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Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - The Comment Awards. Memes that’ll have you in shambles.
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Anyone knows how to remove this thing. hey she said do you love me i tell her . only partly i only love my bed and that . part in high school musical 2 when troy . cries what about us what about . everything we've been through . but gabrielle are just hits him back . with what about trust i'm sorry when . you've eaten this part of the hotdog . this is where the bum begins how we low . g settle beefs back in 2001 through 2009 . soccer players after someone barely . touches them will i be okay dog when you . see opened one minute ago and you just . sit there like go on i dare you breaking . news more sad news from the music . industry little pomp was found alive in . his apartment this morning baby sea . turtles swimming or is it flying through . the snow definitely flying through the . snow men don't understand how expensive . lingerie items are i'm going to rip that . off you later transfer me the cost first . big man. it's 2018 if you still don't kiss your . bus driver when you get off and you'll . stop then get the out of my life . what is the difference between falling . in love and having a crush if they get a . haircut and they're ugly it's a crash . that's a weirdly valid point thank you . mother nature. very cool. i haven't heard about isis ever since . this was posted isis stopped it like for . real stop when chris pratt makes a guest . appearance at your theater but you're . still mad after what he did an infinity . whore it . fire dinosaurs and fast cars excuse me . where is the beach the beaches over . there . wait are your fingernails the same color. as the sky or are they just holes dude . this makes me feel so weird mice protip . pretend to be afraid of the vet so they . give you more treats he tacks guy . according to this you made no money this . year guy 100 you made 100 no 100 like . the romaji i'm agreeing with you who . you're working with can literally make . or break your shift game stealth is . optional for this mission me . be listening to my sad music and . overthinking star wars but only coleman . trevor cents you have 33 seconds to live . what would you do hi how are you today . customer says nothing ok cool i guess . i'll go myself. when you wake up from a nap and don't . know what planet you're on you're . teleported to 44 bce rome in your . everyday screwed clothes you're brought . before caesar and he believes you might. be from the future hoping to bring him . for you one day he questions you asking . how do i die surrounded by friends have . you ever been so late you just decide to . take your time instead can cathode . off with the bright red screen after i . get a question wrong i don't need . everyone behind me knowing i'm a. idiot a stranger came up and told us we . had the same hair then proceeded to ask . to snap a pic then centered to me so . glad i grew up doing this not this me . nose lbs is pronounced pounds my one . brain saw lips me nose kgs is pronounced . kilograms by one brain cell . kake's dayton site specify your body . type made me i should keep my road me . after picking up one sock stretch marks . and big smiles all summer 2018 because . that means my boot is getting bigger and . my man is keeping me happy . this handout atlanta so my parents got . this kitten yesterday and now my other . cat thinks she's her mama and is super . protective over her and it's just the . cutest thing in the world we answering . on facetime lightsaber night has been . canceled . thanks a lot on what the fuck'd art this . passed ito to was delayed release des . par seto to where i am going to tell . everyone you're gay this is why graham r . is important no more a you're a wizard . harry i was robbed at e3 or my equipment . $10,000 plus $10,000 and mtech paul june . when you're texting the group chat drunk . three in the morning . to my blind followers how are they . supposed to witness its sign language . are you done open birthday card pretends . not to notice money while reading card. you need to start asking questions days . two views me a redditor is this what i . should call their absolute success egg . and markel just revealed prince harry is . the best husband ever . my husband would be the best ever - if . he was a wealthy brains a person i just . met some really up jokes me god . see that cattle tv he's catching actual . mice for food cat see that guy on tv . he's getting actual - see i'm the . closest thing you'll ever get to that . time when you realize line is short for . short language. i need a mind condom because i'm being . mind when you send her a meme and . she doesn't get it there seems to be no . sign of intelligent life anywhere 100 . year old niggas know a responsible adult . says no to non-orientable shapes when . you know you saw that same question on . the study guide 5 minutes before the . rigsum and you're trying to see the . bullet points in your head frozen's wife . that's crazy all we heard was her voice . and she looks exactly how i thought she . looked always wondered why elevennews an . uppercase letter and then is in . lowercase letter i want today years old . when i found this out in scottish accent . what's wrong with mickey mouse's . helicopter disneyland . nd every time leo messi scores a goal at . the fifa world cup mastercard will . donate ten thousand school meals for . children in latin america and the . caribbean niggas is starving because of . messi. my wife warned me not to steal the . kitchen utensils but it's a risk i'm . willing to take a group of concerned . parents is petitioning marble to make . the hulk wear a bra because his massive . pecs are bound to arouse genes i just . want to know who the out here. getting turned on by health sitters i'd . like to talk to the manager i need to . speak with the regional director i . demand a parley with the chief executive . officer when i try to dance noticeably . white captionthis when your own are . getting jumped and you here get that . nigger don - when you take a girl home . from the club but you are too drunk how . to make mexicans be more product if it. were a priest farts in the middle of . mass and says it was the holy spirit i . don't start getting dressed till i see . my girls spray a face with the that . make the makeup stay until you see that . have a seat for he's in 2032 what level . of petty are you if you don't tell me . happy birthday i'll never tell you happy . birthday for as long as i shall live i'm . dead this man's birthday really just . passed and not a single person flinched . donald trump birthday june 14th 1946 the . four stages of an 8 a. m. lecture when . you make a meme in europe. we'll got that one friend that crossed . the street like they don't care about . life i'll never be too old to play with . legos parents of 27 married two kids . house laird 27 what should i get with my . 