Jerry Seinfeld & Cardi B: Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

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Episode 21: Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi B sit down with Zach Galifianakis for an interview without coffee, cars, or money moves.
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Zach Galifianakis
Jerry Seinfeld
Cardi B
Wayne Knight
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Caption: Adesh. as a president hillary clinton last time . and they'll have this guy. and it's like i love the 90s a bit we . might as well have lorena bobbitt as a . guest you know get it us weekly or teen . people . i have legitimate guests hi my name is . zach galifianakis welcome to another . edition of between two ferns my guest. today is jerry sandusky . fan seinfeld really thrilled to be here . seems like everyone from the seinfeld. cast has gone on to do you know great. wonderful stuff elaine is on veep emmy . award winner and kramer did that great. stand-up bit it's been a real launching . pad for whites okay . actor writer comedian producer which of. larry david skills do you admire the . most. you have comedians in cars getting. coffee james corden has carpool karaoke. what's next in lazy car based non comedy . you know that movie made a b-movie don't . you think you should have been called d- . movie it's called b movie because it's . about b's but it was the number-one . movie when it came out so i had that . feeling which you had and the first . hangover and then do you think if they . only made one hangover and didn't make . the other two it would be considered a . comedy classic do you think that you . destroyed what would have been a comedy . classic by the cash grab of two and . three let me ask you a question do you . have relatives that need emergency . surgery all the time well i do my aunt . debra needed a baboon heart transplant . that's why i did hangover to my uncle . dickie his yacht club burned down that's . why it did hit over three it's too safe . my uncle's yacht club and i buy myself a . stretch hummer that's a great great . story it really has a funny ending i . can't wait to tell that at dinner later . do you get professional haircuts there's . a guy he's he's fantastic. his name's sam oh he's here oh this is . exciting a little seinfeld reunion . um come on out hello jerry hey wayne . good to see you can see you you're . supposed to say hello newman yeah no . that's when i'm playing a character his . new buddy no no no my name is wayne . knight why would you have him come down . and use him that way that cliche . you know exploitative way of just having. him do his catchphrase for you that's . what you wanted i was deciding you know . you were coming oh can you just look . right into the camera which one can you . just look right into the camera and go . don't forget to vote funny right here . this is the camera i see the camera i . don't like the line i know but the more . clicks i get i don't my ranch shoots . alex hey it's jerry seinfeld don't . forget to vote funny and then maybe. catch on there to download something. whatever like what millennials would say . hey brah don't forget to click funny bro . no so just do it yeah i give a shit hey . don't forget to click funny bro really . okay . she's here okay we have a better guess . we have another guest um i thought i was . gentlemen please welcome cardi b there's. a corner you sit there you know move . down hi cardi b zaki g jerry j what's . the j jew cardi your album is . gangbusters you're a giant star i mean . are you able to look at all this and . just take it in is . is your life nuts ah exhausting game . you're about to have a baby right yeah . great so we i got your gift because . that's what you do in show business oh . thank you you're welcome . see i gotta give you know i didn't get . anything hmm . rap bang yes i don't know if you're . gonna have a boy or girl but the color . is gender-neutral so i'm special you you . are special but the most important thing . is that you're relevant well this is . really different interview than the one . i did. i'm not even between the ferns anymore i . don't even fit the description but i do . another show called to the right of the . ferns yeah you'll be the first guest but . right now it's cardi b and i get to know. each other cardi thank you so much for . coming by and saving the show cardi b . everybody thanks for coming thank you so . much you it was so nice meeting . it's so nice baby okay bye bye that was . the opposite of what happened with kesha . thank you thank you to jerry seinfeld. for being our guest and thank you to . cardi b great show you ever have a top . show and on that talk show the the guest . is really lame what if i guessed he had . a show on when you know the counting . crows were were popular but if you look . at its face it's more like counting. crow's feet. [music]. you. .

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