Tonight we visited an abandoned waterpark in the Mojave desert in Southern California formerly known as Rock A Hoola - Lake Dolores. What we found in this treacherous haunted water park will give you creepy vibes.
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Dude this is some like satanic crap . right here what the hell hey what's up . fam welcome to another adventure which . boy omar. today i'm at the lake dolores water park . it's right off interstate 15 we're in . southern california it was such a . difficult hike to even get here like our . car is parked really far away it would . not even make it through the terrain i . have no idea how long this place has . been abandoned but it is abandoned and . we're going to go check it out not in . the daytime but at night time so it . should be pretty spooky got my son its . maximo there and james with the fam . we're together anytime you go on . nighttime adventures like this. definitely don't go alone i learned that . the hard way . yeah you guys ready for this let's do it . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. now there's a lot of gang activity that. happens on here we were told not to come . here at nighttime we're going somewhere . where no one comes to at nighttime you . guys see anything weird here anything . weird please let me know in the comments . even if it was a rattlesnake that we . missed please let me know yo this is so . sketchy this is like the terrain that we . went through except it was like a giant . mountain kingdom see so dark that's a . big water tower over there i don't see . the water park though pouring down no . we've seen it i just seen it like a week . ago but it's in front of us watch your . feet man do not step on a snake . we got diamondbacks out here well i . found it. the gym found two guys looking every . time it comes down to pokemon go you can . find anything and that's a little . distance till it says abandoned water . slide from the water park it's straight . ahead that way that way. yes it is we're over the honda no it's . not it's that way trust me i got a . comfort what i careful there's like a . lot of this looks like rattlesnake. territory . oh look will you just almost stepped in . bro okay and there's like bugs down . there look at this hey this does not . feel right - it feels like quicksand or . something that's why we had a hard time . like getting up here that way we're all. right let's go that way . so we don't waste any time on a stop . recording here and wait till we actually . find the water park the intro that i did . was not in front of the water park that . was a water tower building but yeah . we're not far away we just got to find . it - no idea . i think that is a slide right there yeah . you know we could totally be seen from . the highway right now with our lights on . yeah probably guys i hope you guys got . one yeah we could totally get in trouble . right now although there was no topside . there was no no surf back in time . hey this is like a wave pool or. something oh yeah oh this is where the . slides would go into i think unless this . was a wave pool right here i'd really . like to see what this looked like pretty . sure that there was a slide that went . all the way up there and went into this . pool and this whoa . james do not come up here as i go well . or something it's full of water too i . just seen something move in there too . look at that i was like a mosquito net . teams do not want careful bro well i . want to go down there good . i'll watch down guys what do you think . should i go down there and see what's . down there. you ain't getting in my car after i . promise why is there water diamond . there's a there's like probably piss . water pretty people probably it smells . like a urinal don't drop your camera bro . no crazy spider whiz bro you see well it . smells you'll smell that and james got . some balls. is it it's like a basement . how many people you think peed in there . bitches and skateboarders are welcome oh . yeah i'm getting bit by like certain . kind of insects . finally i know what doesn't feel like . mosquito bites. is that the entrance. looks like somebody took down this tree . oh nice oh this was like a concession . where you order food and stuff now look . there's someone snapchat a couple people . snapchat on snapchat sticker all dude . there's a big hole next to you be . careful place is a death trap how far . does i go down holy crap yeah goes far . yeah not fun. you know this water parks pretty big . from the road it didn't look that big . got to be careful with these manholes . let's get james i don't want him falling . in there very important that we don't. leave james behind dude there's a lot of. holes in the ground that yeah it would . not be cool if you fell right in james . if you didn't know cannot see very well . you could only see using his phone or . like his camera when he gets close to it . no glasses will not fix his condition of . eyesight problems has a lot of different . things going on in his eyes one of them . being glaucoma and cataracts right if. i'm not completely blind