GOP’s Trump “Cult”; Trump Foundation Lawsuit; Comey Report: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Republicans applauding the president's summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Trump's mountain of new legal problems.
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GOP's Trump "Cult"; Trump Foundation Lawsuit; Comey Report: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-republicans are applauding. president trump's summit. with north korean leader. kim jong-un,. as trump faces a mountain. of new legal problems. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. in the span of just a few days,. trump managed to throw a tantrum. over a summit. with our allies at the g7,. called for russia to be admitted. back into the group,. and lavished praise. on brutal dictator kim jong-un. every day, he acts more and more. like an nba player. who's trying to get traded. to a rival team. and yesterday, he returned. to a familiar target, the media. -the president is on. the proverbial war path. another tweet from this morning. "so funny to watch the fake. news, especially nbc and cnn. they're fighting hard. to downplay the deal. with north korea. 500 days ago, they would have. begged for this deal. looked like war would break out. our country's biggest enemy. is the fake news,. so easily promulgated by fools. ". -ooh! promulgated!. [ laughter ]. it's always great. when he tweets a word. you know he'd never. take a swing at in real life. [ laughter ]. it's like if your pizza. delivery guy showed up. wearing a monologue. get out of here. with that [bleep]. [ laughter ]. not a monologue, a monocle. i tell a monologue. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. and. the problem is --. what happened is -- even though. i'm doing "a closer look,". in my head, i'm thinking,. "i [bleep] killed. the monologue tonight. ". [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. so anything even close. [ laughter ]. so, trump's once again. declared the media. america's biggest enemy. you know who's really breathing. a sigh of relief right now . isis. those guys are like,. "i know this sounds crazy,. but i think we're in the clear. ". [ laughter ]. of course, trump's media comment. came and went. without a peep. from elected republican leaders. now, if it seems to you. like the gop is cultishly loyal. to trump, you're not alone. tennessee senator bob corker. admitted as much yesterday. -we're in a strange place. i mean, it's almost --. you know, it's becoming. a cultish thing, isn't it . and, uh. it's -- it's, uh. it's not a good place. for any party to end up. with a cult-like situation. as it relates to --. to a president. that happens to be of --. purportedly of the same party. -oh, come on, it's not a cult. in a cult, you have. to abandon all your beliefs. and have weird sex. with a bunch of people, and --. okay, maybe it's a cult. [ laughter ]. the gop's. cultish loyalty to trump. was on display this week. after trump's summit. with north korean. leader kim jong-un. now, remember,. republicans and fox news. lost their minds. when president obama bowed. to saudi arabia's king. and shook hands with venezuelan. president hugo chavez. and yet they were silent today. when koran state tv. released this previously. unseen footage. of trump saluting. a north korean military officer. ??. okay, wow. not only did trump. salute a military officer. from a brutal dictatorship,. but the guy gave trump. a down low, too slow. [ laughter and applause ]. look at that. [ cheers and applause ]. ho-ho!. sorry, dawg. by the way,. check out kim jong-un's face. after trump salutes his officer. [ laughter ]. he's smiling,. but he's definitely thinking,. "oh, man, tell me. you got that on tape. ". [ laughter ]. again, to be clear,. we cannot stress this enough. diplomacy is good. talking is infinitely better. than threats of war. but it doesn't require. gushing over a brutal dictator. and manufacturing. preposterous lies,. which trump did again. just last night. for example,. he and kim struck a deal. to return the remains. of u. s. soldiers. who died in the korean war. now, u. s. involvement. in the korean war ended in 1953. so if we're being generous,. the parents of those soldiers. would be at least 100 years old,. which makes this claim. trump made last night on. fox news very hard to believe. -one of the things. that really i'm happy is that. the soldiers that died in korea,. their remains. are gonna be coming back home. and we have thousands of people. that have asked for that. thousands. and thousands of people. so many people asked. when i was on the campaign,. i'd say, "wait a minute. i don't have any relationship. ". but they said,. "when you can, president,. we'd love our son. to be brought back home. ". you know, the remains. -there's no way. that story's accurate. [ laughter ]. why does trump always have to. make up a little one act play. where someone begged him