London Customs Agent Couldn’t Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

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John Krasinski talks to Jimmy about the time he got beaned in the head by a fully loaded bagel in New York City, his daughter's Jedi mind tricks and how a customs agent reacted to learning his wife is Emily Blunt.
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London Customs Agent Couldn't Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt
-we love having you here, buddy. you are actually now. officially a new yorker. -i am! i moved back. [ cheers and applause ]. yes!. yes. i love it. -it's official. -it is official. -does it feel good . do you like being a new yorker . -oh, god, it feels so good. you walk outside and it just --. the world starts right away. for your kids, they have. breakfast and they go out,. and within a block,. they're, like, playing checkers. in the park. or something like that. my kids are 42. -oh, wow. congratulations on that. -yeah, yeah, yeah. -did you ever have a. "welcome to new york" moment. where you go,. "well, that happened" . -yeah. everybody does, right . i had mine. a long time ago actually. it was probably --. i'm ancient. it was like 20 years ago. i was an intern. right here at 30 rock. -that's right. -yeah, yeah. that's all i wanted to say. thanks so much, everybody!. -there he is, john krasinski!. no, no, no. -and i was going out. to have lunch,. and i was young,. and i was ignorant,. so i was wearing. a red sox jersey. [ audience groans, laughter ]. -ooh, boy. -i still do. i'm still ignorant. -all right. -i was wearing. a nomar garciaparra jersey. -nomar!. -nomar!. -nomar!. yeah. -i got out of the glass doors,. took a left,. and i was walking along,. about to get lunch and just --. something hit me. in the back of the head. [ laughter ]. i was like, "oh, my god. ". -oh, no. -and it was a full. cream-cheese bagel. [ laughter and applause ]. and i looked over. to see who it was. it was a taxi. going like 20 miles an hour. [ laughter ]. and i couldn't be mad. a guy who was like,. "oh. there we go,". and just, like,. the trajectory to hit --. he must've. been drafted after that. -yeah, seriously,. that's good aim right there. -it was really good. -how are the girls doing . -fantastic. -yeah . how old are they now . -you know what it's like to have. two girls, two daughters. -it's the best thing. in the world. -it is the best thing. in the world. it's just tea parties,. hair bands -- for me. it's not them. -no, yeah, exactly. it's you,. and then they catch you. they go, "daddy, can we play ". -can i get in on that tea party . -yeah. do you do tea parties. with the girls . -i do, yeah. you know how everybody says,. like, "wow. my kid's really smart. ". we've so tried to not do that,. 'cause everybody goes,. "every kid's smart. ". but i think my oldest daughter. is like a jedi. and it's like a manipulative,. negative jedi,. because, one day,. we were going over colors,. and she goes --. this is early on. like, she was 1 1/ or something, and she goes,. "daddy,. what's your favorite color ". and i said, "blue. ". and i knew her favorite color. was blue, and she went,. "oh. your favorite color is purple ". and i went, "no,. my favorite color is blue. ". and she went, "oh,. your favorite color's purple. there's purple. ". [ laughter ]. and i was like,. "that's so weird. ". and after two years now,. i'm like,. "my favorite color -- purple. ". [ laughter ]. -it actually worked, though . -it worked!. i totally --. now she hands me things,. and very sadly,. like two weeks ago,. she's like, "daddy,. your favorite color can blue. ". and i went, "no,. my favorite color is purple. ". [ laughter ]. i was still --. i was still locked in. she's like, "good, good!". -she's making a block. levitate around the room. a teacup pours itself, yeah. -yeah, exactly. -and how's your wife,. the beautiful emily blunt . -fantastic. -we love emily. -fantastic. [ cheers and applause ]. -that reaction means i married. up, and don't i know it. don't i know it. -i wouldn't say. you married up, no. -oh, no, no, no. please, they don't. have to tell me. the customs agent in london did. [ laughter ]. i don't know if you know,. emily just shot a movie,. it's a small indie. called "mary poppins. ". [ laughter, cheers ]. and i went to visit her. all the time. i was shooting something else,. but i went almost every weekend,. and it was going great,. the customs,. whole experiences, whatever. -you got to get through customs. -yeah, yeah, yeah. and then i hit this guy. who's about my age,. and he looked like he was ready. to get a little surly with me,. and he said, "it says here. that you're an actor. ". and i said, "yeah,". and he said,. "would i know you. from anything ". i went, "you know, we redid. the uk version on 'the office. '". strike one. [ laughter ]. he's like, "oh. ". -"i hated that version!". -"oh, you took. what we did perfect. ". and then i said, "yeah. ". and he says,. "who you visiting here ". i said, "my wife," and he says,. "is she an actress ". i said, "yeah. ". he said, "would i know her ". i went, "i don't know, man. her name's emily blunt. ". he goes like this, he goes,. "you ". [ laughter and applause ]. and i went, "yeah. ". and he goes, "you . you married emily blunt ". and i go, "yeah. ". and he goes like this,. "okay, go. just go. ". like, the stamp was so hard. i was like, "i'm so sorry. ". -not breaking eye contact,. like, following you out. .
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