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As you may know from previous vlogs, the pool itself is done so now we finally try it out!! The kids do a Doritos Roulette Challenge to see which chips are spicy and which are not, we also taste test Sriracha Chocolate!?!? We find a new way to ride hover boards and a special someone tries it for the first time! Then we make minions cry everywhere. ;) Thumbs up for vlogs!
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This is the first time we're trying out the hot tub go oh oh thank you i go now look this thing right here controls the more bubbles legs come on does it feel good well you know what i can put it up to a hundred yeah careful it's the return of baymax gotta say hi grandpa it sleep are those the goggles you got for christmas let me see them put a month yeah the hell with school but diving junction think the big four gives them in the big for its not heated ok you got a nice backyard all the trash mike is it too cold yeah i got an idea sarah here all right mike a go it's too cold just wear a decade . yeah man that's where jack is gonna help it's good when it's cold you put on jackets right so i think it makes tons of sense go china well he's already see man you'll be worn out you got a jacket on pretty sure towered you want some socks for the pool all right there alright mike's gonna do it he's gonna do the thing that i did two years ago in the frozen pool i mean you gotta lay down making water angel go to put the pepper and try to check it that you always need a jacket and went to the pool is 67 degrees yeah that's cool that's what you were just in are you gonna go in you're not going to stop the spot yeah yeah i'm going in a do is just wear a jacket much did it the jacka help right yeah yeah she was like fucking good and now your channels way what good comes up yeah it will be like my dad one ever to do it watch out watch out my one two three my all right one more stand back this time one two three yeah hey come on reach the duck now you're you're splashing it away you're going in the pool yeah no you're not no you're not do it do it come up here pressure mommy thank you the pool is 71 degrees warmer a little bit i feel good do you like it . it's cold is he going to do it likes know where you're going to do it mike 5 4 3 2 oh my gosh i got the jump in after this boy do you need to get out i like it out here oh wait on the bench when i was just like that ok yeah their mind he did it huh wow how cool was it cricket and that's not what does that's how you open a jacket yeah bringing the cold like the spies degrees right now oh it's so easy yeah you could yeah it is the hall ya know oh yeah you trappy haha i get really tiny legs dude no one coming this koi shrinks your body back this big hole that's how you're gonna get the poor little jacket over there let's do happy to do with your feet in no way come on lift some weights me and be a god guys my god chase's duck is going pee what's going on guys let's go and we're gonna just do a little dorito ruin challenge blog style most ships are doritos nacho cheese but there's a hot chip in every handful are you go first case you get a hot chip our burrito relax your turn i got your monster hike up that you guys are all spicy get a chip you're ready okay one two three go yeah i'm yeah i got going you guys spice again how i feel it i will advise you i let's try here guys you know chip okay one two three everything all right that one was facing whoa that's a little spicy not too bad them guys ready next ship around the tip looks like the one come on boy we're almost done one what what what to play i got a cheese thank you all right another chip one two three go that i got a national you announcer yeah it's not show to these cheeses and mine is my chi i need to go stand in the icebox wow i don't think it's that hard its kind of fell challenge because once you get spicing mouth it's hard to tell which one is spicy that's why we did this one blog style yes you my boss yeah yeah oh nattie alrighty so the chips are a little a little spicy not too bad is anyone up to try this nice little chocolate bar we got here look at this smell it spicy maybe we don't know i'll try peace i don't think it tastes like sriracha find a way that well they were real chili pepper all right now doesn't a spicy to me somebody's mouth is running in case their toes like good man down you know i kind of remember you saying something in the hotsauce challenge never make it yeah saying that to you let me see how much shopping here here finishing the rest of it so much so sriracha chocolates good okay tyler was really no i don't think so that's why i can tell by just being an arrest i see the radios let's try it it's so beautiful it's just like that chocolate bar tolerate it look she's just snacking on it was just sitting indian cross-eyed style what's it called in the evening crisscross applesauce indian style i ready for mommy's gonna try 11 chippy i think i think yeah some water have a drop but now you're back sucks yeah you should wash your back just cause it's in the back of your body doesn't mean you're exempt from cleaning it he's got a whole lot but it's got a tan didn't have addressed to he's got a whole lot to hole up in you do let's go see how you say bon city like 90 gb shady bond hi stevie behind my left you have here shady bar oh no i was just kidding she was literally right here watching you the whole time you have aa oh he cries when you lie oh i'm a transformer see he doesn't like it donald trump is my father no i'm just casey he always he always cries when you lie chase has poop in his pants right now wait it wasn't a line he didn't cry let's check my god just make that up there sean you're really good boy shot as a fashion statement one glove off one glove on this little mo yea big old crusty toes like this little piggy went to the market this little piggy stayed home this little piggy said hey you step to me and this little piggy was a gnome - i was just kidding i didn't mean i his toes were actually little piggies so he thinks i was lying i don't need that their actual little piggy sean they're just that's just what we call them and just really at all you just see this little piggy this little piggy this little piggy this little chunky piggy sean when you grow up you're going to be a ladies man who is trying to box put your face they're trying to hit somebody mommy asked guys don't know how to take care of baby dallas came here to bring us pizza where's the pizza all right dallas is first time on a hoverboard gosh naturally goes 3 we have worked too much pressure on one foot you palladino is a gallery nuh-uh introducing the spinning dallas okay i think i got one bird you get right when you scratch my wall adding anything dallas the hover worm yeah you can take your legs are broken well you look so long i mike's trying the hover worm over where i'm trying to go forward yeah you got it we got my yoga already fat is that body it's like you're back in a little coat we were there for me already walk the bubble bubble butt oh my god do this is a limited edition josh can oh you're riding a hoverboard to deliver a dead hoverboard to the charges oh my goodness get away from me go back to your hoverboard worm the back you hover worm we're waiting for our gingerbread houses to become dry so we get started decorating them get in shape keep that red button and nuts ok supposedly they're supposed to taste like mango that's so weird what they say rango yeah that part casement window to you about michelle it tastes good i don't like it i get a lot for me or jogging and they don't all right well there we have it red bananas taste like mango and that's what they look like on to me just tastes like a really mushy banana well this was a waste of the log without indicating boobies back back back back
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