CHRISTMAS HAUL 2015 w/ SNOW!?!?! Surprises!! (FUNnel Vision X-Mas Holiday Vlog)

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You've all asked for it, here it is the Christmas Haul for 2015. All presents in this video were from grandparents, aunts, uncles etc... we did not buy all of these gifts ourselves. :) We know the real meaning of Christmas and presents is surely not it. The kids are fortunate to have a large family who give them Christmas goodies. We hope you had an awesome Christmas if you celebrate it, if not, Happy Holidays and we hope everyone has a happy new year! THUMBS UP
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Caption: It's 75 degrees out in snowing you get here is here since they all his things cookies milk hey he tipped or a glass he's messy when i'm reading here here he was oh maybe you got coal for christmas check the fireplace good merry christmas morning he is when you hmm all static water supply you made mommy daddy this is from me of you to open this together okay - mom and dad from mike my mommy says it's an awesome forty dollars sweet i'll take this one and that one oh yeah your present to your phone cells yeah yeah yeah this oh now like you and your strength you don't have to find new what we're going to g chocolate soup all over series and his pet can do this tracking shows you yeah it was one surprise one in their faces abcdefg hijk lmnop and out back 00 alpha beta can draw that frame footer you're going to bad word slim which god for your pool we're going to back up with those fruity whoa look at that mean don't we you know why that way you guys can got photo you take photos places without bringing your new giant wrapping paper snowball fight oh grandpa don't know that that one floats cheese x for the water you have to put it in the water haha chose what is that the store and got no parents and your brother now you crying to your mother brother brother yeah and that no credit for your brother now you're crying to your mother brother brother all guys come downstairs there's some more evidence of like santa and stuff what she's going down pat - show me your ipad's alpine ipod sorry so now you leave when we go out and leave your ipad's at home and then you can take picture by the way you lost it yeah who cares you got a new ipod haha jason look like a loner or three any crossing the street yeah oh you keep it up at this rate you'll lose a pound in three years huh i'm number three will you wait pounds of those little feet i little baby merry christmas guys i just spotted something in the backyard it's like got water in it and everything like that it's a traveling and a messy backyard how we get to it with all the mud i have no idea who she was a lie i told you had water and that wasn't talking about the pools don't want the the water on the trampoline this is how we have to get to our trampoline for right now until they fix her back here and you gotta walk down with an adult so you don't fall ok step on here and then i'm this and then stay on the wood chips ok ok hi you like it you like it a lot what 23 shoot close to beating people eugene i need to pee back back back back back guys look cook it snowing outside love you it's snowing christmas it's not true you are she is werner her hold on it is now frosty the snowman what the berries oh no it's going in the house it's thrown in the house i knew we'd have a white christmas it's beginning to look a lot like us yes because outside is filled with snow while this little snowman blow this christmas snow home stays healthy let me see hi thalia his baby sean sweeping all he's spoiled now he's kissing someone in his dreams let's see who's kissing who you got no he said no he doesn't have a crush lexi bluetooth speaker checking this out is it working it's called quinta stars shots you know thank you what are you doing mommy are you doing are you doing ok let's see you don't we make up to be beautiful might get mommy look at the camera no no hair and blood with what you're making here is on mako got you thank you right say merry christmas and i'll leave you alone merry christmas and leave me alone no you have to say the last part a bit hopeful of your breath and sean sean get in another chick for baby yeah hey everyone it was low in it and a lot of christmas what's up everybody so we're showing oh my christmas present we don't be a demand christmas yeah i'm happy holiday right all right so it shows what you got much so i've got two new really awesome shoes for my mom and get wrestling is one of my favorite things to do when i'm really bored so my mom and dad also giving it a job wrestling action it will trigger finger action that you take here and show us one christian got you we got me a gold chain tech decks so this one is from school it's kind of like a hippie freddie freddie oh yeah when we got the booty game and candy in my pan out and in the pants of those ants in my pants yeah this is like a jelly bean machine to put real quarters in it to get julie you're charging your family for jellybeans basically i'm making them get to me but they don't know that are making them in place in me well you see being sneaky yeah so this i got from my grandma you put your money in there right yeah but first you have to enter your pin not prevent show everyone your pin they're going to come and steal your money also i got a ipod for christmas still sense i can bring my time on like that everywhere because it can't like shrink so i can put it in my pocket i got this so i'm usually gonna bring wherever i go so behind the case so i got some clothes right and you actually wore some your clothes so they're actually in that is this is you too much pizza no such thing and ninja turtles love pizza and this are my favorite books that i got for christmas from no no yet from the other grandma all right yeah what is that secret love room i don't want portions are you going - mogi pillow wall decal i've never seen