How To Make Your Own Subway Sandwich

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This is how to make your own Subway sandwich.
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Today I'm going to show you how to make your own Subway Sandwich.
I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
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Hey guys gus here and today i'm gonna. show you how you can make your very own . subway sandwich right in the comfort of . your own home step one you're going to . take the piece of bread we're gonna make . a footlong today what you're gonna want. to do with your footlong here is cut the . bread open but you're not going to want. to cut right down the middle nice and . clean you're gonna want to start right . at the base of the bread and cut kind of . up and down in it in a little bit of a . zigzag section you see that cameraman . just kind of in a zig zag . you're gonna want about half of your . bites to be two inches of top bread and . half of your bites to be about half a . centimeter of top bread really change . things up just like that also be sure . not to cut all the way to the edge but . just halfway in so then you have to use . your meaty fingers to pry the bread. apart just like so look at that . differentiation and thickness this is. about half a centimeter that's about two . inches perfect now you're also going to . want to make sure to penetrate a couple . inches right in the middle just like . that so when you add your condiments . later on they will inevitably seep. through perfect now let's go on to the . meat the meat is very important in some . way so we're gonna go ahead and layer . them right on we're gonna layer the meat . right on the sandwich look what's that . oh well i'm sorry i guess the meat was . so incredibly thin that it blew right. out of my hands well no worries there i . guess we'll make this a steak sandwich. now a little known fact is that the . subway snake is not steak but indeed it . is friskies cat food tastes just the . same pop that cat food right open mmm . mmm smells like subway and just go ahead . please get in that camera guy right here . go ahead and layer that right on perfect . now you're gonna not want to go all the . way to the edges you're gonna want to . have about two inches on each side of a . plain bread bite absolutely beautiful. now it's time for the cheese the . mozzarella cheese a little known secret . is that subway mozzarella cheese and all . of its other cheeses are not cheese . indeed they're in fact a composite . cardboard substance so just cut up any . us postal box and you'll be set to go . now you're gonna want to go ahead and . get this toasted so you can just stick . it in any consumed . primary govan right here but the most . important part here is once you stick it . in the toasting oven like so you're. gonna want to make sure that for the . duration of the toast you look up into . the left at a 45 degree angle not making . eye contact with the customer or . houseguests for any amount of time so . let's go ahead and start all right it's . all done let's pull it out oh look at . her she's all toasted and crisp now . let's start adding the veggies here peel . this open right slow there we go look at. that cat food right there now an . important base for your subway . sandwiches is delicious thick greens . what's a good thick green spinach now a . common misconception that a lot of . consumers have is that you should have . about two inches of spinach on sandwich . when in reality on your subway sandwich . you'll want not two inches but two . pieces of spinach there you go that's . what you get when you ask for spinach . now let's go ahead and add a little . spice to this meal in terms of the . jalapeno pepper now the jalapeno peppers . very special very important but you're . not going to want to use any of the . seven inches of of the meat of the . pepper you're gonna want to use . exclusively they're really really . difficult to chew hard and wooden stems . that's gonna be the primary source of . your pepper so let's just stick those in. again leave two spaces at the end for . just some nice bready bites now let's go. ahead and add the most important part of . a subway sandwich the lettuce your goal . as a subway employee or an employee at . home is to make sure that about 80% of . the sandwich you create is in fact wet . lettuce so we're just gonna take this . real nice and slow just the right amount . of lettuce look at that there you go . that's a subway sandwich if i've ever . ever seen one now last but not least . you're gonna wanna go ahead and add your . economist your mayonnaise in this case . big old american condiment now before . you start sticking it on you're gonna . want to take your mayo and you're gonna . want to smack the ever-living life out . of it about six times right on the . counter so let's do it just like so all . right it's ready to ready to be put down . nice and easy but you're not gonna want . to spread it nice and evenly across your . sandwich you're gonna want to go ahead . and take one single thin thin strip and . lay it down right along the crease of . the sandwich like so not to the edges . just one tiny tiny thin strip right . along the middle of the bread just like . so hmm lookin i've got a little . collateral damage here now comes time to . fold it you're gonna want to turn it . around just like so and let the customer . really watch as you struggle to push all . this in now now is when it's really . appropriate to let about 40% of the . lettuce and ingredients to just spill . out the front leg so make sure to tear . the top of the bread just like this to . result in an infuriating sandwich . experience now you're gonna take out . your knife right down here nice and . sharp and now you're going to render . this footlong sandwich not into two. six-inch subs but into about a nine inch . sub and a three inch sub so there's . about right where we're gonna cut . through the sandwich looks like we've . got a little piece of post office cheese . popping out here all right we're just . about done now you're ready to stick . your piece of paper down put your . sandwich right inside and look at that . voila camera guy get a peek at this . you've made your very own homemade. subway sandwich thanks so much for. joining us again this is gus checking . out join us next week as we learn to . make a couple of white castle hamburgers . three to be exact three for under uh 13 . cents thanks so much and you have a safe . ride home . [music]. you. .
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