Favorite SJW Owned Compilation 2017

Some of my favorite sjw owned clips I've come across so far this year. Most of the clips involve verbal rape of dumb feminists and sjws.
[music]. ok so i'm going to respond to your . submissions without tutor dairy foods . but i was actually thinking about this . kind of neighbors i got that is going to . be one of the that the carbon creations . hardly even started and as clients . because science is true because of. science and you know what can you do . and my response to that one if i . personally committed to enforcing . decolonization science as a whole is a . product of risk of mortality and the . whole thing should be supplied from 1145 . graphics2d connect sites with his flock . science from everyone african . perspective from office mix of all . people experience my friend and i had a . drink all the things people is up there . a place interested in creating a few and . they believed that through the magic of . black magic of black magic because . there's others that you are able to . stand likely to strike that planes fly . cars driving computer skills to . inductive online if you if you based . medicine on on science&u kill people if . you base the design of planes on science . they fly and you based on the design of . rockets on sites they reach the moon it . works pitches when he's trying to me . peter and brendan start up here and . complain that our students feel like . telling me you're engaged in a discourse . of censorship do we want to silence them . funny you don't seem very silence for a . start. you're here for us for a second you . still have your national newspaper. columns apparently i don't read them but . people tell me they're still out there . so what you're really saying is the. mother we're trying to silence you but . that we have the audacity to try and . rode the platform that are racist and . misogynistic society has given to to . privileged white men that is what we are . guilty of doing what you are saying is. you personally have a right to that. platform which other people are not. given that you personally should . maintain her geminii over that platform . what we are saying is move the hell over . other people deserve that platform other . people who are not white who are who are . not men and who are not of the people . are you call privileged move over and in . order to do that you have to create a. space where those people can actually. enter into that discourse what i want to . talk about owner thank you is the . discourse of hypocrisy because when they . stand up here and say that we're engaged. in free speech and they want free speech. for everyone they are actively denying . the discourse of censorship that they. are involved in when he's trying to me . he's exceptionally sensitive finger . brendan when he refuses to recognize . trans people preferred pronouns and . actively misgendered them in his . national newspaper columns is engaged in. a discourse of censorship he's saying . this is language to which i object . people calling themselves she when i . think they are male is a language which . object i'm going to recognize it and i'm . going to say that it is wrong that is . engaging the discourse of censorship. you're sick you're 16 fucking demented . mothersucker you know that ain't no . motherfucking around here once it's also . so arrogant to engage in that discourse. when you want to stay calm when it it . matters nothing to you whether or not. trans person chooses to identify. whatever way . but you are so arrogant to think that . you are allowed to send to them from . doing that ain't no motherfucking around . here wants anything to do with you guys . okay you can't do anything with utterly . repulsive . thank you i'm coming to you don't worry . peter hitchens when you write but a . discourse of islam is what causes muslim . men to rape you are engaged in a . discourse of censorship you are saying . that the discourse of islam is something . that is wrong something that should not . be allowed to me that you object to your . girlfriend . absolutely. [applause]. he's trying to me he's a section is a . sex offender you're sick . angela i mean i just think the . modern-day feminism a lot of it is. spoiling for an argument i mean the. ludacris campaign about putting women's . faces on banknotes when there are . legitimate discussions that little . excuse me. he's religious this is another problem . about feminist movement made to feel . stupid because they dare to contradict. some of that the receipt isn't amount . within a message you don't need to do . the oscar-winning sign in the process i . mean the fact is that because they have. been stupid campaigns about putting jane . austen on a bad note the very real . societal issues about domestic violence. about being overlooked by a bunch of . militant women who feel that anybody who. bothers to open a door for them is. somehow setting about the feelings . mordecai just out of the junior did this . was a good campaign. this was a really wonderful celebratory . campaign because we never had a woman's. face on our banknotes that you're . presented by that get in the way you . have something on it or not celebrating . chain austenite i'm allowed to my lad to . have my point but you don't want to . because i look at because i don't give a . fuck the banknotes in my pocket as the . man sitting next to me robin who's much . is on this which is exactly which is . exactly what we're here to ensure you. know it's 45 years since the equal pay . act i absolutely agree that you should . have as many jane austen notes or . whatever is on that those notes in your. wallet but the biggest reason to use . attraction . ok and i was going to have issues are . more important because there's a . shortage of all things that we judge . women more harshly and one of the . reasons why some time alright that . because their agenda pay gap here know . the gender pay gap peers of course much . much smaller communities in other parts . of the world if you can measure gender . pay gap in all sorts of different way . it's about women and atp for every man's . wonder how and when angela has a . declared non feminist and but as. somebody who went to the same school as. the pankor sisters i went to a girls . school where women female endeavor was . absolutely embracement current school i . wanted . lego and so the fact they get that shows . what the broad range of thoughts and . opinions that were encouraged to our. school and the fact is that i think . personally i feel that feminism is . relevant and outdated in this country . girls routinely outperform boys at . school girls go to university the boys . without question there are issues. perhaps about things that equal paper . that's a societal issue it's not a . feminist issue and the more that we . create this chasm between men and women . the more we kind of encourage the idea i . mean the thing is that biology did not . make us inferior it simply made us . different. so if there are not that many women in . parliament as families could testify . it's not so easy to balance a family. with certain unsociable jobs so it's not . that we're not capable we may not want. the things that men are doing i do think . we can't let this pass without talking. about the inequities that are inflicted. or men in the name of feminism which is. making our modern movement into a joke. today we hear that so colin blakemore . has resigned from the association of. british science writers over the . shameful treatment of certain hunt who . was light about in the name of feminism . and it was his the reporting on him was. proven to be completely false. he didn't make a sexist joke that was. received in silence says audio of the . applause and yet despite the evidence . we've seen people who are totally . committed to their ideology refused to . back down even when audio and. photographs prove that sir tim made no . such remarks and this is an hour what's . your voice was all like about about. women's rights i think that women's . rights third-round wasn't yes it was . women's rights. it was the trip to introducing of . feminism to say distractingly sexy let's . have a hatchet-faced up a man for . something that he didn't do it that's . why feminism alright joe conflating . chill completely british what are your . statistics for blending pay less than . the way i mean honest answers that i can . look at it right now . this coffee's for comics in nominal no . to validate marking it's the same thing . that is going on everyday basis but you . came and it relates to distance okay . then what is this common sense that . women are paid less of it . alright how many women you see in top . positions across the country in. leadership positions or board position . to president position as opposed to help . position because acid but there are not . many females in either leadership board . and your argument for that was that a. woman is pregnant. no that's not my army like my argument . was that women don't go into that field. often me in the side set . why don't they go into that building . often has been because you've already . made specific that were when they . graduate from college which means they. do have fun vision if not more than what . men have originally because you're the . one you made an argument that you have . more women graduating already with . searches almost 21 fact that would mean . so what you're saying is that you have . more women into the workforce and are . trying to get a degree to further their. education which backs up my argument. that more women are trying to break. through the glass ceiling with can be . represented in opposition mr. your . computer science and i i am gonna like . talking . ok computer sciences associate . screen giving emails i supposed to 8014 . given to women i know . so once that's all the other so in short . the other six degrees in social sciences . there's eight thousand women for and . where there's a hundred and 1,000 women . going to health technologies . these are all lower-paying field so what
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