that mode you know that put the sunglasses in the middle there and you got a few more books create your own can you do it yeah let's say racks here i first long as an energy pill up oh cool did you sleep on it yet i what i think that need tonight to the face like the emoji pila pick this year let's just wanted shoes and clothes not really too many toys i had a bluetooth speaker and you got the from uncle pressure right under pressure connect your fat or i got a device which is comfy slippers and you got them from scaling the grandma grandma combat boots yeah that's how i got the bags right all mad libs are so fun you actually almost finished your book right yeah 15 meters we have to get you another one yes i got company and tell me they're still smells like candy it's 17 in the colada no you should use that you put in your bathroom yeah and then we got done with your class let me see those are cute i'm going to steal one from you what's that big box right there oh well i got but you don't like it well they fit they're just like they fit just right you want them a little big why she's their side and a half to get me perfectly i got basically like a little jar for growing gloater rhenium terrarium the noise a trainee amin who we connect the old stuff like jerry and mike water and night you're right blows and stuff wishes under armour and as everyone knows when you see look together within all and she's always wearing mercy is under armour upset some some mentals by dr. cole's mentals their smelly pencils the action feel really good that bomb day you bought what is that smell like extending like let's let them smell it now no i got to pleasant shocks you love yourself how many beers did you get with seven from the way i got is it a sweep yeah i guess now it's a black those are cute those are actually like mine i have that look like all right shopkins that's it let's jump to show you what i got for christmas to you gotta paint maker that's awesome what else did you get shop for shop because you have shopkins right yeah you got a bunch of them right that this one and then you got this one and then you got then take 2-3 nameplate like next make um i'm kind of different bowls and then you have the world and all right let's see it oh that's cool so you got some minion molds for plato and then you that what is this make me a haircut right remember we did that mean you we did the dog and cat here comes to know this is a minion once you got that minion and then what is that you know what this is i think because the last my name bro yeah we had one like that actually likes me she had when she was little and it broke so that's a marble run so you make a cool little little track thing is for marvel's right what is this exactly yeah i'm it i won and it and we always been a painter around you have a blue ball one time and like taro i a robot puppy yeah so it is not be what are you gonna name him smokey ok look at that huh and then you got some clothes yeah so you got an awesome spider-man jacket and cheese obviously he's a little boy he wanted towing not really close right here is really care about clothes i got a gummy bear i'm still if you want to find her back back and be nice to put their plan you smells like strawberry candy but it's for the backs of right now what's the big box behind your head oh jerry bean boozled jelly beans whoa now changed only eat the blue ones right ground taste only the brute the blue jelly belly and the blue bean boozled because heather blue berry berry blue or toothpaste and is not go wrong with very blur to label behind a case i am or 100 g like moldy and then and wait what is this you've got an ipod right so you don't have to carry your ipad everywhere because you guys always lose everything right and you like to take pictures so that fits in your pocket right yeah you got a cool an email and/or cup right you can put hot drinks and cold drinks in it yeah how do you want color oh that's the chocolate 10 right we actually did that and what da topic under so much fun right yeah yeah chase me in his own chocolate mold that's too much to read you can read all that just chocolate pen refill patches so this is chopped regular chocolate and then this is colored chocolate so we did this time so much fun right so that's a light you actually i don't think it's going to work right now because it's light outside but it's like a little night light and it shows stars and the moon and it changes colors you have to plug into the wall and it and circles around your walls when it's dark right so we plugged it in but it didn't really work clothes too bright in here so maybe we'll get better footage and stuff and who gave you that you know i'm not - uncle crusher that's what it looks like i'm going to put it on ok where to change go to the chase captain america captain america is going to show us what she's got for christmas because chase left us so captain america is holding up chase's teenage mutant ninja turtles boat yeah yeah that's not chase behind captain america's mask right just me hey it is yeah oh my god i think thanks for the bathtub right yeah and then you got some board games called whoo hoo allah hoo we didn't open it yet but we will play it oh what is that got waiting and callous yeah okay kinetic glitter sand ray yeah chase love genetic samples all over my floor right now right chase thanks to make a little shopkins right yeah play it it's you like little boss and you have to match may need to make stuff like like gun challenging because a bunch of her bad don't buy them yeah because it gets stuck in here so that everything you got cheese yeah all right yeah all right yeah we hope you had a merry christmas and happy holidays and a happy holiday and a happy new year right yeah yeah help and i gave me a lot a ya have a fun day what but i can do it myself liking wow nah i want even though it in on that why wow

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