Hair Stylists React to Trump’s Hair Flapping in the Wind

Trump was getting on Air Force One to head to Mar-A-Lago for the weekend when the wind blew his hair in a very peculiar way. We were so taken by this video that we decided to go around town to ask real hair styling professionals what they think about whatever that is on Donald Trump’s head.
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Hair Stylists React to Trump’s Hair Flapping in the Wind
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Caption: Have you seen president. trump's hair flapping in the. wind if you haven't you're in. for a treat this is friday. heading into mara lago for the. weekend and his hair tried to. fly off without him. now the red hats make sense. [ cheers and applause ]. think we might have to see that. again. yeah. see you can see, this is why. darth vader had the good sense. to wear a helmet. according to white house press. secretary sarah sanders the. president's hair stood still and. he doesn't have a bald spot and. anything to the contrary is fake. news. remember in the campaign when. trump took a strong stand. against something makes no. sense. >> the wind kills all your. birds, all your birds, killed. environmentallists don't talk. about that. wouldn't say it makes your farm. land look beautiful with those. wind mills driving you loco when. you look at them, right. >> now we know why he's anti. wind. [ cheers and applause ]. he doesn't care about birds the. guy eats kentucky fried chicken. twice a week. put the hair up there one more. time. ha, ha. this i wonder if this would. happen if you rolled can't lope. on the floor with dog groomer. we decided to go around to ask. real hair styling professionals. what they think is going on on. our president's head. ?. >> hi what do you think about. donald trump's hair here . >> ooh, someone did not glue. that down tight enough. >> haven't seen that angle, seen. the front never the back, it's. pretty odd. >> that's a bad weave. he needs some closure or. something. >> well. ha, ha. there's a lot of hair flying in. the air right there. >> whoo it's like the back side. of a dog. >> well. i don't know. um, it's bad. >> oh, no way. >> what's happening to his hair . >> i don't know. it's awful. >> what do you think of this . >> oh, that need to go. that needs to go. that look like the behind of an. ostrich. >> what would you call that. look . >> neglect. >> that guy's name monster from. "goonies" with the buck teeth. that's who he reminds me of. >> what would you do with the. hair. >> i'd shave the whole head. >> what do you recommend donald. trump do with his hair to avoid. looking like a dog. >> palmade maybe four or five. cans, slick down to the skin. yeah palm aid will save your. life. keep you in hurricane, tornado,. wind storm, in the desert. >> keep you from being. impeached. >> oh, yeah, it will keep you. palm aid better try it. .

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