Jake Paul comes to the Clout House and wants to fight ComedyshortsGamer and KSI. He wants to do a 2v2 fight with Logan Paul and go against clout gang. You won't believe this... Can we smash 35,000 LIKES on this video?!
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Why have you worn the same shirt five . days in a row deji is losing warning a . yo what's this boy won't be welcome back . to more wolfy wolfy holy sh there was a . long night your boy got absolutely zero . goose egg sleep last night i didn't . sleep for one minute this bed is an . absolute mess i was editing on this bed. all night but yo we're still gonna have . a little before we begin the vlog i need . you guys to go down and smash that like . button let's hit 35,000 likes i will . give you five seconds to hit it with . your elbow here we go 5 4 3 2 boom . i hope you guys hit the like button good . morning i hope you guys are having a . fantastic day . princey what's the schedule for today . buddy yeah you had a great sleep last . night this guy was all cuddled in these . blankets last night he got a great seat . but your dad didn't get asleep you . didn't get any sleep at all ok prince . and you see it's not like pete don't . know where you pee anyway silvia is . upstairs right now cabe is taking a few . photos of her because she needs to bang . out some photos for the ig you know the . ig has to stay poppin and i gotta take . care of this guy but yo prince i have to . leave in like 5 minutes . i didn't even like 5 minutes for my own . photoshoot guys i look good like usually . i'm pretty confident about the way i . look like right now i don't know about . the way i look cuz like you know when . you're pulling all nighter and then in . the morning you kind of feel sick you . don't feel like as energetic as you . usually would that's how i feel my lips . are chapped like i don't even know how i . move right now let's get the day started . buddy geez the iconic pics in the side . of the clubhouse never fail guys this . makes you look like you're in a jungle . low-key even though it's a great writer . side of the house this can make you look. like you're in a jungle let's go wake up . right chris what are you doing in the . clothes guys so basically look at these . things in the theater room in the clown . house they have these things called red . vines i'm sure you guys know what they . are they're basically like twizzlers but . these things have been here for so long . these are supposed to be soft and chewy . candies right okay first of all why does . it break in half when i hit it this . ain't no soft and there's a no chewy . candy prince you're keeping hey where . are you going where you going i'm trying . to show them the red friends come here . come here it's come back look at this . guys please please . we are stuck together every single okay. prince is literally escaping prince . where are you going come back alright . guys so we're just pulling up to the . photo shoot right now i'm arriving . fashionably late because there is no . parking in this area basically on one . side of the street you can't park . between the hours of like 10:00 a. m. and . 12:00 and it happens to be 11:00 and . it's only on friday when you can't do it . because the street thing and it happens . to be friday so we have to walk all the . way over there i hope they don't kill me . because we're like 15 minutes late i had . to grab my coffee because like i said . i'm running off zero i was asleep . ryan pulled up gabe's behind the camera . let's get it okay guys so we just pulled . up first outfit is actually good because . i can keep my regular outfit that i was . way at the bureau begin . [music]. that's a wrap on the photoshoot guys now . we're back to my beautiful baby i've . missed you so much oh it smells like a . new car ryan's driving right here . alright that's it you cut anyways we're . gonna go figure out what food we're . getting. if i beat you in rock paper scissors to . go to chick-fil-a wow finally guys. somebody told me i need to know the . pronunciation i can't believe people . have been calling it fuck anyway today's . the day. deji is losing yo dg you have a lamb boy . yeah so you're gonna spend money today i . already started the day off bad race . ordinance a regular we were 10 he's he . had a nice car bro he has a mercedes . like i mean it's just not enough space . better than your car you know it's not . edgy i got one question bro and i know . you've been asked this a billion times i . just got to ask you one more time like . this why have you worn the same shirt . five days in a row look look over there . you know that isn't sun you don't wear . that red anyways i guess the ukq so . different . oh sam you know dan see what about you i . spent it all on your lambo yes guys . gucci needs to stop teasing me i came. here i didn't want to buy anything but . they keep making with wolves on them and . it's like i feel like it's my duty as a . wolfie to fucking cop it you're getting . that you're getting the whole seat did . you look at the price yet don't look . everyone buys gucci now so now i . classify these shirts the three bullets . can hurt the most . i can't get that this is a rug shirt and . this is a me shirt more wolves and . that's another rug shirt over there okay . okay okay i'm not even gonna lie right . now guys i'm exhausted i got about five . minutes of sleep