Every Pixar Movie Reviewed in 10 Words or Less!

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Here's my Pixar ratings spreadsheet, with comparative ratings for all the movies and the shorts! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SThSEopFQaUslQtCYIUh9ZA-JQxcHm_wrvI2TB1Ohmg/edit?usp=sharing
All footage used in this video is being used for review purposes only! All video and some audio presented here is owned and distributed by Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Company. In this marathon review, clips and music from the following films were used:
Coco | (2017)
A Bug's Life | (1998)
The Incredibles | (2004)
Finding Dory | (2016) | 4
Monsters University | (2013)
Monsters Inc. | (2001)
WALL-E | (2008)
Cars | (2006)
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All right it's time for the one . everyone's been asking for every pixar . movie reviewed in ten words or less and . the shorts - why not that means every . single theatrical pixar release as well. as all of their short films except the . two million cars shorts that they made . been released on their own dvd because . look i'll be real i didn't want to watch . those okay i watched the two that came . out on the pixar short films collection . that that's fine that's more than enough . normally this is where i give a rundown . of my positive negative review system . but pretty much everything on this list . is positive so instead i'm gonna quickly . talk about what each number means . because some of these videos people . comment like well higher you gave it a 6 . well you didn't like it like whoa hang . on there buddy a 6 out of 10 is not an f . i'm not the american educational system. a 6 is above average a 1 is a garbage . movie that nobody should ever see it is . boring as sin and it hurts to watch . there is nothing of value to be gained . from seeing it 2 is slightly less . terrible maybe there were a few . redeeming jokes or that one character . you liked that kept it from being a 1 . but it's still very painful 3 is the . same way but it no longer physically . hurts to sit through the movie this is. the rating you give a film when you're . actively checking the video bar over and . over again to see how long you have left . until the ending four is mediocre just . bad not horrible but you didn't really . enjoy yourself 5 is an average movie . like yep that was a film you didn't hate . it you didn't love it it was fine but . you kind of feel like you could have . done something better with your time a 6 . is the first good rating on the list . it's a movie you enjoyed watching and it . didn't actively waste your time but you. don't have any interest in seeing it . again a 7 is a movie you enjoyed enough . that you would want to see it again . even if that rewatch is pretty far off. in the future but you could recommend . this to someone you liked it i often . give sevens to movies that are mostly . really good but have some pretty . noteworthy flaws 8 is just a solid . entertaining movie really enjoyable . maybe even great a 9 is an awesome movie . really engaging something you'd really . want to recommend to anybody the kind of . movie that makes you want a sequel a 10 . is an entertaining movie that does. something with its filmmaking or . storytelling that is so noteworthy that . everybody who likes films should see it . that doesn't mean it's a perfect movie . but it is a must-see for one reason or . another and i should say those are more . guidelines than they are hard rules but . that's basically my system so now that . we're all on the same page it's time to . review every pixar movie. ten words or less okay he's brave little . toaster with these tiny toys i apologize . for my childhood prejudice against ants . okay sprite little poster but this time . they cry i wish i got paid for screaming . at work glad that's all wrapped up and . doesn't warrant a sequel great family . drama disguised as a superhero movie. fleshy carp ungh tiny car bogs car . tramp stamp dole movies finale leaves a . good taste in your mouth but it's so . pretty. shush robot love story i don't want bad . wait yes i do . okay brave little toaster but this time . - cries i want to make a spy movie . no you make cars mother bear animal . house more like monster house not like . much oh no not duper the elephant . western dinosaur dog movie well you . heard the darts more like binding rory . hey we make a good cars movie fine one . i know you're a sport of five on a pair . of all my man . [music]. alright that's all the movies all we . have left to do are the shorts and it's . a little too easy to rank a short film . in ten words or less so how about we . challenge ourselves and do it in five . words or less 1984 was a rough year a . real ballbuster nice 90s bowling alley . wallpaper it's just me but 70 . i can't believe mike's dead did. ilumination make this my favorite . flaming baby movie double trouble nice . fallout music nice lighting effects test . nice rat education bieber dream now . you're thinking with portals dvd extra . bad dvd extra hay stork steam bad news . really clever visuals and sound effects . okay this time it's moana okay this time . it's mcdonald's have you bought planes . yet pixar makes the dreamworks logo i . like john michael higgins make a tv show . already brave war more like oh that's . some interesting slow-mo feeling my . water with volcan misti incredibles 2 . looks neat inside out is mediocre oh . they're so cute i teared up a little and . that's all of them but before i end the . video with my usual top and bottom three . movies