for. something and he got it done . if he signed a bill making. june 14th national cupcake day,. he would say, "oh, a little. old lady came up to me. she said, 'please, mr. trump,. my dying son's wish. was that june 14th. would be cupcake day. please, sir,. is there anything you can do '. and i said i would,. but the democrats won't let me. but then,. i did it because i'm strong,. and i absolutely. don't have dementia. ". [ laughter and applause ]. it's never been clearer. it's never been clearer. that the republican party. is trump's party. and the gop's silence. enables trump. as he contends. with one scandal after another. in fact,. every day seems to bring. fresh new legal trouble. for trump. before trump. even started his presidency,. he settled a fraud lawsuit. against trump university. now he's entangled. in multiple criminal probes. and today, he got yet. another lawsuit to worry about. this time, over his. scandal-plagued charity,. the trump foundation. -new york's attorney general. is now suing president trump. and three of his children,. ivanka, eric, and don jr. ,. regarding the president's. personal charity. the suit alleges. persistently illegal conduct,. claiming the president. repeatedly misused. the nonprofit's funds --. paying off business debt,. golf-club decorations,. and multimillion-dollar getaways. at his campaign events in 2016. -that's right, trump used money. from his charity. to decorate his golf club. when he should've used it. to spruce up his golf look. [ laughter ]. look at him -- he looks like. droopy's deadbeat dad. [ laughter and applause ]. and on top of all that,. trump is also dealing. with the fact. that his personal attorney. and fixer michael cohen. is under federal. criminal investigation. cohen set up. a secret shell company. to pay off stormy daniels. and took in millions. from major companies. and a russian oligarch. and now, even cohen seems. to be expecting an indictment. -trump allies reportedly view. the legal cloud. hanging over trump's. former attorney michael cohen. as at least as ominous as. robert mueller's investigation. michael cohen has told friends. that he expects to be arrested. any day now, according. to a source close to cohen. -in fairness,. he's probably been expecting. to be arrested for years. [ laughter ]. cohen probably rsvp's to. weddings "yes, unless indicted. ". [ laughter and applause ]. trump and his inner circle. are clearly very nervous. about cohen. there's probably. no one closer to trump. and his personal finances. and trump's confidants. admit that if cohen were. to turn on trump, he could. cause trump real damage. one former white house official. told "vanity fair". i'm sorry, but donald trump. has already blown up. he's blown himself up. a thousand times. but somehow,. he keeps walking away. he's president wile e. coyote. [ laughter ]. and like wile e. coyote,. trump has been obsessed. with trying to catch. his roadrunner,. special counsel robert mueller. mueller's the one. who referred the cohen case. to prosecutors in new york,. and trump. has attacked him relentlessly,. calling mueller's investigation. rigged and unconstitutional. and yet both mueller's probe. and the cohen investigation. have escalated rapidly. in fact, cohen himself. might even be helping now. -the white house. is closely watching what happens. with the president's former. personal attorney and fixer. michael cohen,. who's seeking new legal counsel. the question looming large here,. could cohen be ready. to flip on his former boss . -sources telling abc news. cohen is likely to cooperate. with federal prosecutors. -wow. so the president's. personal fixer. is going to cooperate. with federal prosecutors. robert mueller, any comment . -meep meep. [ zing! ]. [ laughter and applause ]. -of course,. trump's other big target. has been ex-fbi director. james comey. trump has claimed comey. was biased against him. today, the justice department. inspector general. finally released a report. on comey's actions. during the 2016 campaign. and if anything,. this report makes it clear. that comey helped trump. by reopening the investigation. into hillary clinton's e-mails. just days before the election. and on top of that, the report. includes this infuriating detail. about comey's own e-mail use. -there's a portion of the report. that says james comey. used a personal e-mail account,. a gmail account,. to conduct fbi business. -that's right. james comey was using. a private e-mail account. while he was investigating. hillary clinton for using. a private e-mail account. [ laughter ]. the issue that the entire. election revolved around. and one of the biggest reasons. donald trump. was elected president. so if you'll excuse me. for just one second,. i'm gonna put my head. on the desk. and mutter mother [bleep]. [ laughter ]. mother [bleep]. [ cheers and applause ]. this has been "a closer look"!. ??. .
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