Christmas Contemplations

Thanks for an amazing year!! Merry Christmas!! Do you think Rudolph is weird?
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And so i'm offering this simple phrase . to kids from one to ninety-two i'm 93 do . i still count no grandpa we hate you . just so you know that gag was based off . a comic i made back in 2014 so i wanted . to make a christmas video but i didn't . know what to talk about so we're just . gonna sit here and roast marshmallows by . this png of a fire do you guys know . about that soccer game that happened in . the middle of world war one on christmas . day and it was between two opposing . sides the allies in the central powers . i'm not making this up . so german and british troops were in the . trenches you know fighting for their . lives they were in the middle of a war . after all and on christmas eve german . troops started singing christmas carols. then the british troops responded . singing their own christmas carols then . one thing led to another and i'm . christmas day they started playing . soccer well the british troops would . have called it football and the german . troops would have called it football but . i'm calling it soccer yeah i know i'm a . heretic i don't think anything like that . has happened in a war ever except for . that one time in the revolutionary war . when everyone stopped fighting because . the new super smash brothers just came . out merry feet merry feet tis not falco . wamba with combination okay that was . obviously a joke man they didn't come . out for at least like another year . stupid anyway what i'm wondering is do . you think anyone during that game felt a . little bit awkward so how's the war oh . you're fearing for your life . well that's that's good that's good that. means we're doing a good job do you . think whoever won the game of soccer . bragged to the other team haha yes first . we beat you at football next . zee world all right dang it my . marshmallow burned does the story of . rudolph count as a fable. what would the moral of rudolph be i . think it would be being different from . society will be punished unless it's . exploitable okay i stole that quote from . something i saw on the subreddit i'm 14 . and this is deep how come no one sings . any songs about any of the other . reindeer rudolph saved christmas once . and like he didn't do it alone just . because he could see through the snow . which by the way wouldn't have been . useful in arizona . didn't mean he carried santa's sleigh . all by himself but no just because you . were buoyed as a kid you get your own . song well enough about you going down in . history rudolph i'm gonna make my own . song about prancer doo doo - prancer the . normal nosed reindeer had a very um saw . it you would even say yep that's a nose . all of the other reindeer respected him . for meeting the expectations of what a . normal rangers should be like they . always that little prancer play on his . reindeer bike okay i'll stop what if the . reason rudolph had a shiny nose was. because rudolph's mom had an affair with . a clown that was based off a comic i . made in . why did the three wisemen bring baby . jesus gold frankenstein and myrrh what . kind of baby would want that okay that . was also based off a comic i made in . 2014 man 2014 was just my year please . read my comics you know what i'm not . done talking about rudolph you guys have . all seen the stop-motion movie they made . about him in the 60s right you know . about the elf who wants to be a dentist . who wouldn't well there's one scene in . the movie where yukon kornelius . sacrifices himself to kill the . abominable snowman and he saves all of . his friends and also indirectly saves . christmas but whatever he doesn't get a . song but then later in the movie he just . walks through the front door and . everyone's wondering how he survived and . rudolph even says and then yukon tells . everyone the answer didn't i tell you . bumbles. bombo's bounce and then everyone just . laughs it off like it was a hilarious . joke and doesn't ask him any more . questions even as a kid i thought that . was a stupid explanation what does that . mean bum bows bounce like did you to . fall off the cliff and then when you hit . the bottom just trampling yourself all . the way back up oh wait no i think i . know what it means it means the writers . didn't want to kill off a character so . they just came up with a plot device to . make him live . you know because you can't have death in . the kids movie no one dies not even the . bad guy dies how does santa deliver two . houses without chimneys . i think tim allen try to explain it once. anyway i think that's gonna do it for . this video . i kept it short so that way i have more . time to spend christmas with my family . it also gives me more time to wrap . presents because you know i'm just . terrible at wrapping hey guys thanks for . watching if you want to hear a rap song . about prancer well you're in luck cuz i . made one and it's up on my second . channel well ok i didn't sing the song . dave from boy in a band did and he did . an amazing job if you didn't know i had . a second channel that's cuz this is the . first time i'm mentioning it in an . animation i mean it's pretty empty right . now but i'm planning on posting some . random xd maymays rawr and i wouldn't . say this if my grandma didn't watch my . videos but the song has a swearword in . it i know i'm supposed to be . family-friendly but i liked it too much . so i left it in also i think i do this . in every video now but i really need to . thank my three colors they're basically . working for me full time now and they . all have their own channels that they . somehow have enough time to post on and . you should all check them out they're . really good also my friend a writer . posted a 2017 year review and i'm in it . so you should check that out merry . christmas everyone and if you don't . celebrate christmas . why did you watch this video all the way . to the end stay safe and wear your . seatbelt . .

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