INSIDE OUT CHALLENGE x 2 – Movie Night Fun w/ Playdoh & Clothes (FUNnel Vision Disney Sillyness)

We have an ACTUAL Inside out Challenge where we see who can turn their clothes inside out the fastest! That is right after we do a 10 minute Disney Infinity 3.0 & POP VINYL Inside Out Playdoh Challenge. Afterwards we go to the movies to see Inside Out and the kids do a little review.
We hope you enjoy all the epic fun with Disgust, Sadness, & Anger! Sorry JOY and FEAR, we love you too! :)
Thumbs up for memory balls! :)
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Caption: It looks like a hollywood movie your. call. dewey college duty. let's get real. what you doing anger and hey yeah you. so my character since you don't have the. discuss figurine. i'm just putting discuss from ipad and. using it and so we're gonna get all. these play-doh and we're gonna make our. care and one rule no fighting over the. plate. oh yeah and ray and you're right. right now let's get to the point it out. to you lie to the ground the ground i. mean i am to you forgot to say 10 minute. timer is gonna start. 31 yeah really where the ground i need. one. ok ok let's see dude do it. do this ok the first up see you. i mean why me why i drowned. maybe because we could play them like. that we go. we need her here we are ken the head. i need to make it kind of like what you. heard. oh i need red red may need all the way. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah we're going to. need red. mike lol yeah i'm very much my. right. rocky no way not your job. competition is not going to be problem. so right now i'm doing the time i just. need a spot i'm only taking a little. prayed up so i need some white it is. only one that you like. ok thank someone for it together. are you making quite a favor. oh my gosh i love you that way cookies. right out i'm doing that. it totally looks like cookie dough for. making making a cookie. so i can win murray here so far so good. i think it's good. remember and al qaeda do it you know. ok well i won. what like it even if everybody needs. extra time and i look like an extra time. right foot. ok i'm i'm going to see any black guy. crying but she just needs a little you. are going to make some guy bro get you. can have them now you can have the black. now. ok you guys make it like okay. don't take all the black ok can i so. neat ok. you're like oh gosh you got a beautiful. like a bug out. fuck out hi little creature duty part look at the defense. ok i'm going to get this one condition. is kind of the color that's your jets. okay and you're getting me you're. getting played on my ipad but it's. really important to be selling i want to. we can wear it. so it looks like this i think you gotta. hurry up do you got to make it to me. i was laughing because yes. black well you know my gosh that looks. like a little i think i'm doing really. good. gosh you are how do you do that. bude how do you do rach listen to squash. it real cool. i'm gonna do something i'll just make. them case we're making pizza. yeah for the rent money and all the rain. good mike filled out for me. i don't have enough friends anybody four. minutes and 51 seconds. you look for you here i'm just gonna get. any blue red. we are talking this isn't even working. on break oh my god michael right thanks. bite. you're pushing me too hard push it real. good. do you see any black is giving me fresh. dream. like my ipod right we're clear. no track marks me you push the girl was. great legs go against the ad guys again. my luck's terrible my looks like a lot. of you. ok there's still no i gotta back me as. you go one of the things that's really. that's really be a daycare close to. starting to get a place for him in the. head and one nation from the committee. on ahead i want to go see if i'm anger. anger sex act like you like to thank you. chase we need to make sand needs a. little piece up kids i make and i mean. god in i made one ball sir. i like a little. you're not my mother had a crush on. looks like a hot rupees keeping it all. of you do p. what i need all the white sari sari. we need all the wine you know like i'm. not all the way i me like shit against. have one here you can have we got much. time. they white 46 jackson care bears camping. jackson for beers you pause there when. you press the now 41 effective know. right. i 25 yeah i know. yes thank you for your time. 10 yeah so you want to expend it. yeah how many minutes yeahh two more. minutes okay okay two minutes on the. clock go. oh ok i the weight on there. i know blue and white eyebrows. oh yeah no one i all ready guys one. minute on the clock. oh gosh yes how you how you doing. really oh jay chase. how's your sadness i'm getting and. keeping and they can get it. ok you can do it boo you're not gonna be. a ghost. yeah i can blend oh i thought you meant. nothing trying to scare me. all right you guys uh-huh 30 seconds. left. i can you guys do it is a la shmoop. going back right. i get i have enough ready. oh. what you mean mark brown. i'm going to use the chase 5 4 3 . time's up guys because your stuff down. you guys are all cheating yet you're not. supposed to continue after the timer's. up. fine we're going into a crazy bonus. round of ten seconds ten nine eight. seven six five four three two one plate. off the table. going wrecking ball. you made a wrecking ball just making. sadness how do you think it chase my. love listen mike how you think you did. are you still