i'd like to take a moment to talk . about this video sponsor better help . better help is an affordable online . private service that connects you with a. personalized therapist or counselor. sometimes people will message me online . or come up to me at conventions to tell . me that my videos help them to get . through a tough time whether that means . depression loss what-have-you and that's . great i'm happy to help so i'd like to . reach out to those viewers now and offer . them this tool in case those tough times . ever come back once you've been. connected with your personalized . counselor you can talk with them via . text message video chat phone call. however you like and they even offer . financial aid to those who qualify if . better help sounds like something you. might be interested in please consider . clicking the link in the description to . start the conversation thank you for . listening and now without any further . ado here are my top and bottom three . pixar movies. and coco coco is a super cute musical . buddy adventure about a young boy . trapped in the land of the dead and his . skeletal companion ik daughter they have . a great dynamic i love dear to los . muertos aesthetic i love good songs i . love big musical final boss fights. i love crying like a baby at the end of . this movie go see coco it's it's very . very good you are a sad strange little . man and you have my pity bug's life . bug's life . it's about bugs yup like don't get me . wrong it's not horrible it's just not . really noteworthy like none of the . characters are very interesting the . protagonist isn't that likable is not is . not it's not the story runs on tragic . muse communication which is always a fun . hallmark of 90 storytelling i just i . can't think of a single scene that stuck . with me in this movie kevin spacey does . an okay job as the villain he's probably . the highlight . [music]. [music]. the incredibles the incredibles is not . only one of the best superhero movies of . all time but also one of the best family. movies of all time and i don't mean that . it's a movie for the whole family in . fact i didn't like this movie as a kid . because all the subtleties of helen and . bob's relationship were totally lost on . me that but now i find them really . interesting it's just an honest . depiction of a husband and wife against . a fun poppy superhero backdrop and. that's a really cool unique interesting . story setting every scene is cool every . scene is fun i like pretty much . everything about this movie except . violet why do you sound so whiny you are . a sad strange little man and you have my . pity monsters university and finding . dory it's a tie so i don't like movies . that don't need to exist like why make a . movie if you're not going to tell an. interesting story why make a sequel to a . well-loved film if you're not going to . expand upon the world-building or the . characters or if you're going to . directly contradict the original films. if you've been jealous of my good looks . since the fourth grade panel is it money . is the reason money it's money i respect . a boring movie that try something new. and fails more than a sequel that . doesn't try anything whatsoever . especially if that sequel is basically . every other college film ever made don't . let me down incredibles 2 o infinity . [music]. walli some people don't like wall-e . because they say it's too preachy with. its environmentalism or because they . don't like the human characters and . while i admit it doesn't handle those . things perfectly wall-e isn't really . about that and it's core wall-e is a . love story it's a cute love story . between two robots in space and most of . the film is told without speaking a . single word and that's incredible this . film is a monument to show don't tell . it's gorgeous it's cute it's moving and . i think there's something to be said for . a movie that injects so much humanity . into its robot characters also define . dancing it's one of the best scenes in. film not just animation film cars no . likable characters cars why are they . cars how does them be in cars service . the story what are the car rules . oh they lock themselves because they . were scared . what are they locking can cars open each . other and steal things what do they . steal do they steal organs do they have . organs why are these bugs cars our cars . born do cars come from a factory do they . mate this franchise implies they mate . what does a pregnant car look like is it . an egg sack sort of situation these are . the questions that came up when i . watched cars i have no answers cars has . no answers. thank you for watching if you like this . video then you should check out the . other marathon reviews i've done or . follow me on twitter and welcome to . tweet and tell me what videos you'd like . to see me do on there i'd like to give . another quick shout-out to our sponsor . better health if you think they might be . a good fit for you be sure to check out . their link in the description you can . also find a link to my patreon down . there people always ask me why i give . the ratings i do for these videos but i . can't really go into it given the nature . of ten-second reviews so i've been . thinking about recording full casual . reviews beats marathon for people to . listen to and putting those up on . patreon for anybody interested the pics . are one will be available in a few days . for both patrons and non patrons but all . the others will be patreon exclusive. thanks . [music]. .
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