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[applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. thank you thank you all so much for . being here to be a part of tonight is . amazing welcome it's so cool to get to . do a show not only with four women but . with three of my best friends so thank . you for being a part of tonight give . yourself a meal people always assume . that i'm shallow cuz i'm really pretty . but no i'm really not i'm not shallow at . all like the guy i'm seeing right now . isn't even good-looking amy schumer is . not funny. hi how's it going bros it's your boy . pewdiepie i have a level 12 white knight . and i'm here to defend amy schumer from. all you all to write hateful white male . angry amy schumer it's the greatest . comedian of all time you guys just don't . understand amy schumer like i do you . don't understand her comedy when amy . schumer says mother johnna she's not . just saying my vagina she's saying . something deeper damn it . vagina vagina vagina vagina just do . women's comedy stuff you know talk about . how fat you aren't how you want to take . a gadget and say maybe yeah yeah hello . vagina when amy schumer is making a . bunch of incoherent babbling and noises . that's the pinnacle of comedy don't you . understand. [applause]. [music]. if you don't like amy schumer then it's . because you hate women and i'm a level . six respecting of women as everyone . knows me by so this isn't apply to me of . course ticular they apologize from you . know this isn't gonna be a good speech i . make of that where did we how did we get. to that place i think because so many . people hate women . there's so much anger toward women it's . big serious that's right if you don't . find amy schumer funny it's because you . hate women take a deep look at yourself . take a deep look into your mind and . think why why am i not laughing at these . funny jokes oh that's right i hate women . [music]. hilarious so funny sorry i just was busy . laughing at amy's jokes now i saw amy . schumer i was introduced to her maybe . five years ago before she really blew up . and she really wasn't as intolerable as. she is today. what happened let's explore it all . started when amy got accused for . stealing jokes not just once but many . times at least a couple you ever black . out when you're drinking or as i call it . time travel . yeah has anyone ever blacked out and. been awake when they've come out of it . thank you thank you sister . it's kind of cool cuz you're it's like . you're a time traveler you're just like . back in your body like cut balls are . disgusting aren't they wow and they . stink yeah they go all right i'll speak . for my balls on my best day my balls . might smell like a foot on my best day . my pussy smells like a small barnyard . animal okay you want to hear the same . jokes from other comedians being told in . a less funny way just watch amy schumer . everyone the examples goes on and on . there's literally dozens i don't want to . keep being repeating myself you get the . point but stealing jokes is just the . worst thing you could possibly do and i . can even fathom the thought process that . would go through someone to sink that . low to steal someone else's ideas but . they worked hard on that they spend . their soul and passion into to just get . ripped off by someone else less funny . how could you do that . how could anyone sink so low anyway have . you guys seen my latest of the wire . episode by the way check it out think . you'll like it . aimer had to brush off these allegations . by saying no i did not steal chuck even . though there's evidence of me saying i. watched these comedy specials himself. maybe she didn't do it intentionally i . don't know i don't really care but it's . what started amy's downward spiral for . upward spiral of her giant massive ego . when her netflix special came out the . funniest thing that ever has ever been . released by the way i'd literally died . and came back from watching it or at . least i wish i'd died i watched the . whole thing i'm not . joking i've seen some shit but in case . you haven't seen it here it is . summarized pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy . pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy it . was getting so many down votes that it . literally had one star rating on netflix . remember what netflix used to had star . as ratings which was a useful way to for . you to find out what you could watch . else based on recommendations well they . took that off because amy schumer's . netflix special just had such low . ratings that it was just too much to . bear so what did amy have to say about . why her special got such low rating well . she basically blamed the alt right . that's right the reason why my comedy . special didn't do well it's not because . i'm not funny . it's because she spend the wheel at home . [music]. doesn't like me yes of course amy hello . in case you are watching you have a . massive ego problem and it's time for . you to deal with it and i not touch it . yeah i know that you just want to brush . this off and call me alright or anything . like that but i think it would really . help you to just admit that there's . something wrong it would be great just . just take the first step please because . you're just going more and more down . when you're faced with criticism you can . either accept it disapprove of it or you . can say ah