in the uber on the way . here but i don't know i'm out here i'm . not buying anything so it's kind of. weird being out here and i'm gonna . update you guys in a bit on the . purchases made today but for now your . boy is just a joint of you i love rodale . enjoy this view . all right finger blue face yes thank you . bro . garret of the tech and shoes this is . seven star oh now they all come on no no . no all right guys so we just finished . our rodeo we have the most crazy . uber drive to takaya it's a mexican . place bank suggested it me and ryan . don't like like preimage like we like . diy our own stuff i have no good idea . what i just ordered brother menu is too . complex for me. the menu is it was in another language . yeah half it was in spanish so whatever . comes comes let's just say i got a combo . for $9. 99 how did i end up paying $40 oh . my god. i don't know what i'm drinking i'll let . you guys know i deal what what what 3ds . turkey again . actually bob let me see what this is get . before you start talking make sure you . try to very small persons oh oh oh my . god guys my bet is never feels a little . cookie in my life i just passed out on . all ride home that friggin taco place oh . so guys i mean you remember frasier . fucked up the the mirror a couple months . ago doing a handstand now him and edgy . were wrestling because they were getting . ready for like the jake paul fight or . some you can literally see frasier's in . on the mir he just sliced open just . bleeding everywhere literally like i was . gonna rush to go to cvs go to the . hospital but he says he's fine he has a . deep deep cut right here and his blood . is leaking everywhere . holy praises the champion gumi very . versus nigerian one no no no no no same . jake is really stressed i guess that's . how he asked for juice . we gotta train this guy morning after . good morning will family grab my dance . party dad she hit me with a dance move . yeah. [music]. [applause]. dad jo here about to give me my first w . guys come on winds could that i'm . posting not too bad . three people three people left oh my god . three people left boy watch out for the . song minnie minnie minnie minnie minnie. ten many tango tale he's reloading up . watch out for the star you guys have . been telling it's really not a big it's . it's he's not just the name he actually . games think ryan's going outside to say . hi to his fans so sometimes there's kids. outside just chill all day no no i need . that hammer did you hide a hammer . did you hammer someone in my name okay . oh wait we actually got to give you a . present i bought your merch wow really . yeah sorry . so whatever hat i give you yeah is what . i am okay so if i have your burch what . am i your time okay so here you go take . care of it that's what i am well your . daddy i'm your dad no i'm good . your honor oh you own you own you mean . yeah it's what you seen in your owning . you yeah you're gonna let him talk to . you for the past thing our these kids . have been coming like literally . screaming at the top of their lungs. outside and daddy's gone out he's going. out again where ryan's been avoiding him . i don't know why but if he's wearing my . bridge oh you say no oh and so they . don't care well fans will femur oh . [applause]. [music]. you guys want to see drew you know top . trending but we didn't get it on camera . do it again on camera do it again on . camera do it again on camera hit it . that's actually lewis cameras off okay . okay this hit this off camera okay okay . one more bull's eye here we go guys . technique is let race run first so that. we're all good . you let race run first we're all good. he's all out the next door neighbor's . house they got a pool but yo they have . way more she can pull in the clubhouse . but the hollywood signs faded so clara . oswald back. [music]. [applause]. so guys it's frazier's birthday today . was his birthday last night at 12 so i'm . trying to buy him some champagne so he . can pop champagne before we turn up . tonight but ah i don't really know . frasier that well so i think he's like a . 8:09 type of guy this is our this is our . friendship love well he's british so you . know like below that he would blow that . okay so i'll get him a 7:19 type of . actually two for getting the best for me . so here we go let's see you did that i . was you know that was you that was you . that's good top fifty kangan you guys . it's this theory where we have to shoot . like precipice thumbs coming hold on . hold on r2 r2 wait how are ya how do i . look straight. yes top 50 good job she's a nice girl . i'm actually games at his game you know . i thank you so much. all right guys you're gonna find out in . the next vlog where she actually places . but i'm gonna end the blog off there . because this is a two day vlog i love . you guys so much like one game what do . they do that's it thirty five thousand . likes on this vlog they are daddy what . should they comment which is they . comment comment goofy has a small doing. it again daddy typical alright a goofy . has a small and insensitive and listen . to you and i will see you guys soon are . more wolfie where we stay a little bit . more so i was in my main channel i have . always say it your old no that's not the . hot show stay savage yeah yeah do you . know why . [music]. .

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