Jimmy Gives Chris Pratt a Nickname for the Jurassic World Franchise

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Chris Pratt shows off his personal exclusive clip and behind-the-scenes footage from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which he reveals ultimately turns into a haunted mansion horror film.
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Jimmy Gives Chris Pratt a Nickname for the Jurassic World Franchise
-let's talk "jurassic world". which is called fallon kingdom,. which is very nice of you. [ laughter ]. -it's "fallen. ". -well, it's close enough. -yeah, yeah, yeah. -fallen, fallon. i actually thought of a cool. nickname for "jurassic world. ". you ready . -yeah, i'm ready. -j-wo. -whoa!. -that's not bad, right . -j-wo. -j-wo. -i'm never going to call it. anything else. -the new j-wo's coming out. right . -besides j-wo. -you've got to call it j-wo,. dude. -there's a new j-wo coming out. -this is j-wo 2. -yes, exactly. j-wo 2's coming. -j-wo 2. that's going to catch on. -a good one, right . -that's really good. -i give higgins credit for it. -oh, nice, nice, dude, that's --. -but let's talk about this. because these are giant,. giant, giant, movies. they're so much fun,. there's so much action,. and you actually gave a couple. sneak peeks on your instagram,. if you follow chris pratt. -yeah. -and one, you said, there's. a very awesome sneak peek. of a section of the film that. you called shanghai motorcycle. -yeah. -and let's just take a look at. that clip. this is an exclusive from the. ??. this is fantastic, yeah. ??. [ cheers and applause ]. -i mean, it --. that on an imax screen. -dude. -wow. that's what i'm talking about. -you see where. every dollar went. when you see that, you know why. these movies cost so much. -i love that you did that,. but then i also --. i also love what made me laugh. is there's a behind-the-scenes. of you --. of the making of. shanghai motorcycle. -yeah, this is on my instagram. yeah, you can see this,. @prattprattpratt. -here's the behind the scenes. this is the making of. ??. [ laughter ]. -[ imitating motorcycle. revving ]. [ laughter ]. -there it is. -that's the movie. -that's the movie. -that's the movie. -[ imitating motorcycle. revving ]. -did my own stunts. -wow! that's how they do it. the secret. -yeah. yeah. -the secret move. of a moving car. i didn't even think about that. -yeah, no, that's all cg. -oh, it is. oh, perfect, yeah. -yeah, i was on a stage. -tell us what we have to look. forward to in this film,. "jurassic world:. fallen kingdom. ". -well, it's, you know,. the sequel to "jurassic world. ". it's been three years. i just saw it the other day. for the first time. i'd seen an early cut,. maybe four months ago. it's so good. i'm so happy with it. it is so awesome. it's really, really cool. there's a volcano. that's exploding,. and all the dinosaurs have been. left to fend for themselves. the park is shut down. and bryce's character, claire,. feels really bad and kind of. uses her settlement money. to put together this, like,. dinosaur protection group,. and says like, "we have to save. these animals. they're essentially. endangered species. we can't just let them die,". and half the world is like,. "i think you should. just let them die. ". and then she puts together. a team and goes back. to try to extract. some of the dinosaurs,. and that's, like the first,. maybe third to first half. of the movie is just getting. the dinosaurs off the island. and it's this amazing. natural disaster,. this extinction-level event. happening. it's really action-packed. and then it goes off the island. and becomes more of. a confined kind of --. it's a really cool,. like, horror film. inside of, like,. an enchanted castle. -it's almost like a haunted --. -it's like a haunted mansion. horror film and it's --. the director, j. a. bayona,. is really, really good. at this kind of a movie. he does, like, great suspense. it has an awesome score. and then in the end it opens up. the door to kind of show you. what can happen in the future. with jurassic,. and it's just mind-blowing. i think, like,. it's really exciting. -yes!. [ cheers and applause ]. let's see a clip. from the new movie. here is chris pratt in. "jurassic world: fallen kingdom". in theaters and imax. next friday. check it out. [ cheers and applause ]. [ dinosaur roaring ]. -don't fall in!. [ roaring continues ]. oh!. ??. -chris pratt right there!. [ cheers and applause ]. chris pratt and i are playing. "box of lies" after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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