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We are celebrating 10 Million Subs!!?!?!? Mike hits the streets, stores & more to prank people who we don't know for the first time! :) We go to the park, the mall, Chipotle & Walmart to prank strangers. If you are one of the strangers in this vid and want us to blur face, send us a message on Youtube and we'll do it. Otherwise we hope you laugh too! :) For more pranks, type in FUNNEL VISION PRANKS in Youtube Search. THUMBS UP for Pranking People in Public!
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Caption: Fishing worms excuse me should i eat . these worms one can i eat these worms . right here for lunch i didn't have lunch . today . what's in this plate right run got ya . yeah reason why we just friends you with . a quick paint everything now . no it's because my kids going out he's . pranking strangers for the first time a . real first rank on the public may be an . artificial frank's right way right here . no but check it out guys we were . completely lie right here we've got a . golden play but yeah one reason it says . congratulations were surpassing 1 . million subscribers but look at this . gave us a dirty go play by you to break . this with a dirty gold play button and. now. yeah and now mike right now is about to . prank the public and here it goes . j-joe . [music]. mike's going to do his first frank all . right and you're cool with this kind of . like let's go they're my girls be so . brave. this dude is so brave man like i can't. even believe that he has like so much . courage like i'm hiding in the car right . now is crazy i have a pet our border who . has rooms and i lost him around this . price and remember was i worried a . little. yeah wire does he just have wings . you never got one. come on do it quickly quick quick quick . quick in the car pick another you don't . get out get down there . how'd it go good i don't want them to . see that you're coming in my car so fast . you don't mean so we've gotta make sure . that after the prank is done . wait like two minutes cannot get to your . data type ranked number two we have . talked about you guys have to get the . craziest thumbs-up from microsoft is . this doing is as a recording is is seven . years old and he's got so much courage. to go out there in front of strangers. and do this because this is this is. visit i'm very proud of you do i right . up to the lady knows like on . excuse me uh i lost my pet alligator . i'm here as his wings i just don't know . what to do and then i was like hey hold . on . alligator . we made sure we gave mike high water . pants we brought mike spyglasses in but . we have them on top of his head so it's. not weird like he's wearing them in the. store because the footage got messed up. in our last prank you don't want to get . messed up . right messy face chases i you back . excuse me um do you know where the . toilet paper is um because they're not . enough in the bathroom for what i have. to do right now you need to ask what . somebody for the watermark stuff you . know they have the walmart sign . do you know where it is no no i oh ok . anyone with a new shirt to the little . mark asked if you want . thank you for your time. excuse me right um you know where you . can find like creams if someone had a . but that was bitchy and it's not for me . for somebody that i don't know you know . after someone you're dead . should i just ask the people that work . for animal one more okay thanks for your . time we left my kit left my phone down . there. mechanically make sure he's not looking . you're very crazy success . yeah well right now because we all got . caught and the new chain back around all . found us while we all we are watching . the bridge so for this frank mike is . going into refrigerator out one morning . getting some fishing words . it's kidney sure can i these worms one . can i eat these worms right here for . lunch i didn't have lunch . can i eat these 1i didn't have lunch . today i'm starving joke i'm not oh well . not actually really home . ok . they want and mine i'm just going to . mcdonalds layers . alright alright is getting so high here . we gotta go visitors like people that . are like starting to tell security. did you hear them yeah why we gotta go . for all the work we're leaving walmart . so this is that good learning experience . but will yeah we got we got caught out . to do started telling people people were . trying to chase my i got i got noticed . it just it is then it was it was fun if . you like words what i was our first time . and we haven't even looked at this point. is to see if it works obviously you guys. know now it's work but we're gonna go . try another type of frank right now . hopefully it's a little accident the . last one though i want to throw money of . people so once again . so confused so good they don't know what . they're really doing that to get to my . figure that there's nothing to do that i . like that sleepy head right they chase . you just messed up our last drink . we're supposed to throw 10 bucks down . people that weren't expecting it but he . only threw one dollar and mike didn't . throw the rest so got messed up so we're . gonna drop off jason's he's sleeping and . maybe try a couple more prank i don't . know how we doing should we should we . give up at this should we to try . something again you guys have any . suggestions. mike mike wants to keep trying even in . the mall we just like the dudes track . this down and try to give us back like . the dollar we drop right now there's a . prank you keep really think with ninja . is doing a good job. we gotta be faster and to many people is . slowing us down so sorry chase we're . gonna prove you out of this car into our . house. alright mike is heading inside a . chipotle he's gonna order some food and . then prank the cashier salad . to go reggie of course time some food . that's right keeping out no no actually . and the 1ds you send someone . i'll just go get one . i'm judging you . yeah this will do mike is so fun i can't . believe how much courage he has to do . something like that. he's got a lot of gods . hi excuse me . are you eating culture yeah um i was . gonna go but by some ice cream but i'm . did you guys like it because i don't . really get it is the ice cream good here . you like it . well i probably won't it's just cold . rocks . [music]. alright on my funnel cakes so that was . our video first time drinking in public . we had a bunch of failed things that . never made the cut but we also had a . bunch of good funny ones and we also had . a fun time doing this is our first time . in public. yeah so we hope you enjoyed thank you . for all your support you're the reason . why we got a youtube gold play button . for fun of vision jewel and we will say . if you want to part to give us like four . bajillion likes on this video clean . alright guys so if you were we got those . people good but yeah that's it . so see you guys next time have a phone i . let's go right here they hang around . go for guys going . [music]. .

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