah, i just looked at him,. i was like,. "they're playing your music. ". he's like,. "yeah, i know that's my music. ". but i was just having. the time of my life. and the guy who won,. this champion,. named michael "venom" page,. comes out,. and they bring him. an infinity gauntlet,. and they slide it on his hand,. and he's the victor. and he looks and notices me,. and points to me. outside of the cage. and meanwhile,. 50 cent is playing,. and 50 cent is right next to me. [ laughter ]. and the guy's. got an infinity gauntlet,. and it was like dΓ©jΓ  vu. it was one of those moments. where your life. and your destiny intersect. [ laughter ]. -well, i mean --. -and i -- and it was just. the craziest thing. i thought for certain. i was gonna wake up. -lookit!. -where would you just have. something like this. lying around . -he didn't know. i was gonna be there. [ cheers and applause ]. -he did not know. -didn't know. and i was like, honestly, i --. part of me in that moment. was like, "oh, crap. this is a dream. ". [ laughter ]. "this whole thing's. been a dream. i'm gonna wake up,. living in a tent. ". [ laughter ]. "and this whole 20 years. has been a dream. ". -yeah. -"a big fever dream. ". an awesome dream. i'd be so gutted if i woke up. and it was gone. -your dream is like,. you got "parks and rec". -i got "parks and rec," yeah. [ cheers and applause ]. yeah, i moved to --. i moved to hollywood. -moved to hollywood. -the whole thing wouldn't --. it makes sense. it could still happen. you, i'd be like,. "the guy from 'snl'. was hosting the show that. johnny carson used to host. ". -the guy that laughed at himself. his entire life. is now hosting. "the tonight show" . -he's now hosting. "the tonight show. ". -i love that you created us. -yeah. -i love that you created. a back career for my career. -thank you. it's a good dream. .
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