I’m super sorry, Pewdiepie fans. (YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #115)

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Before i begin this video i feel like i . should provide you guys with some. history and context in february of 2015 . i uploaded the first episode of y i . yesterday i asked you fast-forward three . years later were now almost at episode . 400 that's almost 500 now pewdiepie in . june of . last year uploaded the first episode of. what would become lou i last week i . asked you and the why has become a very . tongue-in-cheek obvious parody of y it's . not copying i it's it's own thing it's a . parody of guy and frankly i think it's . super cool that the number one most . subscribed youtuber in the world is. doing a parody of my stupid little guys . series now over time the two of us kind . of had this little feud going on between . lawai and guy for example i wrote the . guy theme song back in june of 2015 . so then pewdiepie in november of 2017 . incorporates a very obvious parody of my . song into his videos a parody that was . lovingly created by youtuber day by dave . so pewdiepie and i have this fun little . back-and-forth you know he references me . i reference him his fans get it my fans . get it and that's that so here's where . the trouble started today pewdiepie . uploaded a video called stealing my . content and it opens with his usual dry . sarcasm you know he claims that i stole . all of his stuff it's nothing he hasn't . said before i picked up on the sarcasm i . love it i tweet out like oh you. motherfucker cause i love perpetuating. this fake little feud we have between . the why and yeah it's a fun little gag . and i stupidly assume that people know. we're friends like pewdiepie has been in . a bunch of my videos your grammar sucks . 50 your grammar sucks 100 tube news . unfortunately not everyone picked up on. pewdiepie sarcasm and some people . thought he was being serious my twitter . mentions blew up. i got dislike bombs on my latest guy . because it's the most accessible video . right now to newcomers and see that's . the problem when you have 16 million . subscribers it's statistically. inevitable that some of them are gonna. be real dumb so today's episode of your . grammar sucks is dedicated to the . dummies and before i go on . please please do not attack pewdiepie . this is not his fault and also don't . attack pewdiepie's fans most of them get . the joke most of my viewers get the joke. today i'm merely making fun of the . dummies fuck off you thief your content . doesn't even funny well said sir and . just stop making this series . pewdiepie can eat you is that is that a . threat i don't know what that is . stop steal pewds content it officially . shows you can't come up with your own . and you're making yourself look stupid . and you loose what a finisher thank you . poppy kiss your sister don't mind if i . do. thank you more coping pewdiepie so . there's spray out no it's okay we can . make fun of these people because they . don't get it . get cancer you idea stealing fuck jesus . so angry plug arete plagerism never gets . you views i beg to differ . i've been stealing puetz content for. years apparently new you're the gay that . sounds like a fox sitcom your parents . must be embarrassed of having a thief's . child like you know now they're just . embarrassed that i'm a youtuber there's . a difference you are a piece of white . shit why you gotta make it a white thing . stupid white fuck no why you gotta make . it a wiping speaking of racism you gay . ass niger . steele imputes content if i ever meet. you in real life i will snap your neck . off you can't even be a racist correctly. how's that going for you fuck you are . coke you are a fucking asshole dude . stole pews contents you are a fucking . brainless fucking yourself would you . care for a do-over sir you look gay as . fuck. grammatically it's fine i just thought . this one was funny you are so pathetic . and sad i included this one because it . was one of the rare instances of perfect . grammar correct form of your good job. you still don't get sarcasm though so. kind of a wash jacksfilms more like . jackass got him to break up the monotony . a bit we have a rare nice comment from . kimberly well i was wondering why . putative video about you stealing his. content then i came in watch this . i was pretty sure you had the idea of yo . first but had a double check plus it . just sounded goofy how he put it in the . video well you're both pretty funny you . just earned a new sub today kimberly . thank you but unfortunately we have to . go back to the death threats so you are. suck cutie pie is better . you're not have idea are you copying . cutie pie shame on you bitch you are . more faker than yeezys in india your . shit even pewdiepie makes better and . original content than you wait even . pewdiepie. yeah that's an insult against pewdiepie. you idiot hold on it gets better if you . fucking 23 or something . joke's on you i'm 29 and still not down . up grownup grownup is that what you. meant if so then i am sorry big testicle . sauce oh shoot i'm sorry this is . actually an answer for my um what does . bts stand for i question and i'm still . taking answers for that one so let me . know no i fucking hate you . me too why do you steal pewdiepie's . ideas. i don't know cuz it's easy and it's no . just yeah but other stuff like your . shitty intro i hope you die today wow . wow what a finisher i love your poorly . worded death threats so much he just . copying pewdiepie he doesn't deserve all . this subscribers i will unsubscribe you. can't even spell pewdiepie's name . correctly fake fan now you have crossed . the line you have been copying puetz . khan's went for a couple of weeks pitt's . not okay go check cute vide is not okay . with what you're doing oh my god i'm . gonna be laughing at that one for a few . weeks bits and finally my favorite one . this guy tried to spell lawyer because . pewdiepie jokingly made a reference to . his team of lawyers if you can type a . youtube comment you know you have google . right which is basically built in . spellcheck so just a reminder don't . fault pewdiepie for this and don't fall . pewdiepie fans in general just just . follow the dummies that don't get how . sarcasm works. [music]. my way on my facebook page thanks for . watching new death threats every friday . click here to see the previous why jesus . episode uh here's a clip what video is . trem one if any war one needs to be . right like do anyone is excited . absolutely man and he axel dealt sleigh . trip over my stick and he . .
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