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The olympics home of sports like stupid. tiny tennis inconvenient frisbee and. whatever the fuck this is now these guys. helping full of thrilling performances. from simone boils usain bolt to the. horse that dance around to smooth by. santana and rob thomas. thats just answer the question how do. you simultaneously undermine the dignity. of both carlos santana and a horse but. there were also controversies this year. from the presence of the russian team in. the wake of doping scandal to an ioc. official being arrested for alleged. ticket scalping to the international. saga of ryan lochte a swimmer who looks. like he's about to play the john. slattery role in a porn parody of madmen. lofty made headlines this week by. claiming he and three other swimmers. have been robbed at gunpoint and then. made headlines again once witnesses. backed up by security cam footage from a. gas station revealed the swimmers had. actually been confronted by a security. guard after they broke a soap dispenser. in the bathroom damaged or tore down a. sign and your innate around the premises. and spare a thought there for the soap. dispenser seriously i was already a gas. station men's room soap dispenser my. life was shitty enough and now being. vandalized by if sting was a jock and. while his teammates were detained by. authorities lochte the purest form of. the chemical element bro was already. back in america offering a bullshit. apology lochte posting on social media. quote i want to apologize for my. behavior last weekend and for not being. more careful and candid and how i. describe the events that early morning. there is no way he wrote that pretty. sure that ryan lochte things game of. thrones took place in the late eighteen. hundreds and still doesn't understand. how mirrors work to stop copying me. i'll stop when you stop braun i'm not. people are right to be angry here. because locked his baby wasn't your. shitty and entitled he's also ruined. himself for us for years ago he was. america's favorite sweet dumb man who. claimed to design his own shoes and. describe the process like this these are. my shoes then i design from tap to the. very soul to the very top to the barn. for places he couldn't remember all the. parts of the show and he was standing. next to hundreds of shoot i'm not the. fact that locked is a total asshole is. not not remotely surprising it's just. that it makes him a lot less fun now so. as we say goodbye to the real olympics. sadly we must also say farewell to one. of america's favorite idiots ryan lochte. america's idiots ikaw what hours always. good at was letting things go through. like through one ear out the other so to. say douchebag don't even know what is. douchebag like what is you know i always. see babies and the clothes that they. were and it rained. just playing i'm gonna let let curson. whether it's life for theirs swimming on. always do your best. i swear i think i'm like the holy sword. in the world that cannot 40 they found. my gosh what defines me. ryan lock. .
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