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Hello do you perhaps have some brain . cells to spare please please i need i . need brain cells someone help me don't . know what i'm talking about i have . watched way too many wiki woe videos and . if you don't know who she is i'm giving . you one chance right now i'm hundred i'm . quite serious in case you're still here . remember danielle bragalini ahaha by day . basically when we first were over a bit . that's kind of funny oh no what is wrong . with humanity which which dark corner . and pit the chi crawl out of well the . new kid on the block it's a sweet . innocent girl whoa wiki well there's one . thing you need to know by wiki whoa the . main personal trait self acclaimed by . her said she's black now she's your . typical savage instagram teenager doing . the crazy things. who knows what she's gonna do next . [music]. this for poppy jj a mellow but yeah . [music]. bobby jj but now look it's pretty good . stuff here guys . somewhere along the line wiki realized . that she is not just your ordinary . citizen she discovered finally a mission. from god he split the heavens just for . wiki woman said wiki i have special . plans for you i am not done with you yet . and here's what she came up with are you . sure about that is it really that i . don't know if people are sure about that . i never believed her because i knew i . was like with july 19th i did some . history i went yes ancestry. com and i . found out 25% black and it's hotel i . knew it i knew i was a black girl so so . i just consider that to be my birthday . because it's just a very exciting . holiday for me son that's right she . discovered but no one literally no one . else saw you guys don't understand. she is 25% she even posted her ancestry . result online since 44 she's 44 percent . african guys. i just don't know if that is because he . a virgin but like they don't really cute . beautiful chocolate babies running . around we having twins by the way and . like beautiful because we both this . discovery truly changed wiki world's . life making plans about her chocolate . babies but oh no no of course there's . people who always have to be hating i . know i know it's frustrating getting . criticism online i don't like it either . okay i'm on i'm a wiki wolf side all the . way all the way she posted the ancestry . results guys but of course haters makes . me so angry they're racist haters y'all . keep trying to say i'm not black all . right . yeah wiki i would never say that i would . absurd that beyond me why people would . say something like that just cannot . comprehend is racist as fuk how you ship . since we can't tell me what race i am if . i found but don't let i see not. ancestry. com yeah that's right . that's right and remember that one time . but you probably forgot about this but . remember that one time i was in the . bridge in this video game. [music]. yeah my hair might be milan and straight . y'all never heard of a perm or a . straightener a strainer so you get it . don't you some meme review clap please . wiki alright i don't go there and steal . your ethnicity don't come here and steal . my memes please and you go like this i'm . black. in the story get that on my face i . shouldn't make me mad . yeah don't make her mad guys please do . not make wiki womad oh no no still not . convinced you say stupid haters always. needs mm evidence . well she provides okay yes that phone is . actually extremely black she makes a . great point look at that photo of mariah . carey she's extremely white as you can . tell she is way as you can tell by these . solid evidence that wiki whoa wit what . wiki sorry i apologize . whoa it's lily right there they solid . evidence that won't be key as displayed . to you right here how can you possibly . dispute this stop hating . please stop hating on my wiki . you see ancestry is extremely solid . evidence just just one example for . example elon musk . from south africa as you can tell he is . also extremely bananas . he sent a car to space that's insane am . i right guys thumbs up this video now if . you agree this topic of ethnicity of . course interesting as it may be it's not . what defines were wiki what defines her . among other things many things for that . matter is her incredibly beautiful tear . breaking song song singing talent is. what i'm trying to say jesus christ you . might want to turn up your volume for . this one wow weird gucci gang abortion . hybrid that somehow made . whatever it's incredible . i can almost tell what language she. sings in it just breaks all boundaries . that we are normally used to inspiring . stuff if you think that's it is . inspiring we haven't even gotten started . with her inspirational quotes she may . have been blessed by god by this . epiphany of who sheaves but she also . blesses us with her wisdom of course and . i do want to tell y'all there tell me . why i love you and you couldn't do . anything you put your mind to anything . don't let people sit in doubt you say . you can't do it i mean you know say it . might even be your friend that's saying . that broad but like you're just gonna do . your own thing you know saying stay . blessed stay praetor . thank you yeah i must say this camera. angle is great by the way . i'm loving it and when people say your . face is lopsided it's not true . don't listen to the haters second of all . like like new thing if i care i still we . asked you you think i'd be where i am . today. no i wouldn't can we quote that last bit . it was just like true poetry like new. thing of i care after we ask you what . wiki is just so talented and so . incredible that sometimes when she . speaks it's almost like she's talking . through another beat through a higher . power and if you don't understand it's . because you don't have that intellect . alfa nikishino honey which i'll know but . y'all back i'm as being focus ain't no . wrong get yo ass be no saying no you . don't you go like a bitch about it like . yeah yeah she be my look i didn't i was . like bitch you be my ass but you still a . bitch and that's not funny like you see . man i go stop me so sorry she couldn't . be shiny scared a lot of course because . you'd be mad bitch on your butt you feel . me i for those are you plebeian beings . that don't understand what will wiki is . saying here save is now going to . translate . of this video so you can understand and . follow the great word along alfa . nikishino honey which i'll know but . y'all by hank i'm as beating folks yes i . don't even know oh guess what i'm use . for halloween yeah that's right some of . y'all white folks i don't want to be . racist this shit and paint chalk paste . is black for halloween guess what that's . right mm-hmm that's right she's going as . a white girl for halloween pushing . boundaries on political topics social. issues truly groundbreaking stuff my . take on culture a portion i just wanna . because i've been getting a lot of . comments talking about culture . appropriation but i just want to give . you all my take on it coming from a . black girl i don't know why i thought. she might say something else i don't . some people out here saying that whoa . wiki isn't gangsta she's not thug excuse . me then how come she has the mark of the . intellect um . [music]. she's also a master swimmer now of. course as angry as this makes me rice . gun max yeah . stupid right scum always criticizing . these instagram children just had to go . and hate on my girl whack it wow mouse . you use little kids yell out you dish it . but then all you can do your fuckin how . are you and you english your little kids . like you don't even write your own songs . you do a better job cuz your rap still . suck why am i wasting my time better . make a diss on you you just tryin my . life that's right . well we could did a diss track and it . absolutely killed it it absolutely . destroyed rice cream career worse than. idubbbz . and here's the aftermath i have an. announcement to make so if anyone took . offence unto my rice gun this track . please don't take offence cuz it's only . two rice gun because he was being racist . towards me . yes and it's only towards him and like. actually just to the channel like when i . was younger i used to think i was asian . oh my god jim just take a dna test but . what what wiki judge based out of these . old things is spread positivity i feel . this positive energy just being blasted. by thank you you are blessed bitch maybe . you wasn't so busy hanging out shit . being so goddamn negative out of lemon . light is - i could see the whole city of . la bitch . you if you want what is that like that's . not a lake what are you talking about . busy you go get some money . get that shit out so what that should . have done for you for you succeed . [music]. [music]. .
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