Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth Interview

Since the big Thor: Ragnarok premiere was across the street from our theatre, Chris revealed that he brought Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi with him to the show – so Jimmy sent a camera backstage to the dressing room to say hello to them. Unfortunately, they were rudely interrupted by a desperate and unwanted guest who lives in the dressing room next door.
Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Fight with Donald Trump Jr.

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Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth Interview
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Caption: >> jimmy: i think you brought. your whole cast here with you. who did you bring with you . >> backstage . >> jimmy: yeah. >> we have a few of them. >> jimmy: the director. >> mark who plays the hulk. >> jimmy: the hillaryulk is beau. in this version. and i liked the previous. versions. you know what i'm saying. sometimes the hulk can be too. fake looking. >> and then the technologies. advanced and they said don't do. what we've done before and mark. on many occasions said it. >> jimmy: i think wave camera. backstage. hey, mark, how are you doing . >> jimmy: you're a great hulk. i love this hulk. this is a beautiful hulk you've. put together. it is weird to see you in. clothes. usually you're naked. >> it's strange. i have a loin cloth. >> jimmy: you guys must be pals. for mark to come along with you. this is like work for mark. >> oh, yeah. we're close. >> hold on a second. >> jimmy: hold on a second. let me talk here, get the camera. away. >> this is the director. >> jimmy: how are you doing . you did a great job on this. movie. >> thank you. this is a real dream come true. to sit in the green room in the. back of your show. >> jimmy: i'm sorry about the. interruption there. but i did want to say -- it's. the mighty thor, not the mighty. bore. maybe take a walk. i'm so sorry. he is not supposed to go into. the guest rooms. he has his own area that he is. supposed to stay in. >> we have snacks in here. >> it was great making this. movie. it was a lot of fun. only 16 hours away from my. house. >> jimmy: is there a rivalry are. between people from new zealand. as you are and people from. australia . >> yeah. sadly there is. it's been going on for thousands. of years. >> jimmy: has it really . >> this is getting ridiculous. you're not on the show. >> i'm on the show. >> jimmy: this does not count as. being on the show. >> this is what movie actors. look like right here. riding adam's coat tails. >> jimmy: okay. enough already with that. >> i didn't invite him. i'll friends with him. >> jimmy: why are you friends. with him . >> i feel sorry for him. he has nothing. >> jimmy: it's very sad. >> i saw a friend in need so i. decided to extend a handshake. >> jimmy: is it true you go on. vacations with him . >> he turned up at my house in. australia. uninvited. >> jimmy: is that right . >> but i'm an open person. >> jimmy: he likes to go to. things that no one wants him at. does he stay in your house . >> unfortunately, yeah. and his kids as well. >> jimmy: i don't hold it. against the kids. >> yeah. the kids are fine. >> i'm on the show. >> how does that even work . >> i hacked into the system. i've been here a really long. time, jimmy. i learned a lot of stuff. >> jimmy: go backstage and eat. the duty potatoes that we made. for you. you know what . put up the screen saver. the emergency screen saver. and you do nothing. what do you -- go take care of. him. get security. thank you very much. i'm so sorry, chris. when we come back, we'll. .

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