Getting Caught Eating Alone

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Rekha just wants to have a nice quiet meal, and check on how her tweets are doing. It's not sad, but she has to make sure everyone else knows that.
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Rekha Shankar
Bonnie Crocker - Waitress
Kelsey Djupstrom - Billy
James Tolbert - Dinner Extra
Adam Henry - Dinner Extra
Makenna Lammons - Dinner Extra
Erika Wilhelm - Dinner Extra
Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer - Grant O'Brien
Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
Editor - Eve Hinz
[music]. mmm finally i've been alone chance to be . by myself . how's that breakout doing kelsey oh my . gosh how are you i'm good . are you loan you want to come in and . join us oh no i'm meeting someone . oh okay natalie oh fuck why did i do . that. not meeting anyone if they're gonna . think i'm being stood up hi there ma'am . how are you hi i'm not alone oh okay . well can i get you another menu for when . your friend arrives yes he will need a . menu to order his dinner okay oh stop . lying. idiot i shouldn't be embarrassed about . eating alone it's a regular thing to do . here you are um actually my friend will . no longer be joining me there was an . emergency oh i'm so sorry . so it'll just be you then . no i won't be alone actually i called a . different friend in the meantime he's . very famous so he will be joining me for . dinner at this restaurant so host can i . get you anything while you wait we will . take a bottle of nice wine to share sure . god's what a my gun no no this is air . fault why would they offer me a seat . we're casual acquaintances at best they . want to eat a whole meal with me i like . looking at my phone and not talking to . anyone don't they understand being alone . is okay they're the crazy one your wine . okay yeah my friend came in while no one . was looking he rushed off to the . bathroom he's funny he was stuck in . traffic he had to go to the bathroom so . badly so when he came he just zipped by . like so nobody even saw him he's really . fast it's martin sheen your friend is . martin sheen okay and he told me he's . like very very hungry so if we could get . to king-crab dinners that would be great . so it's two one for him one for me . certainly great thank you so much did . you tell him like could you tell him . afraid of what people think . could you tell i'm afraid of fish if you . talk here you are too king crab dinner . martin you are so buddy let's look look . good west wing story what a good friend . you are can you tell i've never tasted . crab before ok tell i don't know how to . drive can you tell i have a cat or cats . name is jessica can you tell i'm afraid . of hermit crabs that's either shell . rayko nose martin sheen hi i'm rekha . from collegehumor. click here to subscribe click here for . other fun stuff and thank you so much . for watching i love my job and i'm . definitely not trapped in this video . [applause]. things are great. .

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