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Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
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[music]. you guys remember that flight attendant. that i thought was racist well this was . kind of the reverse of that i was . working on an animation late one night . which i normally do because i'm a night . owl so really i guess it wasn't that . late for me but unfortunately for the . time zone i'm in it was late and thus . most restaurants were closed i was . hungry i didn't really have much in my . kitchen and so i decided to go to my . favorite late-night place fuh hanoi one . of my roommates was still up and so i . asked if he was hungry and wanted to . come with fellow hanoi closes at 3:00 . a. m. and we've grown accustomed to the . type of people that frequent that place . when it's late at night you got your . allowed people who just came from the . club couples breaking up the flirty . ubereats delivery guy schizophrenic . hobos we've got them all despite the . questionable type of people that eat . there i really like the place mainly . because it's business hours matched my . sleep schedule and because the lady . there always calls his friend like were . her favorite people welcome my friend . sit any way you lie you order the iced . coffee right yes i know it's your . favorite my friend thank you my friend . good night it might be because we're . probably the least sketchy looking . people that either past midnight i still . had a lot of work to do so i wanted to . just get takeout and head back home . while we were waiting for our order this . woman comes into the restaurant now i . didn't want to make assumptions okay i . didn't want to assume that this . crackhead looking woman was a crackhead . but she may have displayed a certain . demeanor that would cause one to think . that she was one and i'm not surprised . the late-night attracts all sorts of . people. anyway she comes in and asks the lady. working there for a silver spoon which i . took to mean a stainless steel spoon . because that's usually what people used . to eat with nowadays right like silver . spoons are just collectible items now . but yeah she was like could i get a. silver spoon to eat my yogurt with at . first full lady i'm gonna call her fault . lady from now on didn't look like she . wanted to deal with this woman so the . woman tries to insure her that she also . plans to order something but needs the . spoon first the ladies said no to the . silver spoon but did . for a plastic one again the woman. repeats that she needs a silver spoon. and will order some food too which . doesn't really help at all with how . suspicious she was you don't go to a . restaurant and the first thing you ask . for is it utensil it's inferred that you . will be provided with utensils when you. sit down and eat but because the woman . kind of reversed the order of how things . work . the lady realized what was happening and . so she decided to tell the woman to . leave she then got a little defensive . and said never mind to the spoon and . asked to just use the washroom instead . again full lady said no and told her to . leave but the woman persisted and just . went in anyway she's doing heroin what . yeah that's why she asked for the silver . spoon so she could heat it up oh shit . right like getting breaking bad and jane . i haven't watched breaking bad you . haven't you hear that man that's that's . thousands of people gasping at how you. haven't watched a masterpiece the woman . finally leaves the washroom after a . noticeably long time and then approaches. my roommate and i and complaints to us . about the full lady oh my god can you . believe her i just wanted a spoon and . some food what terrible service she . wasn't really looking for a reaction she . was just being rhetorical so we didn't . say anything just tried to ignore her . she sat down at a table for a few . minutes and then leaves without ordering . anything so that pretty much confirmed . her motives. we finally get her food here you go my . friends and we head outside as we were . walking to my car . i noticed the woman didn't exactly leave . she was just in the parking lot kind of . just pacing around in an area she spots . us and says excuse me immediately we're . like oh fuck didn't car don't look don't . reply don't acknowledge her existence we . get in the car but before i could even. put the keys in the ignition . she's already teleported at my window . peering inside like she's confirming . that there are actual humans occupying . the car hello excuse me oh oh god tom . let's just go and he was right we could . have just gone but 2:00 a. m. dom had . something else in mind . 2:00 a. m. dom decided to mess with this . dope head i roll down my window not all . the way just enough for sound to travel . through but not . for a hand to fit i don't want to walk . home could you give me a ride at any . normal time in the day i would have . replied in english but to a. m. tom . decided to go chinese but dom aren't you . filipino yes but two a. m. dom felt like . being chinese wow dom you know how to . speak chinese too nope . mahwah i don't think she understood what . i said which i didn't either . could you give me a ride i'm too scared . to walk home . toshing lila what would the chargin to . paola but done like i don't i don't . understand what you're saying. she'll my chin-hua ma sure the tama what . and this whole time my roommate is . beside me trying his best not to burst . out laughing while i'm running out of . bullshit chinese that i'm making up and. i thought i could pull this off because . honestly i think i look more chinese . than filipino but then the woman looked . at my roommate and saw how not chinese . he looks he's sri lankan so she was . probably thinking either this brown dude . speaks fluent bs chinese and i can't . communicate with these people or this . driver is fucking with me before i let . her figure it out i just said sorry on . noack no english and the best english . isn't my first language way that i could . but she called my bluff and said you do . understand me and i panic and repeat it . sorry i'll know english as i backed up . and drove away yeah next time i'll just. stick to the golem . 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