Houston Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa on World Series & Proposal

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Carlos talks about winning the World Series, the celebrations they’ve had since, what it meant to win for the city of Houston, and he reveals the details behind his proposal to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez who Jimmy also talks to.
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Houston Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa on World Series & Proposal
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Caption: Congratulations, first of all. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: is it as great as i . imagine it would be to hit a . home run in the world series . >> it's even better. i don't remember what i did, the. celebrations. i blacked out. i hit the ball, i blacked out. >> jimmy: have you gone back to . watch it on tv . >> no, i haven't. it's been nonstop since we won . the world series. >> jimmy: nonstop. i would not have been past . second base before i was looking. at that on the internet to watch. it again. >> i haven't got a chance to . watch it yet. >> jimmy: it's pretty good. you're going to be happy, i . think. >> we were talking about the . celebrations and the fist bump. i don't remember any of that. >> jimmy: do you remember . getting engaged . because this could be a problem. >> i could be in trouble in the . answer is i don't remember. >> jimmy: your fiancee is right . here. this is daniela. congratulations to both of you. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: did you have any idea . this was going to happen . >> no idea. he has been so focused on all . these games that the last thing . i thought would be on his mind . was proposing to me. that's why i yanked that gate . out of my way. >> jimmy: he turned the world . series into a bachelor all of a . sudden. how much planning went into . this . >> for a whole month i'd been . planning it. i knew we had championship team . so i was waiting it out to see . how far we'd go. game six i had the ring in my . backpack. this is the night. we lost the game. i don't have plan "b. ". we better win. so we end up winning the game . and i was able to propose to my . beautiful fiancee. >> jimmy: did you ever consider . that maybe daniella would say . no. >> live television. >> jimmy: if the dodgers had . won, would you have married one . of them . >> no. [ applause ]. >> jimmy: no . will you guys get married on a . baseball field . will you consummate your love on. a baseball field . >> somebody asked me when we're . going to get married. i said whenever we win the world. series again. if it's ten years, we got to . wait ten years to get married. time just kidding. >> jimmy: i know you're kidding. it's her that doesn't know . you're kidding. don't worry about me. >> she gave me that face like . no. >> jimmy: when do you get your . world series ring . >> opening day next year. >> jimmy: opening day next year. did you ever consider oh, maybe . i'll just give her that ring . >> i never thought about it. i got to wait a long time for . that ring. so i thought that was the . perfect chance for me to getty . gauged. >> jimmy: what were you doing . over the last five days. take me through a little bit. you had a parade, obviously. >> we had a beautiful parade in . houston. people there, you know, the . support was incredible. i saw people crying there . because obviously people have . been through tough times in . houston with hurricane harvey. >> jimmy: right. >> for us to bring joy and . happiness through baseball. >> jimmy: there were people . crying in l. a. here, too. >> that's a moment that i . remember the people crying and . screaming out of their lungs. >> jimmy: it's overwhelming when. you realize, you come to a team. you never know what team. and these people have been . following the team for so long . and how much it means to emththe. you realize there's a really big. burden on your shoulders. >> this is my second home. i'm from puerto rico. i was doing it for both, the . people in houston and the people. back home in puerto rico. >> jimmy: what was going on in . puerto rico . were people able to watch the . games . >> actually puerto rico in a . curfew and nobody cared. everybody went outside to watch . the games and getting text . messages from my family members. everybody is going outside to . watch the games. they're going to sports bars and. stuff to watch you play. i want to thank everybody in . puerto rico for your support. >> jimmy: yeah, really. why are you guys registered in . case astros fans want to send . you gifts . >> we're not registered yet. >> jimmy: you're not registered. >> not yet. >> jimmy: are you going to . register . >> i understood that some other . couple has done it. i told my agent, we've got to . look into that. >> reporter: chris bryant of the. chicago cubs registered. he did not know that it would be. public information. then all of a sudden he and hid . wife got a whole bunch of stuff . from people. >> i guess we could say we . didn't know either. >> jimmy: may i ask you a . question about your teammate, . jose altuve. he's listed at how tall . >> i think he's listed at 5'7". >> jimmy: i heard 5'6". but how tall are you . >> 6'4". >> jimmy: i know you had a . parade at disney world. was he allowed on the rides . [ laughter ]. [ applause ]. >> he was, he was, absolutely. >> jimmy: how tall do you think . he is . >> well, depends, with cleats or. without cleats. >> jimmy: with cleats. >> he's about 5'5". >> jimmy: if i was him, i would . make myself 4'9" then really be . an inspiration. >> i'm 6'4" but i wish that i . could hit like him. >> jimmy: me, too. i wish i could hit like him. congratulations on the world . series and also your love. not only did you break a lot of . hearts here in los angeles, i . think you broke a lot of women's. hearts all across the country. but thank you for coming by. great to have you here. .

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