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Caption: Mama it's just college okay a couple of . girls already you know like when you . were young but listen it's a science . school they're all gonna be nerds okay . there's not gonna be you know funny . business no boys and stuff it's just . it's gonna be great all these sounds are . the same what what house is it my left . or your left oh you know what i found it . bye thank you . all right ladies welcome to company . newness we're pretty and we're pretty we . don't accept the losers wear the cap . [applause]. what you're not gonna clap so in order . to join our kevin nunu's sorority you . have to complete three trials the first . one is the popularity contest ladies . let's see you instagram following five . thousand two thousand three thousand . seven thousand four thousand one. thousand oh actually nine hundred and . ninety-nine no yeah you gotta go but on . the good news is all the guys pass . because if you have more than a thousand . and one you passed the second task is a . pajama party it's gonna test your . strength both physically mentally let's . go hmm god my pores are huge . i just want to lose five pounds man . shoulders hate it anyway. pay attention ladies this slumber party . is to test your strengths both . physically and mentally. um it's 5:00 p. m. so there's gonna be . three tasks and the first task is if you . can handle a scary story. and she heard this loud noise and she . was like oh my gosh i need to go down . and then she opened the door and she . felt something so sharp . blood dripping and she realized her nail . was broken no i could have been worse . all right listen up ladies we believe in . a competitive spirit pillow fights . if you defeat us then you're in um we . don't want anyone to get hurt . you think what i'm thinking we can't . beat them or join them let's take him . down . [music]. everyone does this this is the second . task a lot of hair on there that's what . a spray tan. alright lady this is the final trial and . the elimination round . whoever gets past this it's in the . sorority you got these two hot college . boys come in whoever gets their . attention and all their money wins it's . all about raising money and showing how . sexy you are these guys it'll be judging. your performance whoever they give them . money to we can't beat them so jasmine . we can't yet i know someone who does . [music]. go ahead. [music]. [music]. alright you two are the last two . standing congratulations ladies. third should i say sisters here at the. university of what school did you say . this was for hair removal my royal locks . you're a little late this is the school . of hair removal where's the science . academy of geeks . [music]. [music]. .

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