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Category: Comedy
Caption: I don't understand i don't know why i'm . here okay it all started when i started . dating the popular kid sub tdawg some . good all right listen up my loyal . followers. it's my new girlfriend leila yes hey you . you - and you - your new captain hello . juan it's just one and that's it you . don't want me to even like try out well . just make one dance move you're in our . team good morning good morning before we . start today's class i have a special . guest he said we have a special guest . i've been in this class for two years . one's girlfriend everyone loved real . quick . i'm a fan of the one okay and also you . got an a on a test . what test all of them you don't sit so . but down mufasa oh moola bear let's get . the class started. [music]. welcome to the teachers lounge so you . don't want to go to the cafeteria with . the rest of the students which is . something you are no we don't sit with . those those little kids over there we . sit over here come sit down here we'll . teach you how to do it i hope you enjoy . my crabs oh thank you this is how my . week went okay i am collecting homework . it's 9 o'clock if i don't receive it by . nine oh one year thing where's your . thank you let it don't need it right . here . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. and the test begins now. vinny first sample lula best sit your . butt down. [music]. good morning ladies and gentlemen let a . your weekend starts now you're dismissed. say something. [music]. [applause]. so you have charity where's he . wait she's over there . good morning ladies and gentlemen we . have some great news today leather has . graduated been accepted to harvard i'm . not ready for college look he's mine say . it with me . he's yours who's easy no it's mine what . do you have nobody and friday you know . you're an amazing person . i know tell me more yeah and this week . has been great you know what are you . looking at oh myself okay okay you know . what anyway this is what okay i don't . think this is gonna work what what oh my . god what do you mean . i'm still hot right stop . you know why i broke up with you because . of this because of all because i'm old i . am sick i don't dance . okay now that i broke up with him i'm in . it. yeah you suck thank you all right you . you uh you can keep let's go now and you . what can i teach you are you a good one . i'm picking up all of you this is not my . lifestyle i don't belong in this you . know so you know just no hard feelings . right listen missy detection that leads . us here in detention i just don't . understand why because he's my son long . live twine . .

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