My Dogs Pick My Makeup

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I feel terrible I didn't shout out the actual creator of this challenge who posted this 5 whole months ago her name is GlamByRoxy, this is her video though with her adorable fur baby, and thank you so much for creating such a fun video for people who love doggies and makeup
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Caption: Am i even gonna get liquor oh oh like . nothing from you whose fingerprints you . think those are yours. that is a lie hey guys welcome back to . my beautiful people channel . so i know i turned myself into a chair . last week there's no easy way to follow . that up okay but we're leaving for hong . kong in just a couple of days here so i . wanted to do something fun with my dogs . it's a trend that's been going around on . youtube jay kiss i did this with her . pitbull which is really cute . nikkietutorials did it and i think they . were inspired by the kayla who did it . with her cat first so i am not a beauty . guru. i'm just a regular person that likes to . hang out with my dogs so i feel like . this is the fun activity for us to do . cuz i'm gonna miss them all right that's . enough answering so i got some new stuff . so this could actually be like a video i . live near in ulta like it's always . difficult when we travel so i appreciate. your patience when we're out of town we . already have a video ready for next week . so just just know that we're a little . stressed but i'm just i want to do a . regular people video where it just makes. something nice with my dogs like nothing . too crazy because i've been finding blue. paint all over me for a little while . from when i was a chair when i was a . young chair my father for me in the . living room like they're gonna pick the . products but like it's up to me to take . my artistic liberties on what i'm gonna . do with that i'm priming my skin . speaking of liberty today the fourth of . july knock knock who's there it's not . america freedom doesn't knock freedom . rings i need you to take a foundation . teach all the other dogs on youtube just . walk over towards one and like pick one . i need you to do it you're very pretty . you want to pick a foundation for me oh . which one you gonna not go . oh thank you beauty all right you ready. go heat to get one get the cheat go oh . oh that one she touched the pink one . honestly what the hell was the point of . that . like i realized this is a very dumb . video but guess what. you fucking clicked on it so this one i . think she moved that one the most about . peach i appreciate your service later on . i will be drawing eyebrows on you . foreshadowing . no crying bourbons the mic oh i already . some day like ah i'm gonna make our . whole downstairs like a beauty guru set . and we're gonna have like sequin . background or about the kitchen it's . gonna be a beauty guru palace you see . all those cabinets won't fill them with . bronzers my review of that is is i . welcome to my beautiful beautiful people . channel so here is this inside scott how . about we put bobble on the table and . he's gonna try to get to you is that . says that goal was to always just get to . you okay so if i put him here he has to . walk at least past her through that . whichever one he touches i like your . style you want to commute you oh no no . no you gotta bought that off you can't . walk lately well i know it's very . complicated huh well he walked in . between two so what do we do . alright so now it's down between these . two no come come come . oh does that work yeah except this . tyranny that was very good picking you . can have a treat okay. kermit you gotta just wait but so i'm . gonna use some shape tape i don't know . about that color. what about is that look okay you don't . think . oh right just leave it my ball what do . you think about your choice i don't . think he's thinking right now i think . he's just the only good gift this is a . looping gift right now of a dog you . notice how i did my concealer and . foundation first because i'm still no . matter what people tell me or do on the . internet i'm just not one of these . people that does my eye makeup and then . put some foundation that is you would do . that yes that is a one-way ticket to . just smudge and everything you just did . i hate it so i'm just gonna do powder . and contour cuz i don't have like . multiple contours i'm just a regular . person i just have some bronzer i mean . so far they haven't done me dirty so i'm . pretty excited about that and yes i'm . using this little ass brush because i'm . what you might call lazy as hell okay . well we're not gonna do is make fart . noises with our mouths now let's move on . to more fun stuff shall we the colors . and the fun things all right let's try . mister otherwise he's gonna bowl in a . treat under each bottle and whichever . knocks oh no no no oh good boy perricone . it's just like a little this is a stupid . video oh that's pretty cool thank you . should i just fill in my brows so we can. stop looking in my alien face what's so . funny i'm here for facts and facts only . all right i know all y'all hate how i . fill in my brows so make sure you leave . those hate comments below okay so what . did you wanted to have them howls yeah . so let's pick three options of the next. piece of makeup and we can assign . to each option and then you tell the . dogs to speak image anyone speaks first . their house first yes they're often i . didn't want to have them just like