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President Trump appoints his physician Ronny Jackson as the secretary of Veterans Affairs, but critics argue that he is deeply unqualified for the role.
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President trump tweets amount that he . was appointing his white house physician. admiral ronnie jackson to be the new . secretary of veteran affairs and as with . most trump decisions it seemed like this . might be a very terrible bad idea . president trump's picked to overtake the. veterans affairs department raising some . concerns if you look at his resume . he has never managed anything. significant some veterans groups already. raising concerns about this nomination . so we are pleased with his medical . background but the health care side of . the va is really only 1/3 of the va . there's claims there's appeals we have. an appeals backlog what's your thought. about jackson unprepared completely . unprepared i'm sure he's a great doctor . oh come on . unprepared they say this about every . trump person they said the same thing . about trump and look everything's going . great yeah here's my in my opinion . anyone who has held trump's croats and . while he coughs is prepared for anything . in this world yeah that's what i think . this guy this guy has probed deeper into . trump than even robert mullah has don't . ever forget that but here's the thing . here's the thing while fingering donald . trump's prostate may sound like a joke . the veteran affairs department does not . democrats have questioned his seeming . lack of experience heading a vast . bureaucracy the second-largest federal . government agency that serves and treats . the only nine million veterans as. patients veterans affairs has a budget. of nearly 200 billion dollars and and . boasts about 360 thousand employees . assuming this role obviously is no easy . task and managing a two hundred billion . dollar a year organization is no small . task you realize that that's bigger than . general motors like you wouldn't say yo . my friend ralphie's a great driver i . think he should run gm yeah he likes the . cars but that's basically what trump . does right he wants his personal pilots . to run the faa for housing and urban . development he was like yo ben carson . your urban you work and now for veterans . affairs trump is like he's my doctor. he's a veteran i have affairs it's . perfect. perfect. oh and and it turns out there's another . another trumpy reason why he gave dr. jackson this job white house officials . tell cnn it's because the president was . pleased with how jackson handled . questions praising his health back in . january the president's overall health . is excellent i told the president that . if you had a healthier god over the last . 20 years he might live to be 200 years . old he has incredibly good genes and . it's just so i got mighty support dr. mann all he did was report that the . president is healthy and trump was like . my man i'm gonna give you the hardest. job ever this is basically a warning to . anyone who works with trump you make him . too happy and you will get punished. promotes it yeah so be safe every time . you tell him something good make sure . you add something bad just to balance it . out like this doctor should have said . sir . you're super healthy almost as healthy. as hillary clinton maybe like ooh you're. right in the middle buddy you're right . in the middle . you're gonna stay where you are cupping. my scrotum. [music]. [music]. you. .
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