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I pretend to cut my girlfriend's hair prank and didn't get the reaction I thought I would!! She freaks out and goes off on me for this!! Can we hit 35,000 LIKES?!
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Punch em up morning and yo what kimchi . for wolfy welcome back to more wolfy . guys today as a special day welcome back . to not more wolfy welcome back to. helping elissa violet at the vet elissa . texted gabe banks is feeling sick today . she has two dogs paris in london i know . what it's like owning two dogs i think . she's calling me or calling gabe right . now basically we got a helper at the vet . okay she can't take care of them both of . the vet so smash the like button before . we get into another lydia vlog okay guys . before i was interrupted like i was . saying you got to go help alyssa with . her dogs . i don't know what's warning maybe they . have their shots or something but we at . the can cloud house alike family we help . each other out when people need help so . let's go . [music]. [music]. down down excuse me guys everything went . well but the problem is the doctor said . they only have 17 years to live so i . don't know but years to live other than . that they're fine we can't film here . because we had to come outside because. paris is winding he cannot be around . other dogs he just goes with you you saw . what he just that so we're outside i'm . gonna try and make a pee and pool put . him on the ground all right . where you going buddy go be the boy he's . not did you just fart this is old so you . guys are probably wondering why we are . in front of a wig extension place okay . or wig place . basically we're fucking with sylvia . today sylvia loves her hair so much okay . she cries when they fuck it up every . single time and she would be so mad at . me if i cut it so i'm gonna cut it well . i'm gonna pretend to cut it basically . i'm gonna get scissors get fake hair . that matches her color exactly at the . wig store hopefully they saw something . and then we're gonna pretend to cut it . and see her reaction let's go get this . wig. sylvia i'm sorry here's your instagram i . plug your instagram you deserve a shout. out after this. if you reacted and. new hair extensions was so expensive. guys literally i found two 2:03 in this . one 2:11 if you mix them together it . literally looks like sylvia's hair. there's a pic from our instagram it's . accurate okay two of these is $100 two . of these people added bucks there's so . many things to choose from currently . straight we're doing straight because . sylvia has straight hair she never . leaves it curly so this is the section . we want to be in but just in case we . want to pick someone else up there's a . whole stock so we'll do it another time . mom you're next 136 88 u. s. 136 88 us . for two strands of hair i hate girls i . hate girls yo guys when ryan sways tell. you he lives in a gated community and . this is what you pull up to all right . guys so we just got home we got the . scissors got there we're blending them . together nicely so this looks like . sofia's here we got one chance to do . this hopefully we get . [music]. [applause]. go ahead here we go . it's so straight it's not my dream can . you actually believe she could punch me . why are you anything to punch you that . hard. good you can punch me because it's fake . obviously i don't know it's actually . real attend like actually so you can't . impress your girlfriend guys i literally . tried it was just - i should have done . it when she was half-asleep it would . have been a better reaction yeah so they . gave me a better reaction i'm stressed . it didn't work. phil frank feels ready take to you . stressed oh what you're gonna hide . auntie wat i cut your hair . whoopee oh thanks prince today's a day. my friend you're gonna learn how to be a . man. so i heard prince said i was the worst. [music]. [music]. come to daddy i know he's coming he's . coming to daddy . wait watch this guy's watch this trick . daddy will feet come to daddy . come to daddy prince well i didn't see . mommy no no come to daddy . okay no no no please . daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy yeah okay . well if you come to daddy. hey here does did she say we're coming . to an ice-cream place why is there like . mixing bowls guys this is madness after . a failed attempt at a prank we pulled up . to this place tee off has been telling . me we need to come here for time he's . never been here but you guys know we . tried the rollie pollie ice cream one. time and it was actually kind of lit and . we're actually food connoisseur and our . foodies so we're trying it there you see . the smoke you guys know i love my liquid . nitrogen cue the clip i don't even know . what i'm saying to you but there will be . something right here . [music]. might not have anything to do with . liquid nitrogen but we're trying liquid . nitrogen ice cream for the first time . ever eat nitrogen ice cream that's what . it does to you . we already eaten yet it does some damage. to the amount it's coming out from under. here and it's so cold guys it's so cold . [applause]. [music]. five bucks let's see where's the smoke. what i'm supposed to smoke on right back . there you missed it in the nice book of . my mouth there's no smoke honestly for . real we got big baited like we came for . to smoke and look it's nitrogen here . look guys this is what it's supposed to . happen and this is what's happening . crazy this is old today's vlog is a . little condemn today's vlog literally . everything bad luck is happening . tomorrow we're gonna come back fist to . blazing ryan swe's is coming up soon so . hopefully things get better with our . good luck charm. yeah with the two words on it oh the . words i got sentence before wolfy thing . oh that's actually a new hoodie coming . out wolf he raps calm best hoodie best . to where it's heading you get ever get . super comfy super swaggy it looks you . know like i'm in person it looks like . scrumptious yeah all the whole pie house . is getting one don't worry and my fans . if you buy it . discount try out follow fads buy the . merchandise are coming all right guys . you probably are wondering why i'm . ending the vlog off in sylvia's beauty . room it's because sylvia is passed i . went back i can't end it there - i was . in the living room him and gabe are . sleeping over so they are passed out and . i don't want to bug them and i don't . want to wake them out this is like . literally one of the only rooms that i . can be in right now and be loud because . i'm away from everyone . anyways and even then listen that okay . who is it literally he cannot be away . from you for two seconds wolfie . okay can you joke anyways guys i'm gonna . end the vlog off there we got a busy day . tomorrow and i was literally up all . night last night okay like i did not go . to sleep . what's up it's all like 10 a. m. so my . sleep schedule is all kind of fucked up. special guest is in tomorrow's vlog and . special guest again in monday's vlog . guys literally it's ridiculous i love la . okay i love it i love the opportunity i . get to meet all these cool people so . expect the next couple of logs to be . extra liddy can you please not go pull . on it down okay come here we're gonna go . to bed i love you guys if you made it to . the very end of the vlog comment down . below . wolf fam so i know you made it i'm gonna . comment down i'm gonna come back to a . bunch of you guys to do that also smash . the like button let's hit thirty five . thousand likes by the back in wolf band . merch link in the description the two . words hoodie is dropping soon and it's . gonna be very limited i'm not gonna draw . too many so you got to be on that the . second it drops i want you guys to buy . it out in the first not even date hours . so stay tuned for that . your song is like puking i love you guys . the depth stay little more showers on my . main channel and has always a sub . [music]. .
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