Meghan Trainor – “Me Too” PARODY

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All voices by Bart Baker

Meghan Trainor - Bart Baker -
Scientist - Alex Farnham -
Driver - Shira Lazar -
Jake Jacobson - Older Passenger -
James Watlington - Younger Passenger
Angela Daun - Makeup Artist 1 -
Rachel David - Makeup Artist 2
Annie Milligan - Makeup Artist 3
Clone Technician #1 - Jordan Rockower
Clone Technician #2 - Aja Marshall
Clone Technician #3 - Pete Forthun

“Me Too” Parody Created/Written/Directed by - Bart Baker -
“Me Too” Parody Executive Producer - Madison Wellington
“Me Too” Parody Director – Layne Pavoggi -
“Me Too” Parody Writer – Eli Braden -
“Me Too” Parody Producer – Pete Forthun
“Me Too” Parody Producer - Bryce Hallock
“Me Too” Parody Editor - King Kohn
“Me Too” Parody VFX Editor - Lohan Buson
“Me Too” Parody Instrumental Track Composer – Jose “Choco” Reynoso
“Me Too” Parody Director of Photography - Jon Na -
“Me Too” Assistant Camera - Kyle Herman
“Me Too” Parody Gaffer - Tim Davis
“Me Too” Parody Grip – Eric Thompson
“Me Too” Parody Costume Designer - Amanda Hosler -
“Me Too” Parody Key Makeup - Hanny Tjan
“Me Too” Parody Makeup Assistant - Leanne Mucci
“Me Too” Parody Makeup Assistant - Samantha Martin
“Me Too” Parody Art Director - Remington Brimmer
“Me Too” Parody Art Department - Michael Dombek
“Me Too” Parody Production Assistant – Caitlin Bedwell
“Me Too” Parody Production Assistant – Cameron Malcolm
“Me Too” Parody Production Assistant – Jordan Rockower
“Me Too” Parody Production Intern – Matt Ciampa
“Me Too” Parody Production Intern – Aja Marshall
“Me Too” Endslate Audio Tech – Matt Colbert
Any non-parody music tracks used courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Category: Comedy
Caption: Yeah. . . yeah. . . greatest back then whoever lived. . . it's me everybody has that grammy and. four top-10 hits clearly that make me. . . the best is the most of shit. . . you want to be yourself you should be me. and no one. . . you suck ok joe. . . what is wrong with me you'll create a. new red half dome and a job ever yeah. . . take these dots i kept trying to make us. just like you. . . that's what we don't want to if you. don't want to beat me you must be dumped. . . me here with these rooms the space and. singing duties likes me. . . everyone but me is so you should quit. your job and becoming a penas just like. . . meghan trainor what are you trying to do. we gotta be you can you please stop but. . . you both. . . i'm great with these people who cannot. say that they should want to get just. . . exactly like mac on megan i believe the. ties can't help them to understand to. . . make please tell me you got that i'm. working on this machine can map out on. . . your g. . . great sure that walked in will come out. a gonna begin. . . yeah yeah and you prepare to be. impressed. . . get up in my white friends come on your. gutter cats. . . it's so great everyone has mad at the. world a better place. . . you save the human right now i just want. lovin beats me. . . that's why i do not exit thank you live. bait net but well yeah. . . yo guys thanks for watching my me to. parody if you want to see the rest of my. . . amazing parodies click the link down. below or click this sexy box right here. . . special thanks to alex farnham and shira. lazar for being in this parity you can. . . check out their channel by clicking. their faces up top don't forget to. . . follow me on musically if you do not. already. . . my user name is bart baker definitely. add me on there asap. . . you can get the original song on itunes. the link is down below also you can get. . . this version as well click right above. my head little i thing or down here in. . . the description box if you want to check. out the bloopers for this which i highly. . . recommend because they're freaking. hilarious. . . the link is down here or right over harm. snapchat me what parody to do next. . . send me your ideas to bart baker on. snapchat and maybe i will pick your idea. . . until next time guys even though meghan. trainor was trying to brainwash everyone. . . into thinking they should all be exactly. like her. . . just remember. . . guys should be yourselves be positive. and enjoy who you are you don't have to. . . be meghan trainor to be happy. . . god megan oh. .

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