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Caption: [music]. yeah busy girl knives i come in here and . welcome back to my channel answered the . cleanest intro you everything so here's . a question other than what the heck you . watching what's something you think is . clean but isn't know that i'm at take me . back right now i am water sitting i hate . this is a low budget you can see it's a . human aquarium excuse me . it's a sad swimming close to the just . over here relaxing next to my bag look . there are things in life that should be . long and the bath is not one it feels . good for like two seconds people who . take baths are narcissists why i'm in . here because they believe that treating . themselves means sitting in a vat of . their own juice they're looking for an . instagram alright so they can show . everybody that they clean them soon . that's on 9 not knowing how to use a . shower as being a massive undeveloped . baby child where's your mom want to go . suck on boobies you don't want to babies . cry when they're in the bath because . they're in the past freaking put your . baby in a shower no over fine right now . i'm freaking out look if you want to . take a bath at least clean your tub with . bleach if you still want to take it back. then just love baths the baths are like . really good to relax your moles okay . well i don't have muscles so come on . give me try just behind the bed . this feels great nah nothing the bat. mobile i see you see you trying to cover . your poop particles and glitter the . glitter from those bath bombs are very. inappropriate is it go sam get out the . tub it looks like edward cullen touchy. people let me tell you something else. all of these feelings are based on a . true story about stupid well . the cute girl trying to use a bath bomb . so here is the low quality annoyingly . vertical video of that moment i'm just . over here trying out of midnight it . looks like i'm having a b night i just . hope i don't die in this tub because if . somebody finds me they're gonna think. that i crapped my pants and sadness . it would look at me heavily sponsored by . lipton tea oh my god if i had a string . attached to my head it would be a human . teabag you know when you pee in the . shower this is exactly what it feels . like what do you mean you haven't . listened to beyonce's lemonade it's just . on top that it's uh it's not bomb it's a . bubble bar barest because i feet in the . tub but i'm gonna try this again click . update i got hum powder and develop a . paraphernalia i'm still confused did i . just make curry i know i'm not tripping . i just made tea comus table . i have one dumb son of a okay well i . think this was a really cute like . coming-of-age story so call it that i . got you guys thank you guys so much for . washing yourselves properly not in a . bathtub get next to i have stuck in . places soap should be more often i have . never been this weapon this long i'll . see you guys next wednesday with my . buddy this is a low-budget movie . louise i can hear the ocean nevermind i . can just smell it i need a bath make . them own homemade broth i don't know . what can't you see my oh somebody throw . me a toaster what yes i'm wearing . clothes the bathtub because i'm . uncomfortable with my body and mostly . because i'm very comfortable we promoted . my clothing line. [music]. .

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