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[music]. dicky's whatever you do you're not . waiting for too long i can't take it . anymore . [music]. [music]. [music]. hello no i will mentor fuera nobody here . there is it stokey medina can use our . vehicle your doors getting piano i'm . back honey papa i came home for your . mother. papi i never stopped loving john . mother and i got back together dad . jerrica maybe the job . [music]. oh my god. there she is she's so weird oh my god . that is so embarrassing that's social . suicide i can't even look at this oh my . god lately oh my gosh she's like the . coolest girl in the world . leigh leigh your invite in my party . please don't you oh my god. [music]. [music]. all right do you love me yeah do you . love me back yeah sure. get in the car let's go come on we gotta . go and welcome back to catch that psycho . over here we have our psycho lenna ponce . who has been living in a fantasy for . almost four years now . [music]. here we can observe her talking to her . friends chocolates so hard should i go . and her boyfriend a slipper . miss lily pons do you have any words for . our viewers there you are no these . aren't real bread we're in your house . where's my boyfriend i'm dr. stephen . cincin see that's the thing as these . glasses are reality the entire time . you've been dating his sandal my sandal . you've actually been talking to these . chocolates the whole time no wait a . minute where's my money my money i had a . lot of money you don't have any money i . wish that these glasses made you have. money because you owe me a lot . where's my driver oh my god was bob he's . over there he arrived he's always been . really bad doctor how long has this been . going on for four months it's actually . 44 years get those cuffs out of my sight . i don't want to see this guy steal is . that i'm gonna take that okay oh my god . these yeah no get out get out give me . some time alone i need it i need it . i can't anymore . .
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