which is good . so i'm thankful for that . as colin kapernick and we're walking . right now inside of the lazy river or at . least one of them all that traffic you . see there in front of us that's . interstate 15 one-way goes to like los . angeles and the other goes towards like . las vegas just to give you an idea of . where we're at all these holes down here . might see it down there . now this is a pretty big lazy river . getting bit by song me too it was like . bugs i hear that would be really bad if . you tripped over that oh yeah it's like . a little kid play area like yeah it's . not too deep like a kiddy pool that's . exactly what it is my dad broke his leg . tripping into one of these at work and a . couple years back yeah not fun got to be . really careful when you come to places . at night these were areas where people . eat yeah because see right over there we . were just there a little bit ago that's . where people get food i don't know if . some of you guys can agree with me but . there's something about abandoned places . that is just captivating there's some . beauty behind it because you just look . at the history and not only that's what . you kind of think to yourself like what . this place once looked like before and . yes it is kind of sad you know for . whatever reason this place closed down . was probably finances but at the same . time it's like man so many people smiled . here at one point and who knows maybe . there was some deaths here too so maybe . there was some sorrow i really don't . know the history about this place we're . kind of discovering it and exploring it . together we did find some water slides . check this out. [music]. ooh it's like a creepy skeleton what . what's creepy you go alone . you guys don't want to go oh it's all . wet. - yeah welcome to fire pretty sure this . was a another kiddie pool area pretty . neat actually there's like a big slide. over here yeah it's not very deep you . could follow max on instagram i guess . you'd be dot max itz maximo holloman . right you you just took that really cool . picture right there. it looks really wicked - his eyes are . like glowing pretty awesome you should . use that for your thumbnail you got to . be really careful there's these giant . manuals there on the ground and they're. very like unexpected so let me be your . eyes for your feet okay sir follow me . what kidding no no no i heard some in . the bushes. [music]. oh yeah this is the one spooky in here i . don't know how to do it but everything . seems to make sense when my head is on . your shoulder and our fingers are . intertwined cool i hear it cheering it's . probably just the wind yes . oh yeah quantum foam here no yeah all . right let's not go this way . i know it's just as creepy in here and . it's definitely a death trap careful bro . i encourage you to watch everybody's . video here because you might see . something different especially if this . place is haunted like they say maybe . james caught something up in that attic . right now so yeah we have a lot of . different camera angles you can choose . from so that's still a little bit the . season trying to save a little bit of . battery on my life that we have a long . walk back and . i do not want to be in the dark on that . walk back it's like very dangerous yeah . i'm like super itchy after going in. there like the fiberglass . go james i didn't want them going this . way because of these giant holes in the . ground i should have probably sent you . with mechs us a little scare to go down . to always m1a oh james i hear so here . [applause]. what the hell oh oh god you scared the . crap on his bird hi baby . i'm not gonna hurt you i thought you are . a bad first what a cutie patootie . jimmy kearse i'm gonna clear . hot baby if you guys didn't know this . about me yes i am bird lover i love all . birds including hawks and bats eagles . i love eagles by the way well oh yeah . trying to find a way out come here come . here i got you come here leave the hand . stuck in here jamie . oh i'm in the attic i do not want it to . go there king . i'm sorry i guess you can't catch them . all they're probably finally oh where . gene . james on the other side it would open . try were you locked in well there's a . lot of there's a lot of wind out here . well very quickly them to let there's no . gordon okay i don't know i don't even . know how you're gonna get out you might . have to climb over this what did you may . how's freaking out guys just climb right . over this part right here no no there's . bird poop right there i'm just kidding . they're coming over here on this side if . you want to visit places at nighttime my . recommendation is to go check it out . during the day first then come back at . nighttime don't be like us i mean this . is our first time coming here it was . mainly because of time and we were on . our way to vegas anyways so yeah but . we're having a hard time finding things . i'm sure there's a lot more to it here. there's probably even some youtube . videos of what this place looked like
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