50% off and free shipping of . adamandeve. com 40 planned family . vacation to niagara falls wife expected . more kids bored and he's considering. jumping in your kid is in my yard again . come on this again he's not wearing any . pants and he's chasing my dog boys will . be boys yeah but yours is 24 and drunk . oh someone's mad . eric 43 runs an architect business in . stockholm doesn't own a tv i love you i . love you more though guys seriously when . you're the weird one in the group but. your friend still bob and support you . i'd rather be the couple in the back tbh . left idle as a baby right adele holding . her baby she literally gave birth to . herself when you see someone making a. meal with the same picture you used for . a meal . sometimes while my friends are at work i . make boxes and leave them at their house . industrial-strength dildos omg i can't . believe they turned war vessel 600 to . 500 bc etruscan ceramic into a real. thing a visual representation of stress . consuming life this is the best student . sign i've ever seen facts about wasps . wasps suck and should all burn. in hell when girls don't blend their . makeup with their neck kanye's new album . is like arby's everybody says they don't . with it but somehow they are open . and thriving when you type google into . google chrome's search bar and sanitizer . point zero one percent of germs when . you're walking your dog and it sees . escarole when you find out that exactly . fifty percent of the world's population . don't say thank you to the driver when . they get off the bus game's top is . reportedly looking for a buyer i can . give them one dollar and fifteen cents . you've got the right answer by making . two mistakes that happen to cancel out . new balance white 577 men's fbi why is . your dad here anybody in this room . that's ever been in love will testify to . this if you haven't contemplated . murder you ain't been enlarged you . earned your s slash are looking at each . other trying to figure out how to dip . out of a social event early. friend i'm always the one making plans . you come up with something me everything . i want to do is illegal pictures i take . up my friends vs pictures they take of . me oh i understand des during exam what . the is that we've seized 299 kilos . of illegal narcotics 299 yes 299 me bus . driver thank you boy when you wake up . and check your phone to see how much . longer you can sleep budgets right . before your alarm rings when you open . the task manager why are you running in . class me smiles teacher why you smiling . nothing in my mind . lil dolphin white pawn destroyed by five . dark nights . that seinfield fella is pretty funny we . should get his own show i've got some . great news what i just saved a bunch of . money on car insurance by switching to . geico i'll ship whatever the i want . thanks actually many postal services . have rules and regulations on what you . can and cannot ship many regulations. depend on the destination weight and. contact by hogg international house of . bionicle so any questions squirting . isn't real right it's just urine right . me the nganimate city's real girls . having sex me after watching 12 minutes. of masterchef niggas be telling five . women the same thing don't you submit . the same resume with every job . application even though it's been over . 45 years bird still cannot help but . instinctively look up in the trees for . snipers daughter ain't mom while son . motorboats. jeff bezos ayan armas or bill gates by . own microsoft ali-a here's my $1500 for . tonight skin collection me pulls out the . wrong name during sex. gf who the hell is y luigi levels of how . limbo lust gluttony greed anger heresy . violence fraud treachery sharon behn . cheating . a pimp named dennis is missing his . infinity hose . crayola needs your help naming its . newest blue crayon sonic's ashes when . you meet a girl hi when a big heart has . held but a british nigga start rapping . on it. slim arizona weather wheel difference . fuel niggas live in hell this is the . writing of male body you may not like it . but this is what peak performance looks . like truly open-minded presidents of the . usa buddha base parma jaw which . addiction is yours yo who the is. addicted to you bar dedication doesn't . exceed credible stu animator describes. how he missed the birth of his first . child so mr. incredible could have. consistently sized penis pouch he's . probably thinking about other girls did . i thank the bus driver today you so the . time for hentai . when you haven't peed in a while i've . learned that criticizing us others and . nearly surefire way to get bound what . are some touchy mofos what did you just . say about mods 10 haunting photos taken . moments before disaster bus drivers . around the country receiving waiver . praise charles everett bus driver from . marrickville says he's not sure why he's . receiving a surge of cheers mate and . praise from his passengers i mean that . unified the nation when you're watching . shitty conspiracy theory videos of 3 . a. m. and you see a warning disturbing . content disclaimer that's why i'm here . island is water god woody finding . the dead ass who put a snake in his boot . 2018 jpg er toast . you. cow belly let's go baby the monetization . is dropping going to to stop a migration . of chopping innovation and content . creation and in others it rises on these . states it has got inspiration to drop a . new cake on top of your faces amok in. the faces a clock is still raising . there's impatient monster is way cut off . just escape news robbed like a paper you . to be praying thought she would make a . toast all the creator's who want to get . paid for the wholesome creation so take . the advice of a god in the bank oh my . god - says calvetti . tv gets more traffic than a metropolis . yes bitch that. .
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