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Hbo is john oliver has delivered on his . promise as some prize movie memorabilia . is now on display in anchorage's last . blockbuster yes just in time for tourist . season russell crowe's jockstrap has . arrived at the blockbuster on debar a . mini shrine to russell crowe has been. erected in east anchorage i don't know i . hope they did well i've got some bad . news for you there because we didn't we . didn't wash it at all and actually you . probably should because it's a . documented fact that russell crowe's . 2005 scrotum musk will attract bears . that's a fact that's a nature fact and . honestly if that had been the end of . this whole story i'd have been happy . just knowing that we we tried to help . that store by doing something . breathtakingly stupid but amazingly this . story actually gets better because after . our segment russell crowe himself . tweeted i am planning now on how to best . use the john oliver money given he's . often shown genuine love for australians . and australia it's got to be something . special which is absolutely incredible . mainly because as far as i'm aware i've . never shown genuine love for australians. or australia at most i've shown morbid . curiosity for it you know the way a . nine-year-old pokes a dead frog with a . stick i'm endlessly fascinated and. grossed out at the exact same time well . this week russell crowe revealed his . plans by tweeting out a surprisingly . well produced video and i have to say it . is something special this is real . g'day where the irwin's and we're here . at the australia zoo wildlife hospital . where we treat so many animals koalas . right now are suffering a disease. chlamydia it can cause blindness . infertility in even costa koala it's . life but now we're trying a new vaccine . and there is hope for the future . absolutely so thank you so much to . russell crowe for your amazing donation . to help these koalas okay so so i have . so many questions. so i guess the first one really has to . be how did all of those koalas get . chlamydia or i guess i really should ask . what exactly happened after this photo . shoot with harry styles on one . direction's 2012 tour i guess that's the . real question i know you might be . thinking at this point well hold on hold . on how do you know that the money that . you spent on his items went to those . koalas well the video had a little twist . at the end and a big thank you to john . oliver for buying some of russell's . incredible things in his auction you are . helping for the fight for chlamydia and . a plaque has been organized in your . honor check it out . [applause]. well babe indeed that might obviously be . the greatest thing i've ever seen . look i will be completely honest back . when this show started i wrote down my . one and only goal for it and and i put . it in this envelope it was it was a . simple goal it was just it was just . three words long that goal a koala . chlamydia wart . so what i'm essentially saying here is . we have accomplished everything we set . out to do on this show which means . thanks very much everyone . but we are fucking done here that's . right let's shut it down this show is . over please please don't think of this . don't think of this is a sad occasion . because because i leave you in total . triumph at this point do you enjoyed . last week tonight i do hope you enjoyed . the show over the years i know that we . made it rather difficult to do that but . you know we did learn some things along . the way didn't we and we had exactly . four laughs together so that's something . the pointers backing up guys we're going . home we did it jeff we did it we got the . koala wards look i know you might be . asking you this point but john wasn't . making four and a half seasons of . aggressively researched comedy a fairly . inefficient way of getting a koala . chlamydia award named after you and to . that i answer well i mean it worked so i . guess fuck you i guess so now if you'll . excuse me i've got a date with some very . contagious koalas that is our series . thank you so much for watching good bye . forever everyone i regret nothing i . regret nothing my work here is done . [applause]. .
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