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Last vid on this topic. That makes 2 videos total. Thanks for watching. Content Deputy - AJP
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What we do here just go back . [music]. one question ask you both do you feel . good. [music]. it's fuckin on savor it whoo after . smashing you was my name you're a rapper . who doesn't resorption with birds. [music]. [music]. day hello everybody and welcome back to . another episode of content deputy i . didn't know if i was gonna have to make . this video or not turns out i don't have . to i recorded some footage in . anticipation of taking a massive l but . it was a big w that being said i'm gonna . go through the video point by point and . just sort of give my take on it in that . video you portrays me i was like this . money-hungry i only care about money i . only care about fame and myself no i . don't portray you that way you portray . yourself that way that's why used video . clips of you portraying yourself that . way since he made a diss track i mean . that's kind of what i started and what i . do he kind of like stole that you didn't . start diss tracks if you want to make . the claim that you popularized them . that's perfectly legitimate you're just . really wet hard and you just gotta give . them proper well i don't want your . prompts you can shove your props . straight up your ice hole because i . think you're a garbage human being and i . want nothing to do with you well he . raped you. no but did it feel good so he'd made . sure to put this at the start of the vo . so everyone sees it of course i did why . wouldn't i. your acting is if this is some logan . paul feud i'm not here to be friends . with you okay i'm here to explain why . you're worthy of criticism but out of . everyone i know should not be the one . calling me out for it . so rape is good like i know i fucked up . is really out of everyone well you have . some pretty horrible comprehension. because i was hardly calling you out for . it i used it as a point to illustrate . that you can be criticized for it i . didn't say that i'm morally superior to . you because it seems like he has this . disregard for what he can be criticized . for what wouldn't you say and i just . want to spell it out hey dumbass you did . something stupid in the past you can be . criticized for it if she's not mad why . are you guys mad but anyways i guess. sorry isn't enough i mean i guess i . in this video you're hyper focused on . the idea that people aren't forgiving . you even though you've apologized and . she's clearly not mad at you and you've . done all you can to prove that there's . no bad blood between you two and that's . fine that's a good first step you kind . of have to show that you've changed but . what you've done in this video is you've . shown that you have not changed at all . messages you though just to all the rape . victims out there and it's just like it . wasn't funny that was by far the worst . acting performance i've seen in my life . oh that was so pathetic you could have . tried a second time and maybe they'll . put a little bit more emotion . nice-nice forget about the apology . you've you figured it out i dogs have . strokes to where his viewers know that . he's joking oh it's a single piece of . paper that says nigger faggot another . piece of paper that says nigger faggot . allegation but were you talking about . great job dude you won the argument that . i never made by showing clips of your . black friends reacting to me saying the. word nigger you sure are very witty and . know how to deconstruct an argument you . don't know points because losses use big . words that your friend and someone that . was in the video roasting me is someone . that doesn't more than anyone on youtube . so if we're gonna call anyone out on it . who you play this isn't content cop . pewdiepie what's wrong with you yes if i . were to make a content cop on pewdiepie . i'd mention how he stretches all of his . videos out to ten minutes i'd mentioned . how he litters his videos with ads. there's things to criticize pewdiepie on . but guess what he's not nearly as much . of a fucking douchebag as you a lot of . people seem to think this was your best . point in the video but i couldn't . disagree more. this was a fucking terrible point i mean . it's it's tantamount to me mentioning . hey by the way dude your friend tana . that you vlog with she said the word . nigger how you go support a guy who . probably says n-word . gabbie show another pretty irrelevant . youtuber damn i guess i do say that word . a lot i mean i guess i'll learn some new . words no the reason i showed you all . those clips of you saying irrelevant was . to show how much of a hypocrite you were . being if i actually wanted to show you . that you needed to learn new words then . i would have shown you this that she got . so much dislikes that shit got so many . dislikes let's watch his most popular as . video no no on every account popularised . is a person who advocates popular ism to . the video you can't even use the excuse . that this is ebonics this is not ebonics. this is more syllables than ebonics . you're making it harder on yourself why . should i correct a child that says emma . lance or sammich well i guess that . accumulated a lot of haters aquila lated . why aren't we hearing these made-up . words in your songs . pfft i'm just gonna take the other day . no fucking way. the hate tell me that our most popular . [music]. deus ex human defiance 8-bit is high . dose the lydia's videos hiding something . from us because he's insecure lies in . this section he brings up my old videos. and it really pisses me off because he . makes me look cute and adorable but i'm . that's not what i am i'm a tough edgy. guy but his main point is that people's . contents change with their personality . and to that i agree which is why i made . a content comp on him in the first place . you said that you had high school humor . look what i'm trying to make is two . years ago i had that high school humor . lol as john i was just making stupid . jokes and what i'm proposing to you is . that your humor has not changed very. much at all in the span of two years . someone has to say it but like what is . that who what is this vicki i'm sorry . guys someone has to say it and there was . that one grandma in the wheelchair she . really liked chocolate whatever whatever . they kind of look alike yeah i can't say . it looks like the humor is that . different from two years ago checking in . in bed pieces jumping in the pool anang . i don't know bro i've apologized for . this i've done all that i could do i . don't know what more you guys want me to . do so let's just throw these skits . around the video then make me look like . a piece of shit how are you gonna tell . me who i am as a person as if you know . me get off of my dick oh my videos are . jokes i don't know how he's gonna tell . me what my videos are there's been so . many lies surrounding my name if you. guys haven't heard the gabbie show came . out and said that i hit her like ds . narrator i'm sorry if i'm calling you . out you cannot at all win the argument . that all of your videos are jokes . so stop doubling down on this completely . idiotic statement but bro there's a . difference all right like coming up this . i want to filming them and you'll be . right. and they cheap dully it's completely . different from me two years ago you know . live-streaming it someone asked me am i . alive and i'm just like no his point . here is entirely moot because he gets it . wrong from the get-go because he's . talking about consent whereas a good . portion my video is actually talking . about filming girls without their . knowledge consent isn't even part of the . equation when you completely robbed them . of the question can i film you yes or no . let's see what my monthly earnings are. oh over a fucking million oh yeah as if . me filming you at vidcon while you're . checking your social blade numbers is it . all comparable to you breaking someone's . phone because they were snapchatting you . or you lying to girls on your string. [music]. regardless no you see a parody might . involve some comedy in there somewhere . this was completely devoid of comedy . youtuber though the stop i was being a . pompous asshole character like all these . people in the genius videos of a video . and that leave the video with the most . views at the time was something about . the era that grande i think i just . forgot about and i really didn't get any . tweets here after two weeks no one . really brought it up and i just went . with my life that 10k might come in . handy twenty years down the line i know . there's gonna be that one guy give . someone you boy you didn't do the . challenge you see when you run a . giveaway as soon as you promise an . amount of money like i'm giving away ten . grand. that money is no longer yours okay you . have already come to terms with i'm . giving this money away you don't need to . give it to colossal even though he's the . rightful winner you don't need to give . it to the person who clickbait to the . manchester bombing video what you . absolutely need to do is donate it to . charity so i've included two links down . below one to the manchester bombing fund . and one to the most recent las vegas . shooting so i think both of those are . very appropriate whichever one you . happen to choose show some sort of . verification on twitter don't make a . fucking video about it i'm sick of . man all this ghost rider stuck was . allegations like there were no proof . like people kids her and take away . trapper beef it wasn't just him sena me . shit like alice and in bars he was . saying bars bag report i just want . someone to look over a helmet like i . feel like it would be a better song that . my attention i mean i dropped a lot of . like this drug so he got compensated for . his time he saw i'd have to do this . where you feeling themself like writing . the song and i mean it's a good idea i . mean it could clear up all the . ghostwriter stuff . you're a stalker heed you think about me . every night . you're obviously wyatt but you might as . well be asian because you're obsessed . with the price . yeah that's sure to clear up the . allegations doing a satirical montage of . lyric writing this day is literally in . love with me he's obsessed with me get . off of my dick bruh he's in love with me . he's obsessed with me get off my dick . brah you hear that guys that's the . battle cry of someone who just lost leaf . he made a better response than this . without a fucking down jesus christ this . is going to be my last response on this . topic so i hope you guys enjoyed . watching i will now leave you guys with . the conclusion to the hypebeast saga . my soldiers did a hundred milk . but you will acclaim bitches chase me i . don't got no time to chase home for this . fall down was good on me . [music]. [music]. i need to find a police officer stand . officer. chic squad shoot squad sheepsquatch. swamp sheep squad squad sheesh you see . squad oh no . beh beh beh beh bad sheep smart kereama . back hey sheep spa rollin with me . .
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