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This video involves Touch My Body Challenge (Gf Vs Bf Edition)
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Hey you got oh yeah hey guys welcome back to being requested a ton to touch my body challenge - so i'm going to do it again with my right side roads with a blindfold on and then you gotta guess what i want that your top chains are a pretty straightforward so who wants to get but my thing is a really sore you're always saying ok it doesn't be fun not driving like a b if b fatty going to be a mate , it does it's gonna be it's pretty dead it like right here i'm gonna take yes you said here originally yeah grrrrrr but then it didn't feel like going in to help guys sorry she is on one point i was your exam go a bit scared to be honest you oh what a bit moist your name yeah my name is boy do it again i can fly guarantee you can use your mouth with my boys hey everybody we do that good good what if you didn't yeah you guys are gonna do it it's not i'm always just a little bit of skin yeah oh my god your material for me there maggie not activate got a different tensions and rest your bucket good you don't give me a good monster all your fight in each in some people i oh my god i'm so sorry bag when i'm sorry battery and i want to your i'm gonna miss you and love you here yes and us invite your face like it's just been going through all right here we go think about what do you need black knees tell me i'm saying anything you got two more get me a bit of a strike on oh yeah right here do it again oh my god let's do it that it's not do it again god i'm this you doing stuff the farm no i'm going textures yeah you gotta look through the later line but fine phone here yes yes that's what is the amount i cannot stand to go back it's like that i can feel like a bang it's just hear that the way you can feel like that that's like the most obvious place could be better than what i hear ya and i beacons don't feel it good for one you good wait what browse you got it down style it's like here you get one more yeah 30 black yes no i'm not surprised are you gonna grab my finger and dress like that see anybody up kinda nor because it doesn't feel like it so it was called earlier i'm like you keep doing it in different spots so obviously someone who my friends really easily with is at the end of your finger how do you know her don't see any blood eating your body wow i tell you when back back back thanks so much for watching if you enjoy it let's get this video to around one thousand and one and a half light once we get to one 1101 and a half life two stop you don't have to click the like button want to get that if you want more subscribe down below your killing on the blog channel so thanks so much once again we see in the next video video video
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