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Halloween is probably a really fun time . for you right yeah i know since you were . little your parents used to take you out . you know trick-or-treating you know . eating all the candy new one going on a . school night. wrong halloween is not all fun and games . it's a completion in my school there's a . thing called halloween a costume party . and you didn't win he would sit alone at . lunch i know that kid's been five years . i've been sitting alone at lunch here's . a look at all the costumes i've been . waiting so not only did my costume suck . but i sucked at the games but this year . i'm gonna use the covergirl katie . capital this year i'm gonna win the . halloween costume party and i'm gonna . get a boyfriend that's another story so . i'm telling you right now halloween is . no joke tonight is gonna be my night . let's see what happens . [applause]. [music]. hey everybody quiet about to start the . contest alright um and we gonna start . with the movie let's go now the rules . are you gotta cover your partner as much . as you can and whoever has the least . amount of skin showing by the end wins . the game. smith is coming in for the lead he's . coming in this year yeah it's my beer . y'all are clearly disqualified you're . spinning that's obviously cheating yeah . spider-man a good effort but your elbows . is out you defeat you top your head you . didn't try it hard enough you're going . sorry now that leaves my man spencer and . lately . y'all killed it we so laila is the . winner all right guys the next contest . is we're gonna be guessing how many . candy corns are in this jar he's already. 999 i say 1753 a million 750 there's . gotta be at least 48 in that mom 1302 i . would have to say right good guess . there's 1,400 and one in here so kevin . wins you're off by wooden i don't know . if a stethoscope works like that but hey . ah yes doctor my wins and you guys are . all losers all right guys just called . monster-free so we're gonna play music . and then stop it . and whoever moves after he stop it loses . that first person's out and everyone . else. [applause]. play the music . [music]. alright guys is the final round the . costume contest so if you pick lele . raise your hand . alright alright if you vote for dr. my . [music]. hello. oh boy my surgery i'm on my way . wait no this is this is not a kind of . yawn dr. dr. maia . yes oh you disqualified what the new . winner what . [music]. [music]. .

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