working on it hey hey. all right you guys ready to show them. give it give us this packet to clean off. the table and we're going to show you. all ready you guys ready to show the. results. who wants to go first here is lexi's. this gus. that is the image that she went off from. and here is her play doh creation. all right in here is mike's anger. boom there eight what are the arms. pink. not my balls chase are you ready to show. them your sadness job. i gave you maybe it's something that is. really high. all right you're here is chases sad news. check it i get purple biggest hey i can. i could i can give that blue movie and. come after me hey. alrighty so you guys have to vote whose. is the best but mike's adding a memory. ball. ok and lex is adding a memory ball. chase was your memory ball alright so. once again you guys let us know who won. chase michael or lexi if you ask me. that's probably what i was gonna say. chase. yeah chief friendly one yeah yeah yeah. yeah he definitely definitely want this. doesn't even look like me but sorry this. doesn't even look anything like now we. have a real inside out challenge all. right there are some dividers behind. this curtain here yet we're like up in a. basement and you see all the sides and. stuff anyway. you guys have to go behind the curtains. flip your clothes inside out the first. person that comes out with their clothes. inside out wins the challenge you're. ready on your marks. go get that and go. nobody look at each other because that's. just weird. no just checking your dad. you guys know jay like he hasn't sure. he's just took off and then we're doing. what your underwear do change. i think chase was a little confused by. the challenge. all he did was just take up his minion. underwear do your results to put your. husband said oh yeah. all you did oh chase you give you. flipped your pants inside out good job. dude. yeah you did alrighty so i'm pretty. short chase one because there you go got. to undies on your head. you guys were talking about a poor and. they probably don't know what you're. talking about so let's show them our. pool and then actually let's go to the. movies after that it's actually don't. see inside out. yup all right please grab your undies we. gotta go to go on go chase. nice have to come on mommy did you see. chase bank. because he's just that you want the. inside out selling. so today we're gonna outline / pool in. the backyard right area she's on my knee. man it's gonna be awesome. change over relax. are you ready lexi is going to be. digging up the ground. i wish her luck. like you still have your pants inside. out dude. show them show them show them dude. you're going to oh snap up with you are. we gotta go we gotta go around and let. go - 8:50 inside out. come come come quicker quicker do fast. inside out here we come. no yes it didn't start. you just shot inside out really quick. you guys have to play hole in the wall. and go play ball in the wall want to. visit a tough one. what man wants you to know it's called. road chip but i don't get it it's like. they spelled road for brown. figured audra so we're all done with the. movie and what did you think that that. like it was sad. it's not like i'm trying that i think is. really been. it was really good movie yeah i agree. with black - really that's sad. what kind of movie you are lying down or. like some parts that are really funny. at the first part of the movies remember. the girl she took a bath and then. you're laughing at the butt cheeks. chase what was your favorite part. wait when you got hit in the head with a. crowbar my funniest part was actually. chase because once you cry. i need to say like she was crying on. time the movies music and she was going. on your pants shoulder and chases like. she died. you know because she took like she. exhaled the sound like the last breath. and she said she died and it was. laughing everyone else in the movie. there's like crying now i heartfelt. we're all laughing when i was weird that. in the movie riley had two boys in her. head. but all the other people in the movie if. they were a girl they had all girls and. their boy had all boys right so that was. pretty weird. oh i can't wait to see that the track. pack is back. all right we had to move outside we get. a little noisy in there so that was our. inside out fun for today. michael still has is inside out pants. there you go bro. looks like a little inappropriate but. you know no no i bought the book part in. the beginning. so do you recommend inside out yeah yeah. yeah. do you yeah what was better inside out. or baymax. baymax posey baymax was better. what you want to go watch hey max are. inside out and i'm you know what our. next move. you know drastic world look like a. little weight it's been out for a while. but that's gonna be it. are you guys to tell these people thing. for watching to have a funnel night. violent her teeth. no chase is sixty thousand years old not. too violent for him. here let me give you two dollars if i. like you all day like you you're gonna. give them two dollars to that sleep. actually. millions of dollars a lot of people. watching anything really good total of. six or seven maybe maybe. what was that chase is going home on his. motorcycle. see you later just don't touch it. because of that thing tips over i'm. totally . my fingers that you don't want. it ill think seen that guy. .

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