pick . a palette so we can we can have them . pick between these three marbles because . he's black and sparkly peach cuz she's . shimmery and like kermit is the red . nasty one yes that's ready . [music]. [applause]. she just drooled on me. oh peach that's pretty fun yeah . everybody with this glitter that's cute . you smell like crying . alright so instead of having them to . choose a palette let's have them choose . a color kermit pick a color any color . which one that's not a color which one . you want . oh did he pick one yeah he did which one . he picked this one right here . oh thank you bud oh what a sophisticated . look you just picked foundation are you . enjoying yourself even though you don't . know what's going on i like to do all my . eye shadow with one fuckin brush you . know what i'm sayin just slap me slap . slap a little bit everywhere did you . hear that that was the sound of james . charles quaking why don't we have them . pick out one of those eyeliners let's . get the wild one up here where's my . daughter. do you want some eyebrows don't worry . i'll get some coconut oil and i'll wipe . them right off okay . oh. oh good girl yes good . wow i mean i have an audience here i . think wanna put it under here how do i . look. oh thank you beach wow peter you . surprised what happens i would put those . three right next to the chair give it . back . this is very glittery miss wheet oh . excuse me oh hello hello oh my popping . my pop is fabulous extravagant so i'm . taking the pill pockets that they like. and i'm gonna rub oh that's cool yeah it . is gross julianna it's disgusting no . let's do it that's disgusting . no that's perfect now all you smelly dog . stuff i'm like appalled you know what . you're gonna have to wipe down every . single box cuz i'm not having this life . i hate you she picked it she liked that . one too yes she likes all of us i'm just . a little tight line my eyes because if i . don't i just look crazy like don't pull . on your eyelid to do eyeliner it's gonna . give you wrinkles as if that's what's . giving me wrinkles i'm still mad that . you did that i have a question like cat . eyes when you do like a winged eyeliner . but what's a dog eyes look like what. both completely uneven . oh kermit will actually let me put. lashes on him like not glue obviously . you just sort of stick them like rest . him on his forehead you want to pick out . some form these ones just screaming yeah . oh what a pretty boy who is she oh you . look some nice curve oh okay he's gonna . be beautiful . maybe have you done being beautiful all . right so i tie line to my lower . waterline and i think i'm just gonna . like there seems to be a little more . dramatic you know what i'm saying that . you a dog that makes you adventurous . than makeup he is just sitting with me . like you really just like wants to hang . you know that's like why i can't wanted . to do this cuz i feel bad really then . like hermits the kind of dog that like . actually gets mad when i leave and he'll . yeah like he gets upset so i know it's . not gonna be a very fun week for you huh . it's time for the make or break for this . look beach okay this is a big decision . okay oh my god kermit what a choice . literally black yeah it's completely . black oh dude are like i kind of like it . a lot like this is kind of a boring. video i know like okay your dog picture . it's stupid okay i get it it's dumb but . like i'm so pleased with this this is . really fun i'm not something that i ever . wake up and i'm like mmm i think i'm . gonna cheat glitter black lipstick red . eyeliner underneath and some glitter on . top but like this is a cute look this is . kind of embarrassing what you got . honestly you're not wrong . julian the makeup that you picked out . for me was so rough like you just know . you made you made me look like a fruit . salad. okay oh yeah i look like a tropical bird . in the face i think that this is a super . cute look it makes my eyes look very . blue normally. find like black lipstick that . interestingly you're like making it look . really i don't know looks good . this bitch called me interesting it. screams summer beach what do you think . of my look you do oh this is actually . really fun because i feel like i don't . play enough with makeup like i used to . like i sort of just stick to the same . stuff that i always do so this was like . genuinely enjoyable to do or just like . throw a dart at one of you makeup items . and that's i'm coming for you brand . i can't wait to swim in this look you . know i feel like it's a waterproof hot . summer day look i love spending time. with you i'm really sorry i'm gonna miss . you so much okay and you looked really . pretty in those lashes you're the . prettiest boy peach is just looking for . food but yeah that's kind of it i mean . it's really nice for me to just do like . a regular nice video you know like . nothing crazy's happening i think the . dogs had a good time really only because . they were treats here there is a wasp in. here yes there is . look it's right there on the ceiling so . anyways we gotta go because there's a . wasp in the house and everyone's very . upset about it yeah make sure you . subscribe to my channel i make new . videos every wednesday / thursday thanks . for letting me do something a little . more relaxed this week i'll see you guys . next week . but really i'll be back in like two . weeks from hong kong so i will see you . then . babbitt . .

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