no it's because you hate . women or because you belong to this . political group this is the problem that . a lot of celebrities with massive egos . have when they're faced with criticism . it's always everyone else's fault . it can never be themselves and which . leads them to just go batshit insane and. they rationalize this theory in their . head of why you're faced with criticism . and that's why they just they lose it . amy you've lost it it's pretty come up i . think the reason why i'm so annoying . with amy is that she's hiding behind . this banner of social justice and that . she's such a great person you know but . she's literally just like everyone else. which is fine by the way but she's got a . person that l if someone calls her fat . it's a huge deal and you're body shaming . but she literally bought a shame other . people for being too skinny recently it . came out that amy wanted to be paid just . as much as her male comedians like davey . chappelle and chris rock apparently she . was only paid half for her netflix . special oh boohoo . i see this being done a lot in. entertainment field where people compare . male and female and say oh well this . person made this much and this person . they made this much why aren't they . making the same salary they're both . female just because they're different . genders that's the reason why they're . not making the same amount no it's . because people didn't like your show amy . people didn't like your special . dave chappelle's special is one of the. best comedy specials of the year unlike . yours which flop you have to understand . that it's not about gender here but of . course that's the reason why because it . can never be you amy it's ever always . someone else isn't it my comprehension . if if trump won it's just it's too crazy . if it isn't hillary november does you'll . act changed as you'll my actual change . because i'll need to learn to speak . spanish because i will move to spain or . somewhere amy have you heard of saudi . arabia i think you would love it there's . no one trump there please go. sincerely everyone have a great time . [applause]. [applause]. you in rats typical swedes look at them . here's the thing if someone get heckled . you're supposed to make a fool out of . them by making a joke that's not a joke . it's not a joke she's incapable of . coming up with a joke on the spot . [music]. [applause]. my god oh sweets men buzz light party . here to discuss equal pay women don't . get paid as much as men and that is . wrong and we have to pay more for the . same stuff what yeah cars . what dry-cleaning what shampoo what you . pay more but get paid less than as . double wrong i'm calling everyone i know. that is wrong and we have to pay more . for the same stuff what no you don't you . don't have to pay more why are you lying . imagine trying to stand up for the . women's movement by getting paid for for . promoting beer and then just spewing a . bunch of lies are you kidding me what i . never thought of that that have i told . you about my chair by the way i know . what a great price it costs the same if . you're a boy and a girl you might think . excuse me we're not so progressive . liberal amy schumer if you're a woman . get this this chair cost 399 dot zero . you're welcome women across the nation . and think brave people like amy schumer . for making what is already possible . possible she got paid to do this by the . way just letting you know just letting . you know but honestly you call yourself . a comedian but you don't do it that much . like i go fishing a couple times a year . but i don't introduce myself on tv as a . fisherman wow. oof oh so that means just because i . fucked the donkey once i am not a donkey . fucker thank you amy schumer that means. a lot basically what these two are . talking about is when you should first . have sex in a relationship and he's he's . saying you should wait a little bit more . and she's saying well it doesn't matter . you should just have sex right away and . she's very confident about this kind of . being like well i'm older than you and . you're stupid . which each lasted between two to five . years we stuck with each other almost . immediately and it's because i knew that . i wanted to be with them you know . what a great case for lasting. relationships man i think my favorite . amy schumer clip probably the funniest . thing she's ever done is when she . literally steals a joke from aim from . ellen degeneres and then tells it to . ellen degeneres it's absolutely . brilliant let's watch i look like i've . been feeding and i'm eating popcorn the . way i think we all eat popcorn which is . you know at first time you always kind . of start out kind of like lying to . yourself like oh like one piece at a . time you know and then and then like you . get a little more real right and then . eventually you just like you get real . real and it's just good and something . about the darkness we just lose all of . our inhibitions in the darkness is the . popcorn really that delicious we must . shovel handfuls of it into our mouths . she was popcorn like that though when . she was growing up everybody laughed . when amy schumer said she wanted to be a . comedian nobody's laughing now that's it . for me about amy amy if you watch i hope . you enjoyed please leave a thumbs up and . as always keep on mirjana her brofist . .
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