Dumbest Fails On The Internet #55 | Bon Appetit Memes Edition

Official “Dumbest Fails On The Internet #55 | Bon Appetit Memes Edition” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Alonzo Lerone Bio:
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
Get a dictionary eating good tonight extra have a car tho insults ya bum sniff your feet made myself some lace and year crowe flik the sheep wait you need a chrome flick that damn call me crazy but i love me of me mayumi i'm done coming when you read a dictionary you're just mad i can cook for my man bone apple team making some chicken permission phone apple fee osteoporosis how kaos burrows bake cook me up some spaghetti bowl of nobodies great barrier reef white people can't handle spicy food try again sweetie listen here you uncultured swine you know i was ate an entire avocado one-a-day but 22 gummies they will send me that just whipped up some case ideas call me gord on ram see what are you an idiot and we're getting ready for a thanksgiving feast bong assholes maybe long as public baby oh my girl just made some smack the pony really don't mind if i do blind refugee i'm not gonna have my do with this could be a great food if you do want some great food this is my cut your throat a little bit but the oven don't work can be repaired but the as work just by and i bet this is the oven that people cooking this food and i knew that already do you like pasok ility what does that have to get he wow i don't know how that's but getty damn baby you talk feel so good the level really cheating on you printer's row oh haha so i'm the one that contains your reading that barred beers kubrick's kid trip back bar beers kubrick's kid with mack brownie but the else jumper and cheeks love tap the trippy oh my baby just whipped up a little something-something mom tap the beef and by the way recipes are money not receipts but recipe e 0 the 0 thought of these means late-night met brad oh my god that that is one that is friends tom sarah i cooking his supreme both can we go choke letchu rose with small jerry's and bone anna's out a low choke let chu rose chocolate 0 is small jerry's and bone anna's bob ate the meat wow dammy cooked up some good bars your sewing kits camp food legs on toes skill o campo legs autos blood and refugees black ass black about to eat these friends flies with the side of cats their own bone out to to call me chef boy r t hello phone out to two are some creative trolls girl show so much infection to me come home and seemed this solves age beams bring the guy haha she also got me spur of war earth box up a queen my girl stay cooking pete you want me to stop him girl cook more girl stay cooking pizza for me don't mind if i do flown half the be made me some spain get the e with some chunks are late meal bonner ankle three-bar i like my eggs like that too i think i'm hungry now oh my god love grilled cheese with tomato sooo boner and the queen fucking tip number 43 cottontail don't eat war she call or you will get sam and ella and die who doesn't love in mag mignon with ass-kiss 40 applications make me some eggs bended dick dick out the tape when mom makes forget t on toast a wrong cracking asleep who the hell is wrong and why he crack and flee i'm sweating during these where i can't open there's a few more just a pre-war that's the a cheddar jalapeno soup and toasted bread rolls with the fresh yellow mustard spritz it was all good until i scroll down i be whipping it up in the kitchen maybe some similar buzz bonus feat like college an economy masterchef kitchen mom i have please baby just came home to the best five-star meal she ever had about a digging bamboo sheets just finished eating some air and mommy bonquiqui the teeth and mommy added mommy eating some and in mommy and i can't what just whipping up a little struck what coming chess boyard write a 0 18 what recipe is this yeah i like to get a little creative in the kitchen sometimes phone apple jeans yorker released for the iphone in there are perishing just made my grandma's specialty pepperoni and cheese both at the heat many vegetabie little trees with bacon cheddar cheese and aztec sauce roll-ups drones lap the queen yr equipment after this video just make some cornbread bone at the teeth i've seen that picture everywhere my vegan much is so good bottle of apple tea my baby just made me some carbs and farmer both at and feet look actually got a foot in there just made some chick can new doll superbomb the japanese alright hold on tommy chef boyardee you back against are alone in masks to pottery toes bone in my cheap unisom see real and younger bitch a plate and ski he could tell with friends banging apple geese made some toast airs true till this morning piano become the teeth my girl just made me some jasmine yeah that's about right speaking of y'all need to get up on this bone apple t-shirt my merchandise link is in the description y'all better get it because it's all gone by christmas day this year all right and i will see you up with the new video don't forget to check out the 1i uploaded yesterday with my family alright i see you all very soon thumbs up if you don't those up anyway because you feel some comes up as best you can steal from one comes over there is a
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