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After the Logan Paul incident, some big youtubers took it upon themselves to copy Logan Pauls video in japan
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I can't believe i'm actually going to . say this but there are copycats of logan . pose suicide forest video oh my god guys . there's a freaking neuf right here in a . ladder somebody like bro . no way no way bro in the suicide forest . suicide in the suicide forest oh wow . toast to commit suicide found in the . suicide forest if you fought well logan . paul did was horrific and you believe . that he was intentionally milking the . suicide forest reviews which you . rightfully can believe because the guy . is artificial intelligence at this point . well if you're looking for one of the . next worst fucking people who i found on . the platform after this thing which is . something that i'm actually amazed what . i'm saying. welcome to j stations channel or i'm j . station as he is known on this platform . no way most people see the backlash . locum paul got for filming a dead person . and they go joe what i don't want to do . that or as a normal person would think . they don't even have that fault cross . their minds in the first place but if . you're j station and you're really . really really desperate then you fly to . japan and you film in the same forest . making as many videos as you possibly . can following the coattails of one of . the worst things the platform has ever . seen in its history two different . bangers from my channel . what is poppin guys is unless out . airlines we have been hunting we've been . looking for so much stuff in the . japanese suicide forest so i've come out . here to brainy japan to see if i could . find something that is absolutely crazy . hopefully we can do something really . cool out here perfectly some frame. challenges anything we could do my. channel is dying and i'm in desperate. need of help so what we're going to do . is we're going to be going directly into . the suicide forest guys i'm pretty sure . i've already said that but just in case . you didn't know it's the japanese . suicide forest oh my god ways that over . there it's a complete balance now before . i go on with this video i just want to . mention the fact that j station did . actually comment on one of my videos on . my logan point situation and he seemed . to be pretty upset with the fact that i . didn't like what he was doing the fact . that you have turned this into a . trending topic is actually mental i . can't fathom what must go for your mind. do you have a channel that is in such . dire need of a revival that you were . going to follow the coattails of suicide . to promote your shitty exploring videos . have a look at this when he approaches . the sign two different bangers he's in . the suicide forest and he refers to the . videos he's making there as two. different bangers this isn't a fucking . english breakfast night there's no . bangers to be out here what's nice not . much mate just the absolute lack of . empathy you have for human beings and . your own integrity why would you even . cut yourself into this why would you . want to be a part of it as puppet guys . why would you want your face to be . associated with these videos what's . poppin guys guys this is our third or . fourth day inside of the suicide forest . we're taking full advantage of the. our protruding we're taking full . advantage of this opportunity it's not . an opportunity to go into a suicide . forest i'm sure most people who go into . that forest don't see it as an . opportunity they see it is the place . that they're going to end everything i . thought logan was disconnected from . society but this is just another level . bridge aside me right here i think this . says warning to anybody who's . considering suicide because of this . number right here i think this is the . actual suicide hotline phone number . because a hundred people per year . actually commit suicide in this forest . and obviously nobody should be . committing suicide guys obviously nobody . should be committing suicide guys thanks. for the hand actions mate you really got . your point across but with the really . excitable personality issue enter said . forest i almost felt like when i was . watching mr. this was a joke and that he . actually didn't go into the suicide . forest i was wrong . it's gonna be late guys it's gonna be. let's to play scary games in the suicide . forest definitely not disrespecting the . culture of japan again are we today . we're gonna be walking down this pathway . in the woods guys we're gonna be playing . the sister sister ritual which is a . popular ritual involving two coins in a . demonic spirit instead of rumored balls . this guy has 1. 6 million subscribers. which means he speaks for a hefty amount . of a platform which means the fact that . this content is allowed is insane and . something needs to be done about it this . is the last part of the forest that we . haven't explored you guys seen our other . videos in the suicide forest noob . actually found clothing backpacks all . sorts of crazy stuff he does this wave . thing well he almost borderline brags . about finding the remains of people's . items they've left behind which is so . sickening it's it's mad it's hard to . even stay on track for this video . because it's so jarring after everything . that happened that this is happening . again it's gonna be like that smash like . buddy 20,000 likes special like button . 20,000 likes it got 20,000 line . it's on and he has like four . videos on this here's like four videos . on this but all have insane likely to . dislike ratios he's so come from is . gonna be a buyer you know like that's . only cares well it's gonna be a bangin . video that's just ignore the fact that . people die here views oh this is . actually a picture of a girl guys you . see this oh what if this is somebody who . went in here guys or maybe it's somebody. who came in this forest loved one i . don't know guys that's really creepy . it's a japanese lady it says open on the . bottom whoa should i open it up guys . no it's like sealed shut what is that . dude i don't know it's so weird to find . a picture of somebody in the suicide . forest guys he just goes through the . forest and says free people stuff well . that's what he does he's purely going . through there to find things and people . and search through them which is just . it's such a blatant invasion of privacy. and not just that the person probably . isn't alive anymore and he's just going . free going oh it was a picture of so bus . and i found all their probably dates . everybody knows who this is comment down . below we're leaving this right here guys . last time we were here we actually found . a woman's backpack a woman's blazer and . a bunch of women's products guys so. maybe that's the same girl that owns the . backpack guys but anyways we're gonna . keep on walking in the forest it's late . though it's let guys this is fucking . let's let's get it let's get you out in . the forest . you fucking imbecile now for me i think . the most jarring part of the video is . the fact that he finds an sd card . apparently and he says this when it . comes to finding it oh my god i hope we . don't look at this later and see a death . or something like that guy side is . freaking cleaning i do to put that on i . wouldn't even be able to upload this to . youtube if something like that was on . there guys 20,000 likes and i'll put it . onto the computer and we'll open it up . together for a youtube video we're not . trying to disrespect anyone . did this kind of thing guys like. obviously something bad happened here we . don't want to disrespect them or the . family 20,000 likes we don't want to . disrespect them 20,000 likes or the. family 20,000 likes and i'll put it onto . the computer and we'll open it up . together for a youtube video oh yeah we . don't want to disrespect the family but . you know 20,000 lunches 20,000 likes i'm . gonna put the number for the suicide . prevention program in the description . me personally i felt very depressed . before but i kept going and now i'm . actually living my dreams guys i love . this video he does a even worse version . of what logan do he tries to justify . everything he's doing by saying that he . was depressed and that he's come out of . his depression and is now living his . dream life making youtube videos . full-time if your dream was to going to . the suicide forest and basically . trivialized what other depressed people . have gone through who actually suffered . so badly that they took their own lives . because of it then that's a nightmare . mate that's not a dream and you need to . learn the difference between the two and . you must have no self-respect because . there's somebody who apparently has gone . through a mental illness you seem to . show a severe lack of empathy towards . anything in this video just by going . through people's belongings planting sd . cards down so you could make another . video out of it because it's pretty . obvious what you're trying to do your . you're turning depression and suicide . into a vlog series that's all i have to . say on this video i think i've showcased . enough of why this guy is a complete . enough to scumbag there's not really . much else to it i try and stay away from . doing videos where i just call people . awful human beings on this channel but . this is an exception oh you guys . watching hopefully you guys have a good . day and i will see you guys next time i . don't really know if there's anything . you guys could do about this just don't . support this type of content on the . platform in the same way that we went . support logan's peace out people and . have a good day . 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