Is Grant Keith from Buzzfeed?

We finally answer the question of thousands of YT commenters: is Grant from CollegeHumor actually Keith from BuzzFeed or vice-versa?
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Mike Trapp
Grant O'Brien
Keith Habersberger
Katie Marovitch
Eugene Lee Yang
Zach Kornfeld
Ned Fulmer
Director - Michael Schaubach
Writer - Mike Trapp and Grant O'Brien
Producer - Shane Crown
Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
Editor - Sam Geer
[music]. hey does the guy in this buzzfeed video . kind of look like grant . oh you mean keith maybe a little what's . come on they're exactly the same grant . what's up. get over here for a second you're not . secretly keep from buzzfeed trying to . irk for both sites at the same time are . you no you sure i wish i had that kind . of time cuz even like now i thought that . you were keith for a second that's crazy . i'm grant that's keith hi what the hell . see we're two different people keith . that's my name hell over here uncanny . okay so which one of you is grant i am . okay and that means that you're keith . we're not that similar we can't be this . guy's too damned handsome hahaha is it . the glasses those look alike well you've . got great taste well right back at you . i'll take them off you sir oh such a . klutz idiot see no now you look even . more like keith and keith still looks . like keith no way i wish i had that job . would you do i wish i had that megawatt . smile you do traveller just being nice . hey it takes nice to know nice . hey takes charming you know jeff shut up . the both of you . fuck okay you are grant yes and you are . keith yes then who the hell is that well . that's not twin brother grant hi i'm . grant averse burger fuck off no no you . have an identical twin named grant nah . we're fraternal like hell you are . i wish i had that jawline i wish i had . that megawatt smile you're identical i . have a twin tip no nice to meet you . keith o'brien no you're all the same mel . grants a little taller that's all is . grant anyway oh don't even get into it . with him it's a whole thing what the . shit is going on here just for identical . trees lumbering around the office ha . trees lumbering it's a heck of a pun. this guy's funny ha that's . he's nice he's a little high-strung no . i'm not whoa calm down. no oh trees lumbering oh why is no one . else freaked out about this every time i . look up there's another one of you . identical gangly motherfuckers slumping. around the office. i got a keith o'brien a grant o'brien a . keith hammers burger a grand abbas . burger where the fuck this guy is i've . never seen him before in my life . trap that's a mirror . no do you guys think it look like grant . from collegehumor no come on keith you . don't have his megawatt smile a little . are you fuckers ready to give it a whirl . hell yeah let's do it . hey it's graham from collegehumor click . here to subscribe to the channel click . here for more fun stuff and sorry guys . it feels like i'm out am i out because i . can like i can see the top of the camera . so it's is this better . alright it feels worse ok thanks for . watching . .

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