LEGIT FOOD REVIEW – Eggs (Ft. h3h3)

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I heard you guys like demonetized vids, lol
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Hello everyone and welcome back to . another episode of legit food review . they have with me my good friend ethan . klein from h3h3 productions we're . friends again . [music]. we're over that right i've spoken with . my rabbi extensively and he's split and . he said it's ok so the first order of . business we need to get you out of it i . feel like i could meet to you right now . take your pick . dad for freedom people have told me them . have a mean dad y'all need jesus i think . i'll take the dev for for freedom all . right that one's a little tight i wish . yeah okay good you are getting a 1 2 3 . yeah good . are you a fan of eggs not raw eggs we're . looking for very rare species that's the . new caledonian chicken eggs the new . tucker berry chicken egg the new tucker . berry you talked about yeah yeah you . ready to get started i'm hungry all . right it's a really beautiful day . glorious day almost what you can say . it's all right i think it's did you hear . that pretty sure that's a new taco . burger barry . tucker barry oh yeah that occurred it . did it didn't sound like a cooker barry . you're gonna do any cock jokes on the. show i want to keep those to a minimum . i've got jokes so we're starting to . sound like a soy boy yeah did you what . are you playing lately i'm playing a . little really yeah nice have you heard . of yeah he's a really popular player . here i'll do a call you want to do a . call with me yeah holy shit dude . tucker boy that is that's really good . you want to try some i really like all . the dirt that's on up . no that's just a leak that's a falling . leaf oh holy mother lo this is an . average amount oh couple hitchhikers . yeah we call that protein oh no i guess . we got plenty of protein on him already . you got to squish them onto the egg . that's the seasoning i was talking about . so you think this is gonna help maybe . improve the flavor yeah you don't have . to overdo it . i feel bad for these little fuckers if . i'm really hard well we're just getting . started there's a carl's jr. like right . down the road you want time me sure you . want me to count count one use alligator . actually use a new tucker barry one new . tucker barry two new tucker barry you . look you want to bounce like i don't . know that i can handle this really i . cannot eat any more eggs i don't think . he knows anything about calcio berries . or calculation check it out pal why did. you bring me over here this is what the . adventure is about you can eat legit . food review i don't know joe a little. salt and pepper like a nice big deck oh . a nice picnic there's gonna be a nice . picnic in snap jory i see a sewer pipe . get down here i'm doing it for the birds . cuz i'm a nature conservation you are . for the birds. oh attitude is for the birds if you . cared about birds why are you out here . looking at their eggs to begin with . explain that in it's an educational . piece . i'm not enjoying this either i hate it i . don't want to be here but this is what . we signed up it's hot i didn't sign. anything yeah it you're right it is hot . but you know there's a solution to that . nice and cool in there it's very cool . you can come in here too you can go . through the other end i mean you don't . have to come through the terrace . are you having a ball they're having the . time my life you wanna you want to . impress me always all right well then . let's find that new caledonian egg no no . no yeah yeah that's good haha that's . really good isn't it hit you're wasting . it. wow oh my god the timing on this one . there's actual . that tape in when they're pooping out. the eggs they excrete some sort of tape. like substances this poop you said when . they're pooping out is that yes this . poop it comes out a chicken butt so yeah . eggs come out of butts they shit out . eggs they come out of their asshole the . egg comes out of their asshole do you . think chickens have vaginas i never . thought about it . these guys are it oh my god what the . hell is wrong with this bird bro bro bro . bro bro that's see that flowering that's. genuinely looks like mold you see that . that's the yolk that's what it's like . generally speaking that's good to go to . taste the rareness oh my god your lip is . quivering taste the rarity i'm gonna . make it big arif i could see it on your . teeth it's fucked up show me teeth . the yolk is a little underdone but maybe . that's why it's motion . [laughter]. [music]. hey they're rare i haven't eaten very . many of them it's an acquired taste oh . god it is it's undercooked no so this is . gonna help the birds this is gonna help . conserve the birds this is not gonna . help the birds however if you don't eat . my culture i'm gonna be really . disappointed i'm not made for this you . there making memories all right whoa . fuck did you see what just happened that . aint fuckin right in that one's bad oh . you know this is bad not this one no . this you know what helps me . you ain't no bitch i'm not a bitch right . i'm not a fucking bitch right i'm a man . right with a dick fuck yeah man with a . deer oh yeah i'm a man with a dick okay . i got a dick come on man with a dick oh . that's smell that one's kind of walked . in it mmm . chew it up chew it up and swallow no . leaking buy a nice job did i do it you . did it you did it you got a little thing . right here oh god what the fuck did you . enjoy the show here with that leg yeah . it coated the inside of my mouth very . bad i've got a lot of it your man with a . dick like a pretty solid day all right . all right all right i think we're . attracting some wildlife here i think . the park rangers coming we gotta go . .
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