History of TV Theme Songs with Will Smith

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Will Smith and Jimmy perform a live remix of some of the best sitcom theme songs of all time, including Will's classic Fresh Prince theme. Full list of TV tunes below:
The Golden Girls
The Jeffersons
Diff'rent Strokes
Good Times
The Andy Griffith Show
I Dream of Jeannie
Full House
The Greatest American Hero
Three's Company
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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History of TV Theme Songs with Will Smith
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Caption: -would you want to perform some. of the best sitcom theme songs. of all time in one live remix. right now . -right now !. -right now!. -we'll do it right now !. -you want to do it right now !. -yes, jimmy! yes!. ??. -one, go!. -? thank you. for being a friend ?. -? traveled down the road. and back again ?. -? will, your heart is true,. you're a pal and a confidant ??. -thank you, jimmy. -? fish don't fry. in the kitchen ?. ? beans don't burn. on the grill ?. ? took a whole lot of tryin'. just to get up that hill ?. ? now we're up. in the big leagues ?. ? getting our turn at bat ?. ? as long as we live,. it's you and me, baby ?. ? ain't nothing wrong. with that ??. ? now, the world don't move. to the beat of just one drum ?. ? what might be right for you. may not be right for some ?. ? keepin' your head. above water ?. ? making a way when you can ?. -? temporary lay-off ?. -? good times ?. -? easy credit rip-offs ?. -? good times ?. -? scratchin' and survivin' ?. -? good times ?. -? haynen-en-ajonnah ?. -? good times ?. -? ain't we lucky we got 'em ?. ? good t-i-i-i-imes ?. -? ahh, yeah ??. [ both whistling "the andy. griffith show" theme song ]. ??. [ vocalizing "i dream. of jeannie" theme song ]. ??. -? what ever happened. to predictability ?. ? the milkman, the paperboy,. evening tv ??. -you liked that show too much. you liked that show too much. -? believe it or not,. i'm walking on air ?. ? i never thought. i could feel so free ?. ? flying away. on a wing and a prayer ?. ? who could it be ?. ? believe it or not,. it's just. ??. -? martin ?. ? martin ??. damn, gina!. -y'all so crazy!. ??. -? come and knock on our door ?. -? come and knock on our door ?. -? we've been waiting for you ?. -? we've been waiting for you ?. -? where the kisses are ?. ? hers and hers and his,. three's company, too ??. ??. -? now this is a story. all about how ?. ? my life got flipped turned. upside down ?. -? and i'd like to take a. minute, just sit right there ?. ? i'll tell you how. i became the prince of. a town called bel-air ?. -come on!. [ cheers and applause ]. ??. come on, come on, come on!. say, "yeah!". -yeah!. say, "hell yeah!". -hell yeah!. -now scream!. [ all scream ]. ? i pulled up to the house. about 7 or 8 ?. ? and i yelled to the cabbie ?. -? "yo, homes,. smell ya later!" ?. ? looked at my kingdom,. i was finally there ?. ? to sit on my throne. as the prince of bel-air ?. -whoo!. -that is the one and only. will smith!. -yo! yo!. -the roots!. we'll be right back. with more "tonight show. ". ? stick around ?. ??. -whoo!. -? the prince of bel-air ?. -hey!. -? the prince of bel-air ?. -hey-ey!. -? the prince of bel-air ?. ? the prince of bel-air ?. .

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