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HUGE DIY 3 FEET GUMMY COCA COLA BOTTLE CHALLENGE *GONE WRONG* ►Download Quidd and Play with me on there! (Username: Morgz) - - - Today I'm going to be Making a Massive 3 FOOT Tall Gummy Jelly Coke (Coca Cola) Bottle Dessert as an Impossible Challenge
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Caption: Oh no oh no get in there hello welcome. back to my craziest diy going video yet. today we're going to be making a giant . coca-cola bottle but when i say giants. guys i mean giant take a look at the. basic now this right here in a money. fight today what we're going to do it. it's filling it with cum and making a. giant gooey total of all day is going to . be amazing so i have you see down here. we have some balls of normal classico we . also have a massive pile of gelatine and. some testing value 35 pcola we totally. ran out of money going to walk to the . title value store oh god we're go . straight into it what let's go don't . know how do i shut the beautiful members. of team old out there too much on this . video and i think if you're true team . old men but you're gonna smash alike now . together we'll leave this to 9000 like . burn our files alive i'm gonna go to the . big boss whatever mommy red bird brain . yeah it was 10 i give up changeup last. let's just let's just do this but if . you're going dude i know how it goes by . now you have to put the code in new york . appointed gelatine you have to leave it . aged assess then you're carving to this. thing and then you have your glory now. synthesis like four five six closing. like 10 times bigger than a normal. bamako i'm using we've had to download a . surprise look at all the jealousy . literally we've got so mykelti you got. to go to two different shops and clear. out all their yellow sea horses techno . just a little now we don't know the. exact measurement arlequin supposed to. put in mobile going to give it our best. shot without the bubbles but we're gonna. do regardless we did for the factory. we're going to prove it all in limine . hazy crazy in diy telling from ebola. coke you've ever seen . come on the center spotlight and then. baby greg waiting to us how we're gonna. go about doing this diy kool of all oh . god right pressure pressure what did you . do that can boil some code mrs. ellis . tuning late cool reactor then prepare. the bottle in the bottle for the cocaine. we've got to put tape on the bottle 1000 . years later so guys this fossil. obviously once we've got a whole mixture. in this has to go in the fridge and as . you can see how are we going to do this. we're going to have to clear out. everything from the fridge i mean we've . got to eat everything hey i'm down i . want to i'm definitely darling where's . the chocolate was that was the sweet why. would i yogurt you know uh oh yeah i . know you in this uri in this ola having . it guys i have no clue if we're going to . be able to pull this off this is more of . like a diy and we're going to give our . best shot a honesty i don't know what . the hell is doing here i'm just going to . give it my best job hopefully we can get . this diy go and hopefully we can bacon . good guys wanna do is use legal like to. wish you good luck though we can only . complete this gooey challenge but yeah . we're gonna give our best job because . your best is all you can do do i put the . afternoon or just in a house so we can. pull this off so without further ado . mama let's get started wishes look good . look nice mommy right so we haven't got . a big pans because we're not very . organized so we've got our biggest. obstacles out we're gonna have to do . loads guys there are loads of different . mixtures but you don't know how to make . a good like jealousy and co basically . adding some coke and then you just. adding a little jealousy so what we're. going to do is going to try and you this . as quick as possible and do a comparison . over the baseball the medium bottle and . then the big bottle look at not nice . crazy the only one coke or like maybe. maybe q coach is going to go into on. these tubs that we've got gonna be all. of this morn here for number one down. moving on kobol number two let's do this. whoo whoo. mmm oh yeah full on vertical is just. drop it over the wall come on o street. malden through a bit fast drink it from . the balls oh no he'll do that nobody's . gonna want to have that when you run . your mouth around it three two one there . we go the first floor times on our bills. which they aren't you see look at that i . know what we're going to do is load in . the jealousy mom are you ready yeah do. we feel before we put the gun let's do. it what do we have to do where he can . put in down like snow in but it is a. tipster into the our eyes um there we go . that he is on and now we stir and wait. for the gelatine to dissolve and make. our coke gomez oh no oh no oh oh oh my. goodness oh what do we do why do i like . i going girl oh well guy who knows is . fairly specialized it really changes diy. okay oh no guys basically we headed back . up again the hope is now going and what. we're going to do is we're going to try . again we're going to take two of them . god bless all nice actually going quite . well it really really stings if you . haven't seen gelatine video no no it . really really stays once you get it . boiling basically we just get rid of all . the white block where you can see on top . once we got rid of it all i'll be ready . but i've to stay calm and just try our . best to get this on me so guys so these . three kinds before completely disappear . we're just waiting on one more now so. what we did we pull the code from those. three tongues into this tree organizing . these really hot would it completely . just a coke cooler right now gonna keep . this in the panel let it cool down while . we actually were. i'm also what we're gonna do is we're. going to load up more in here right now . and get going solo but actually going . really well is it go yeah regards i. believe will turn around then we're more . mature brazilian sponsibility who stayed. calm collected and now we're getting. there guided time to move on to the non . branded tesco coat guys this is the main . attraction so we loaded up half of the. coke and all the gelatine into these . pans will slowly gain there's no time to. add the rest of the coke as you can see. all the gellis unit and we have a hell . of a large elysée lungs of loads of the . final time oye around you here we go for. more time filled with jealousy because. normally ready yeah let's do this this. book it was taking ages to cool down to. our doors are open the window and i've. actually put it in the sink and filled . the thing with cold water completely . around it over there we've got a mole on . the hob cooler and for we just need to. wait for that to cool down and then them. to cool down no we can start loading it . into the bottle so those for almost all . know what we've done is basically i've. caught a line into this like actually. put it into the bottle bags because once . we get the coke in this and it's step we. need an easy way to get out there. calling that line in that that means. that we can easily get out but now what . we have to do is take that and last time . it didn't work too well so this time . we've got stronger tape this is just. flat-out duct tape and what i'm going to . do with a metaphor scripts over there so . obviously the coach doesn't come out. once we actually put it in there before . it says two thousand years later i have . put so much tape on this damn code while. i've almost use an entire roll but after . last time after all we start i was not. going to let it leak out this time so . we're going to start transferring this . into they're just little too long two . more minutes on these are almost on hi . guys this is gone so fit if i could get . a knife and show you how big this is. it's already started to set look at this . and what we're going to do we're going . to act quick and we're going to jug it. in to the ball so i'm going to take a . big jug full and little literally i'm. going to put it in the bowl it's going . to be a little bit hard to expect gonna . be a little bit messy but you're just . gonna have to do it it's nice to try our . best but it's a fix but i think we're . doing it is getting in there and what . goes up to issues. so that the business of mess go back . into the bucket so that we can just go . to back in there don't need to get it . for a bit well yeah we'll swap gorman . mum show me always gone home i mean what . youre not more that i was better than. that it's got fun over cooked on a. little yeah that's what we need is in . that room these are the four pounds of. coke of all finish and we move them into . a girl like that cool for a little bit . longitudinal obex leaning over there the. bottle it stood tall as you see way more . than half of its bill cuz that thought . dinner well the full load more ready to. go in there so we're going to be fine . guys this should all go all right after. that hiccup for the star i'm actually . surprised on how well this entire thing . is gone was literally only been like one . little mistake thumbs up for me also . guys literally none of the chassis okay. we've actually got used we have another. coach just with the normal cone so check . your coke just push enough to show that . you know we don't want the tesco coat so . this guy is a little bit of toge that. fell onto the hole and actually hardened . so i'm going to try this right now . oh my god that's so rude nothing oh my . god woman you have to try it that's . amazing so while we wait for the code to . step out i told you guys back up that . i've been using a lot recently called. quiz let me get my spin out and you go. on the up because why the hell not . basically quit is available on ios and. android and the main thing is your name . is collect cards and stickers from your. favorite shows you can get these cards. by opening part obviously for my past. with people i love my opening past and . you can do it right here on this up you. can get a family guy cause you can get. five nights at freddy's cards bob's. burgers breaking bad with absolutely . loathe you can't raise the cause you

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