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A new employee at a frozen yogurt place discovers one of the perks of working there.
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So you got to keep the toppings full. okay got it . i'm on top of that you don't fit in just . that yeah hey something that might be . your picture on the wall . oh employee of the year when does she . work what i was just wondering when she . works . butas me oh congrats out of the other . side is you get all the free froyo you . know mm-hmm you can't believe how . delicious too dear and also fat free . thank god because my boyfriend he just . got back from his tour in afghanistan . he's coming here to pick me up he should . be here in a minute i haven't seen him . in a year a whole year you say hey . russell i'm good now if you need extra . shirt or anything they're gonna be in . there because these seem to shrink . uh-huh okay you a girl can't get enough . of that stuff i mean you should have . some it's free no i'm okay i'm i'll have . some later. i just got back from afghanistan i'm . here looking for my girlfriend latia no . it's not what it's me. apparently she doesn't work anymore. thanks . [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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