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All right today's a day packing up and . getting ready to go to the stanley hotel . now obviously i have my necessities . candy root beer and no soap but i want . to be more prepared for the actual . ghosts so i want to do a little research . and see what we actually need all right . you ready to go go hunting no oh come on . it'll be fun talk to the dead . i mean i have excited this hotel looks . beautifully historic it looks scariest . fuck what are you talking about where's . your sister. morgan like me okay so i want to be . really professional about this so i'm . just gonna google ghost hunting . equipment. ooh i found a place near you paranormal . attractors of colorado a little scared . isn't a bad thing that sentence doesn't . make sense . visit the room 217 page and watch the. stanley hotel ghost capture that's where . we're going right that's the room we're . staying in here's a short video of some . very compelling paranormal evidence wait. oh oh i saw . it was the bottom we slowed down the . clip oh my god . what do you think that was i mean it's . hard to tell if i experienced that in . real time for myself then i'll believe . but with editing the music and all of . this it's hard to believe that that was . real you're not invited to say oh my god . it really does that creepy wait is this . the room oh is this a five-star hotel no . that's gonna be you later i've seen that . retro that's like written all over the . place i don't know what it means in the . hotel it's murdered backwards . okay that's the equipment okay so we . make a list of what we need you know why . don't we need a big creepy oh a digital . recorder a motion detector oh my god we . should get like one of those like . christmas stuffed animals at target that . like when you walk by it goes merry . christmas . oh yeah i like the halloween bows like . slap your hands oh a thermal camera okay . so basically that tells you like where . the cold spots are i'm lasergrid . christmas we could use one of those . fucking the lasers that beam at the . house we have one okay i think i know . where we can get all of these things . toilet we're gonna diy ghost equipment . yeah there's nothing scarier than a good . deal. all right you ready to get some ghosts . quitman yeah actually this is going to . be my favorite part mine because i love . diys what's our ghost hunting team name. he loves team names angie's alliance . angie angie nader's good morning oh my . god that big white clump is me i what's . first on our list tape recorder ghost . walking through that design i love that . this has become a brandy one for me one . for you why would you need a headlamp . just to see the ghost of course you do . okay so we're back home getting things . ready and i want to show you something . take me to the darkest place in your . house what do you mean . come on in . wait wait why are you taking me in here . alright so you're looking at the screen . yeah it's just black right yeah already . yeah oh my god shut up . it's a night-vision camera oh my god . that is everything we're gonna see so . many ghosts or not you never know . okay is that the motion range poof that . is bright there's a test our voice . recorder entertains it goes the heat . sensor okay so this two texts when . there's cold spots and the colder it . gets that means it goes should we try it . on your haunted bathroom yeah okay so . what's the temperature right here right . here is seventy two point five and . that's pretty much accurate all the way . around the room and then going into the . haunted bathroom . like seven things different wow my god . yeah is immediately seven degrees cooler . yeah this house is haunted alright . alright ready do some ghost-hunting . already . [music]. [music]. hi there's a walmart break got some . snacks went to the bathroom and we are . almost at the stanley hotel by the way . haunted spots in the hotel supposedly . over the years every single room in the . hotel has experienced something strange . from close being mysteriously impact to . items moving on their own lights turning . themselves on and off the fourth floor . is often filled with spectra laughter of . children giggling and running down the . hall the concert hall another ghost that . likes to wander the hall is lucy lucy . was that you you willing to come out and . let us know that you're around when . ghost hunters come she likes to play . with them when she communicates by using . the flashlights room 217 mrs. wilson is . apparently old-fashioned she doesn't . like it when unmarried guests shack up . together so some couples have reported . filling a cold force in between them not . only are we not married we are two guys . so if miss wilson's old-fashioned is not . gonna go well . okay we are only one mile away little by . god . oh there's mcdonald's so oh thank god . historic stanley hotel oh my god oh my . god look at that's honestly looks . beautiful. [music]. oh there . my errands . [music]. i'm stuck here oh my god you've been . waiting your whole life are you ready . have you ever been there no she has . always wanted to go there she's begged . this over and over time and time again . oh i'm so ready oh oh my god it really . does look creepy when you get closer to . it oh my god wait . that's the concert oh my god that looks . like demon eyes that looks like your . dresser. [applause]. okay we just ran into somebody what's . your name. corrine okay so you're staying here . right yeah and you said you had an . experience mm-hmm . so i was on the ghost tour last night . and i was in the macgregor room okay . and right here a lady actually caught a . photo yeah and she said another one of . the ghosts his name is eddie he messes . electronics a lot and he had a good time . when he took it he didn't notice . anything but overnight he started . feeling sick the next morning he looked . at the photo again and sure enough there . was the silhouette now that's spooky . [music]. we're checking in so 217 doesn't have an . extra bed in it but they said that they . could give us another haunted room that . we could have somebody stashed. give us a list for 18 ghosts cowboy . watches you in your sleep. leans over you like sleeping okay let's . take it hey do you want to haunted rooms . no one will be good. wait the fourth floor so most haunted . one right have you ever seen anything on . the fourth floor or heard anything i . personally haven't know but i have my . friends have got pictures . okay sir didn't you see this this isn't . our lunch building okay where is it . that's not is that real . do you see the woman in the middle is . that real . sure up so i'm one of my colleagues what . a person people i live with but i. picture in the lodge at the table. service. alright guys we'll come back to the . staircase later but for now let's take . this elevator and hope that blood . doesn't come out of it . [music]. are the samba dead people . this is the hallway where the kid was on . the bike did you really yeah that means . ghost activities happening is that it oh . my god oh my god wait what is that . little room oh my god laser setup . oh . [music]. .
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